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As always, feel free to correct my grammar. Oh, since I'm here, I want to point out that while in my own books (with my own original characters) I’m extremely severe with myself because I write them with the intention of selling them (and therefore I put the maximum effort in writing, correcting and editing the texts), in my fanfictions (where I use characters that aren’t mine), that I write just to have fun, I’m more tolerant towards any possible mistake.





(The Doctor, Carter Bell, Jessica, Kevin and S.I.M.O.N.)

Feel free to listen the Doctor Who theme remixed by Joshua Benjamin Hemming:…


Jessica and Kevin didn’t follow the Doctor and Lara’s footsteps, as they’re not very passionate about time travel and archaeology (see…). The woman preferred to pursue a career in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and became a teacher. Meanwhile, the man decided to put the late Alister Fletcher’s* passion for technology to good use and created a robot called S.I.M.O.N., assisted by Zip, who was more than happy to give the former Doctor’s Shadow a help. Now, one of Jessica’s students happens to be a Cambodian girl who came to Spain when she was a child. The woman tells the rest of the group that she remembers the girl telling something about The Triangle, and that she’s gonna contact her to know more. This way the quartet learns that half of the artefact in the Tomb Of The Dancing Light, in Cambodia.

Carter gets in touch with a group of colleagues that owe their lives to him since the time they all joined their forces to look for “The Atlas of Beyond”**. The archaeologist used his powers to save his colleagues from a group of mercenaries working for Trinity, the organisation that the Doctor and Lara wanted to help the U.N.I.T. to dismantle at the end of the last story (see…), but that apparently is still active. Eager to repay their debt at least partially, the archaeologists do some research and reveal that the second half is in the Temple Of Ten Thousand Shadows, in Siberia.

The quartet splits into two duos. The first duo, with The Doctor and Kevin, will go to Cambodia. Thirteen will be alone in her TARDIS, because Kevin says that he will reach her later with S.I.M.O.N., claiming that he “must do an important thing first”. Since everybody can guess his intentions, nobody questions him, but Thirteen gives him a vortex manipulator to use when he’s done his own mission, see…. The second duo, with Carter and Jessica, will go to Siberia with another vortex manipulator given by the Timelady. The plan is to meet all together in a place that is yet to decide (it depends on what they’ll find in Cambodia and in Siberia), in order to join the pieces of The Triangle and use the artefact to save Lara from the Valeyard.


Thirteen, stepping into the Tomb Of The Dancing Light, admires the local statues, especially the giant Shiva statue at the centre of the room, but she gets startled by much more alien statues... the Melkurs. Kevin, who reached the place with S.I.M.O.N. after she teleported herself there with the TARDIS, acknowledges her fear, but he doesn’t seem to understand very well the situation, so the Timelady explains who are these Melkurs. A long time ago, Malador, an immortal entity of pure evil, created this silent army of living statues as tangible extensions of itself. The Doctor and Lara already faced the Melkurs, so they know that they are incredibly strong and shoot lasers from their eyes (like the Centurian Head in Rome, see “Tomb Raider: Chronicles”... or this:…). Lucky for the duo, these statues are currently dormant throughout the universe because Malador is imprisoned in a stasis field and therefore is unable to lead them (in the original DW series, you can meet these guys for the first time in “The Keeper of Traken”). Kevin gives Manfred’s clock to the Doctor (he and S.I.M.O.N. stole it from the lawyer’s home, prior to the trip to Cambodia), so that she can figure out how to retrieve the first Triangle’s half. Thirteen sees that the Shiva’s statue holds a vat of liquid and that on the floor there are slots for the swords it also holds, before noticing that the lock for Manfred’s clock is across the room from the statue and that it’s reflection on the floor at the room’s centre. Thirteen goes upstairs to find the real socket where the key must be placed. Afterwards, the slots move and a pillar is released. The pillar goes towards the vat, but it fails to pierce it, so the Doctor has to ride it and succeeds in breaking the aforementioned vat. The liquid coming from the recipient turns into a light that reveals and releases the half of the Triangle of Light, which is at the centre of the room, right in front of Kevin. Unfortunately for him, the liquid that released that half also reanimates all the statues present in the room, including the Melkurs and the giant Shiva’s statue. The Shiva’s statue hits the man, seriously wounding him. The vortex manipulator gets destroyed in the process, making him unable to leave and save himself. Our Timelady (as usual) doesn’t carry any weapons, but even though she carries one, there are too many enemies and too little time to save her “son”, so she escapes the temple, after recovering the half of the artefact and fastening Kevin on S.I.M.O.N. The Doctor, unsure about the effectiveness of the medications she has on the TARDIS on her clone’s body, decides that Kevin must be cured as much naturally as possible, so she takes him to a Buddhist town where a young monk welcomes the duo and manages to heal the man from his wounds. After a worship service, the chief monk offers the woman some tea and, after listening to her story, he says that he won’t stop her, but that he won’t help her either, as he’s strongly against the reformation of the Triangle. The chief monk tells that he’s not confident that she would use the artefact wisely, and that every misuse would bring destruction to the humanity. Furthermore, he informed her that he already sent a group of monks to Siberia, so far the only place they knew where there’s a part of the artefact, in order to destroy it (he did this before their conversation, but after seeing her and Kevin with half of the Triangle). Finally, the chief monk lets Thirteen and Kevin go, saying that the Triangle will never work if not reassembled, and he wishes the duo to enjoy the souvenir. On the way to the TARDIS, the duo meets Manfred and his soldiers. He seems to not have forgotten about the theft of his clock, and yet now, seeing the results, he proposes a partnership to find the other piece of the Triangle. The lawyer informs Danielle that Lara’s foster father, Winston Smith, was a member of the Illuminati like him, and the woman... can’t deny this. The First Doctor, in fact, joined the Illuminati because, despite his own legal acumen, he was convinced that their influence would have benefited his goal to demonstrate that he was fit to take care of Lara better than her own family who went only after her parents’ wealth. The Doctor, although reluctantly, accepts Manfred’s invitation, asks Kevin to retrieve the clock left in the temple and reach them and goes to Siberia with the lawyer’s helicopter. Kevin understands that he’s basically left in the charge of the TARDIS also because he guessed that the machine wouldn’t approve of what is clearly an attempt of bending the laws of time and that maybe it would demonstrate such disapproval by trying to damage the Triangle’s half somehow. The man returns with S.I.M.O.N. to the temple and, before retrieving the clock, he uses his creation to destroy the statues still roaming there, so that they can’t go out and harm the people living in the surroundings. Then, ignoring how to fit the robot into the TARDIS, Kevin programmes it so that it can go to Siberia by itself, giving the exact coordinates. Finally, since apparently no one besides Lara was taught to teleport the TARDIS from a place to another (i.e. CyberLarson in the sixth story, see…), he pilots the machine to Siberia like a plane***.


