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“The Thirteen’s Race for Salvation”

This is a crossover story involving Lara Croft of the “Tomb Raider” video game series (a.k.a. “TR”) and the Thirteenth Doctor (that I will call simply “Thirteen”) from the “Doctor Who” TV series (a.k.a. “DW”).


Now I list the notes that you must read before proceeding.

0) Some knowledge of both the series is advisable, even in the most basic way. I mean, you know that Lara is a human adventurer and the Doctor is an alien adventurer, right? Wink/Razz 

1) This is a follow-up to an Italian seven-chapter (plus a bonus story) crossover saga between TR and DW that I started writing and publishing 
on my website in 2016:…. However, I’ll sum up what’s happened before in the simplest way possible. OMG 

2) I will take many liberties, as I have already taken many liberties in the whole crossover. Since the newest Tomb Raider film tells the same plot of the 2013's video game (which I already narrated in the fifth chapter of my crossover, with many alterations, ref.…), I will tell you a story that contains elements from the completely original plots of the first and the second film of TR. I say original because neither of the plots was derived from any of the Core games' plots. Woohooooo! 

3) Thirteen, in this story, is the last incarnation of the Doctor (as I stated in my crossover, despite a hint that she might not be the last, making this story a "what if" of a bigger "what if", which is the crossover itself). Waaaah! 

4) The story is a work in progress. I won't set any schedule. Therefore, I would appreciate if every review about this story was expressed only after it's finished. To know more about what the reviewing style I prefer, please go to this site I am a member of, This is an example: Burning LoveDance! 

5) I’ll do my best to write everything with a correct grammar, but if you’ll spot any mistake, tell me and I’ll fix it. Someone called an ambulance! 






A long time ago, the First Doctor was on the Himalayan mountains, when a mortally wounded woman, Amelia Croft, entered into his TARDIS with her unconscious daughter Lara and asked him to take care of the latter, before dying. The Time Lord adopted the little girl, moved to Croft Manor and began to be known to the world as Lara's new mentor and butler, Winston Smith. Every time the Doctor died and regenerated, he changed his appearance, and so he had to change his human aliases accordingly. The Doctor revealed himself to Lara from the very first day they met, and she became his one and only companion, who one day would inherit the title of Doctor, along with the TARDIS, after his mentor's thirteenth and final life (…). They faced so many dangers and enemies together, such as the Daleks (ref.…), the Atlanteans (ref.…), the Weeping Angels (ref.…) and Seth/Sutekh (ref.…), and made friends and allies as well, such as Larson Conway, a man who died to protect the Ninth Doctor and Lara, only to be later resurrected by Missy, another Time Lady that was a long frenemy of the duo (and that now is human, because she was stripped of her Gallifreyan DNA by the TARDIS. Missy currently lives in Paris as Madame Carvier), as a Cyberman (ref.…): he then became the CyberKing, leader of the Cybermen sided with the Doctor and Lara.




Lara Croft and Thirteen (Twelve regenerated into her during a trip in the South Pole, after a serious illness contracted shortly after his last adventure, ref.…) just returned from Cambodia, where they went for a stroll down memory lane (ref.…). The irony of a Doctor who now possesses the physical skills of a younger Lara Croft is not lost on the ageing archaeologist. However, this is the first time that they have both only one life to live. Thirteen, even with all the powers at her disposal, can be actually considered as human as Lara, at least in this particular respect.

One night, Lara wakes up from a nightmare, where apparently her mentor, with the Twelfth’s face but with fairer features, was claiming to be “the Valeyard” and was going to kill her. Terrified, she runs to the Doctor, who is busy creating her new sonic screwdriver, to get an explanation. Thirteen, after learning all the details that her companion managed to recall from her nightmare, tells her that she will investigate at once, and goes to the TARDIS to break down in a long cry of despair: the Doctor already knows the truth, she knows that she will turn into the Valeyard, the distillation of all that was evil in her who is also a combination between her’s and her former incarnation’s looks. Missy’s former first incarnation (the Roger Delgado’s one) told the (Third) Doctor to have met the Valeyard once, and claimed that he wouldn’t stop at anything to ensure his own existence. The Doctor told the Master that he (the Doctor) didn’t see what the problem was, since he (the Master) wouldn’t stop at anything to ensure his own existence too, but his frenemy said that the Valeyard’s crimes were so terrible that he (the Master) would have done anything to ensure his own demise, but unfortunately he was too weak to do anything, so he retreated in the end (in the original DW series, the Sixth Doctor learned about the Valeyard this way:…).


(22 February 2018)

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February 22, 2018