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Crystal Dragon Lore:
Crystal dragons are noted to be one of the rarest seen of the purebred earth dragons, mostly due to the fact they prefer to remain in their homeland.
- Crystalline Breath is an ability where a crystal dragon breathes a cloud of crystals, the breath is capable of blinding or cutting a target while it is slowly encased in crystal.
- Crystal Blade is a move where a crystal dragon can summon a crystalline blade from their tail, wing tips, claws, horns, or nose.
- Crystal Spines is a move where a crystal dragon grows crystal spines on their back or tail and proceeds to shoot them at a target.
- Crystal Shield is a move where a crystal dragon can summon a crystalline shield to protect themselves and others.
- Diamond Dash is a move where a crystal dragon summons a crystalline shield on their forehead before charging at a target. Essentially becoming a living battering ram.
- Crystal dragons can cover their bodies in crystalline armor.
- Crystal dragons have a secondary ability bas
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Rebirth Of The Clans Allegiances
Leader: Shockstar/Shock - Blue Gray tabby tom with yellow eyes. Has a bulky build with long fur, stripes on shoulders create a 'butterfly' pattern.
Deputy: Shadeheart/Shade - Black tom with green eyes. Has an average build and a small white speck on his chest.
Apprentice: Briarpaw
Medicine Cat(s): Goldwing - Golden red tabby tom with copper eyes. Has a paler undercoat and long fur.
Apprentice: Whitepaw - White she-cat with yellow eyes, build is somewhat slender.
Duststripe - