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August-September 2015

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Can you believe I've been making calendars for two years now! This has been a great ongoing project that I'm really happy I started and hope to keep bring more to you guys and gals long into the future! :D

All together now, "What kind of bees make milk?"

EDIT: 9/4/15 I re-uploaded a newer version of this to correct the day count for September. I should have remembered the old saying: "Thirty days hath September." NOT Thirty-One as was in the previous version. You'd think I would have remembered that considering how many times Calendar Man kept telling me every time I went down into the Gotham Court house cells in Arkham City!  
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Awww how cute!!!!

Her tail is so fluffy and that's a cute bee! Buzz buzz! :heart:
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I didn't know you could ride bees
Dragonkingmark's avatar
giant bees! *hides*
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Even the bee is adorable!
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That is a big bug...
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ArcanumTwilight's avatar
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Just amazing! I love it ^__°
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This is sexy cute! I love this! :)
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This is some waifu, type ish. 
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Well this might just be your most fun wallpaper yet.
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Another great entry, ZBP, with Penny riding a bumblebee.
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And I thought riding bulls was dangerous!
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Now that's how you deliver the mail, fast and sexy.
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i love these calendars of yours, nice work
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Answer: Boo-Bees!
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