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Sweet Buxom Penny 5.22.17

Ess just couldn't wait till Penny strapped herself in...
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"Did she say strap in or strap on?" Herbert from Family Guy has never been more applicable. One could only imagine the fun these girls might have if they were driving stick on off-road!
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Uschi is quite a literal girl, isn't she?
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Unless my count is off, we're 15 pages into this comic and we're only just hitting the road! What kind of crazy ride are you taking us on, Andrew? 

Loving it so far! Looking forward to those cheesy roadside attractions and of course, Ample Horizons! I hear its a very classy place =P (Razz) 
ZaftigBunnyPress's avatar
It's VERY classy! ;) Yeah, your count's not off, but if you think of each 'page' as a panel, with the exception of a couple of pages like the showering scene, it's more like 4 or 5 pages in. It really took me a while to figure out just how to format a comic to my style and schedule. It's sort of like a single panel cartoon/ comic combined into one, with four panels per page.
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The boobies on the bus Bounce up and down up and down up and down! :P :lol: :D :love:
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That's just brilliant Clap 
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hehehehe...thanx...its an old diddy! But I think its appropiate! :D
Keem-Toon's avatar
Oh most definitely :D (Big Grin)
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never let Ess drive, reminds me of my brother driving
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Poor Penny.  No seatbelts.
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"Hang onto your tits!"
Yes please.
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I didn't know you could get that sort of speed out of a Winnebago, but trust Ess to find it!  Plus, Penny putting them on the glass is always welcome.  Nice work.
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I hope that they've got Sir Mix-a-lot's "Put 'em on the Glass" set to run on a loop. ;)
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Penny's body in that first panel!!!
She looks stunning!
And it seems like she got over being mad at Ess rather quickly!
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Thank you! :D If I ever make a toy of my characters, I'd want it to be posed that sort of position as Penny is in the first panel. :D
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Ooh, I'd love to see dolls of Penny and her friends!
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YEA YEA YEA! Mad Max it baby! hit that gass paddle! =p

love it :D

made me wonder how she actually got her drivers license, first i thought that she had to tone herself down but then my mind was quickly set to Ess using her 'charm'
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y, i just had to come back and watch that 2nd panel again, i want that as my desktop background :lmao:

The expressions are priceless, the whole characterization, portrayal and dynamic(energy) is just amazing.

and just out of curiosity is there a opening in the seats where their tail goes through?

btw back to 2 rings?
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Don't you just hate (LOVE) when any given bump can cause you supple melons to explode form you top?
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