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Kristian Zafire

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I am a self-taught Graphics/Interactive Designer, I design everything from simple Forum Avatars to fancy Websites. I live in Stockholm, Sweden. I first used Photoshop somewhere around December 2012.

NOTE: I do not code or setup actual websites (yet). I am a Graphics Designer, I will deliver you a fully layered and customizable .PSD File. (Photoshop Data file)

Do you want to hire me for a project of yours, or do you simply want to ask a question?
  •  When sending your first email/message/contact request, please include information regarding your projects!
  •  Looking for my "price" ? There is nothing set in stone, however we decide this when details have been discussed.

Add me on Discord! (Preferred)

Add me on Skype.
- STHLMfreak

Send me an e-mail!
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