The Thirteen's Race for Salvation - PART 3 (2/2)
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While I decided to include characters from both the first TR films, I also decided to exclude Hillary, Bryce and Terry Sheridan. I mean, they basically are Winston, Zip and Larson (at least the version of Larson that we will meet in “Tomb Raider: Anniversary”).




(Lara Croft and Wizz Zip)

Feel free to listen to the Tomb Raider theme remixed by The Synthetic Orchestra:…


Lara invites Jonah to join the new expedition, but the man, although grateful for this opportunity, kindly refuses because he’s working with the U.N.I.T. to seek and neutralise any remaining members of Trinity.

Zip manages to locate an item that can help the archaeologist to find the Pandora’s box: an Orb with a code etched into it that is located at the Luna Temple, on Santorini island. What the man doesn't know is that the bio-terrorist Jonathan Reiss and the crime lord Chen Lo want the box. Jonathan wants to use the item to wipe out all the humanity from Earth (Davros would be so proud of him) and restart with a few chosen ones. Chen Lo, who has no idea of Jonathan's plans about the Pandora's box, wants to sell the Orb to him in order to free his own family (brother, wife and children) that is held hostage by the bio-terrorist. However, the tech expert can count on his best friend Kosa. This man wishes to destroy the Pandora's box, and that's the reason why he accepts to help her and Zip by sharing everything he knows about the artefact.

Unfortunately, Chen Lo and his men steal the Orb before the duo reaches the Luna Temple, and take it with him to Africa. Jonathan is already there, waiting for the crime lord. The bio-terrorist gets the Orb, pays the crime lord and frees his family, before telling his own soldiers to open fire on everybody. Nonetheless, he allows the corpses to keep the money. Jonathan tries to decipher the Orb’s code, but he and his men suddenly get eaten alive by some representatives of an alien race that stationed at the Luna Temple and joined Chen’s company in secret: the Vashta Nerada!

This alien race consists of microscopic entities that live in the darkness and that are harmless unless they gather in huge swarms and behave like piranhas with their victims. The First Doctor used to scare Lara with his bedtime stories about the Vashta Nerada, and the little girl spent many weeks before she managed to sleep without the lights on. To this day, the Doctor and Lara never found a way of defeating the Vashta Nerada for good: they can only defend themselves by staying in the light or using a source of light.

Now, a swarm came to Earth after “catching a ride” from a Greek astronaut who had the misfortune to meet this alien race by visiting an apparently abandoned alien vessel. The already deceased astronaut came back to Earth (the Vashta Nerada can manoeuvre any suits from within). His ship fell into the Aegean Sea, in the middle of the night, but the deadly swarm managed to reach the shore and enter the Luna Temple, before meeting Chen Lo and his soldiers.

Now, after filling its belly with Jonathan and his soldiers and deciphering the Orb, the alien race is headed to the Cradle of Life, where there's the Pandora's box. Along the road, it meets the Shadow Guardians, eyeless shadowy creatures that perceive movement and move through objects. The Vashta Nerada begin a new “partnership” with these creatures and speaking of partnership...

Kosa greets Lara and Zip. He has information about the Pandora's box, but now he can also lead them to the artefact because he found the Orb among many skeletons during an expedition on his own. Kosa was able to decipher the code on the Orb, but he thinks that Lara can help him to destroy the Pandora's Box, against the wishes of the local tribe that has the task of defending the Cradle of Life (and now we have three rebels: the Doctor, Manfred and Kosa). At the Cradle of Life, the company is ambushed by the tribe, but then everybody has to deal with the Shadow Guardians fused with the Vashta Nerada. The newly-formed enemies start to feed on Kosa and the tribesmen. Before Zip gets eaten as well, Lara finds a "keyhole" and drops the Orb in it, causing the Shadow Guardians to melt, the Vashta Nerada to leave and the entrance to the Cradle of Life to open. The duo finds a labyrinth made of a crystalline substance. At the centre of this labyrinth, there's a pool of corrosive acid in which the artefact is floating. Before Lara could reach the box and take it, someone else grabs it.


The archaeologist and Zip face a woman who introduces herself as the Caretaker. She’s a Timelady whose job is to take care of time. To be more precise, she makes sure that no one interferes with time. She was the one who executed the Second Doctor because of his interference with time, during the search for the Dagger of Xian (…. You can see what's happened in the original DW series here:…). The Rassilon, who allowed her to kill the Doctor, asked her to come back to Gallifrey, where she remained until the Eight Doctor's visit (…). The Caretaker escaped Gallifrey’s destruction because, after her visit to Earth, she wanted to explore other places outside her home planet. So she invented a device similar to a vortex manipulator that allowed her to teleport herself to every place she wanted to visit. She always came back to Gallifrey in order not to raise suspicion in Rassilon's mind. Her mother, the Writer, was the only one who knew the Caretaker's secret trips.

The Caretaker left Gallifrey by using her own device and teleporting herself to countless worlds and dimensions, in an attempt to restart a new life and so grant her mother's last wish. The Timelady, true to her title, never interfered with the events occurring in the places she visited. She saw entire worlds being destroyed and, in the end, she concluded that death is inevitable for all things. From there, it was easy to think about killing the Doctor and destroying Earth.

Anyway, now the Caretaker tells Lara that the Doctor had to destroy Gallifrey... that Amelia, Richard Croft and River Serenity had to die in Nepal (…)... and that now the Tomb Raider has to die at the hands of the Valeyard. And if the Caretaker must be the one to make this event happen, so be it.

The woman, despite everything, understandably doesn't want to die, although she's ready to do it since her first meeting with the Daleks (…). She asks why she has to die. The Timelady answers that the Valeyard will wake up and begin his path of destruction, but that Lara can stop him by opening the Pandora's box and pointing it against him, an action that will result in sacrificing herself and killing him. At this point, the woman, in spite of being used to have blood on her hands more often than her mentor, asks if there's a chance of reasoning with the Valeyard, but she gets a negative answer. The Caretaker, after seeing that Lara is now prepared to sacrifice herself, leaves.

Lara phones her adoptive father, at least to tell him goodbye in a proper manner, but the Valeyard answers the call, introduces himself and invites her and Zip to reach him at the Temple Of Ten Thousand Shadows, in Siberia. The tech expert contacts Kevin, who informs him of the latest developments of Thirteen's mission and says that now he's piloting the TARDIS by himself. Lara has no time to ask the former Doctor's Shadow about her mentor's whereabouts, so she tells him to come and get them, giving him the instructions to teleport the machine from a place to another. The three of them finally reach the Valeyard's location. Kevin, stepping out of the TARDIS first, sees two men that he never saw before. One of them, probably the Valeyard, is pointing a strange device to the other. The man also sees two piles of ashes. He recognises Carter’s Ankh containing Horus. The god can’t die, but now he's powerless because he’s without a host. Kevin understands that Jessica must be the second pile of ashes and lets out a scream of despair. Zip, horrified, tries to call Madame Carvier, but the Valeyard uses his device against him and Kevin, reducing them to ashes.

I know that you have so many questions. Don’t worry, I’ll answer them in the next and final part. ;)

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