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Please disregard all of this garbage dating back ten years or more. Thank you.
Everyone thought it was Nook, but I was right all along!  IT WAS CRAZY REDD!  

Actual Crazy Redd password:

Redd: "Healthy souls"
Password: "can be bought"

It was Crazy Redd with the ties to the unholy underworld thus acquisitioning a healthy cash flow from seemingly nowhere!  That's why Nook's unable to drive him out of town!  Nook was one of the Bookhouse Boys all along.  You see, I suspected Crazy Redd, because the black market is an illegal goods market run by the private sector.  The "illegal" part was what tipped me off!
I regret that I must inform you of the death of this account's creator.  In his will, he asked that we do not reveal his name or other specific information.  He died yesterday on a hunting expedition with someone known as a "Mr. Cheney".  

Please mourn the loss of this account's creator briefly, and continue on.  
I just slept the whole friggin' day away.  UNplanned.  UNmitigated.  So I woke up and several of my classes had ended.  Crud.
Oh, by the way, I'm going to try out this new word processing program, Open Office.  I haven't had any excuse to use it in the past hour that I've owned it, but if you'd like to reply to my previous post with a sensible "plug" (re: advertisement) as long as it fits into the criteria I specified.  

But if Open Office works - despite the fact it wants to know personal information like my name and what country I live in, and also has a register option - then everybody loses and nobody wins in the big universal contest of finding the best word processing program.  Now my printer is broken and ink smears 10 hours after it was printed and it prints at 32 point font randomly and also when I want to cancel a printing job I have to wait until the erroneous document is finished printing
Hey, I was hoping anybody out there could tell me if they've heard of any simple, reputable word processing programs _besides_ Microsoft Word that are simple to use and still contain many essential features to writing papers easily, such as double spacing, margins, text formatting, headers and footers, etc.

I know I'm going to get a bunch of internet-first-timers suggesting Microsoft Word to me, so let me repeat: "besides Microsoft Word."  I do not have Microsoft Word and I do not want to go looking for it.  I also do not want some shoddy program that a team of goofballs is actually charging money for.  Above all, it must be freely downloadable.  No childish demos.  No crybaby cracks.  No immature trial versions.  Full program.  Full features.  Fully (and quickly) downloadable.  

Thanks in advance.
Well, it seems that 18 years is considered enough for me.  Some force beyond my comprehension has decided that no longer shall I walk this earth, and that TODAY is the very day of my death.  

I will die because there is absolutely zero sign of road and the snow is STILL blizzarding on down.  Anyone can LOOK.  OUTSIDE.  THE WINDOW.  and see the TRUTH of weather!  SNOW.  LOTS OF IT.  Every single district I would have to drive through is closed.

And the radoi just said "heavier snow coming down." 

I will miss being alive at times, I am sure.  But I must move onto the great beyond.  
Web blog!  They said that word on the news! 


For serious I have no clue what the hell she was talking about.
Does anybody know how I can get it to NOT say the word "rectum" at the bottom of the page?