In the helicopter, Manfred is fascinated by the extreme sense of power that Danielle emanates, and sighs at the thought that the woman seems unimpressed by him. Without being asked, the man says that the Illuminati want to get The Triangle so that they gain control over time, but he claims that his personal goal is simpler: he wants to use the Artefact to travel through time and see what he could have done differently to win the cases that he lost during his career as a lawyer, especially the most lucrative ones.

The Timelady understands that Manfred fails to see that turning his failures into victories could bring any sort of consequences: for instance, if he succeeds in helping a man who’s judged guilty of theft, this man either dedicates his life to charity or commits a crime worse than the one he was accused of.

Thirteen still wants to save Lara, but now, reflecting on Manfred’s personal goal, she recognises that her feelings towards her adoptive daughter make her own goal even more personal than she thought. Only the prospect of becoming the Valeyard, an enemy made from her darkest thoughts and desires, makes her keep going on. Since the Doctor knows her darkest thought and desires, she’s sure to do the right thing by trying to prevent the Valeyard’s birth and save the Earth, because one of her darkest desires entails the planet’s destruction, and she started to have this thought after she sacrificed Gallifrey to save Lara’s home planet. If Thirteen uses the Triangle and sees the future, she’s certain that she will make the right decision. She really hopes that she’ll be allowed to save Lara, though. The Doctor can’t express these specific thoughts to Manfred without revealing her true nature, but she decides to tell him the truth in the most generic way possible, by confessing that she wants to use the Triangle to travel through time and test its laws, so she can learn if there’s really a fixed destiny or if this destiny can be changed and to which extent it can be changed.


In Siberia, Carter and Jessica enter the Temple Of Ten Thousand Shadows. The vortex manipulator, interfering with Horus’ energy that lies inside Carter, had a malfunction, so they reached the place many hours after what happened in Cambodia. The duo sees a giant model of the solar system that suddenly activates as the alignment is near its completion.

The man guesses that the other half of the Triangle is inside the model of the sun. He also decides that it’s better not to use his powers, unless it’s for self-defence. So here’s the fun part where he and Jessica literally climb the planets, paying attention to not being knocked out and crushed by the constant movement of the entire structure. But there’s a problem: when Jessica comes near the sun, she notices that she must need the clock in order to unlock it! They both have to come back to the starting point. Carter calls the Doctor, who explains that Kevin is in possession of the clock. Lucky for everybody, Thirteen has a device that tracks the TARDIS everywhere it goes, so she’s able to tell the coordinates to the archaeologist, who gives the vortex manipulator to Jessica, hoping that this time the device works fine, since her companion has no supernatural powers that could interfere with its mechanism. The woman teleports herself into the TARDIS, tells Kevin about the model of the solar system, obtaining the clock and thus teleporting herself back in Siberia. While she was busy with Kevin, Carter is ambushed by a group of wolves and werewolves led by the monks who came from Cambodia. The man, once again helped by Horus, gets rid of the wolves and the werewolves in the most harmless way possible, while shows no mercy in kicking down the monks that are anything but peaceful****. Jessica comes back and, a little disappointed that she didn’t get the chance to fight the monks, reaches the sun once again, places the clock into the right socket and gets literally sucked into the sun. Carter seems concerned and doesn’t know what to do, when Jessica reappears in front of him with the clock... and the other half of the Triangle!

At this point, the Doctor and Manfred (the man got a short explanation about Danielle’s true identity and apparently has no problem with dealing with her) reach the place. Jessica throws the piece to the Doctor, but Manfred grabs it before the Timelady and tries to join the halves together. However, they don’t fuse. Then Thirteen takes the clock from Jessica and uses the sonic screwdriver on it. She finds out a tiny speckle into its structure, that she takes off of the clock and uses to finally join the halves of the Triangle... and just in time, because the alignment is now complete...



* The Tenth Doctor’s human alias, see…. Fun fact: David Tennant recently dyed his hair with Kevin’s shade of red. No yellow contact lenses, though. XD See…

** This is a reference to “Lara Croft GO”. In its predecessor, “Lara Croft: Relic Run”, Lara must find Carter’s whereabouts.

*** Yes, I acknowledged and “fixed” a flaw in my own narrative. It’s more a technical flaw than a narrative flaw... but it’s still a flaw. XD

**** In the first TR film some wolves help Lara to escape the temple, while in DW, more specifically “Tooth and Claw”, Father Angelo, leader of a group of monks from a monastery in St. Catherine's Glen, wants to use a werewolf against Queen Victoria to infect her and create an "Empire of the Wolf". Oh, and did I already tell you that these monks know martial arts?

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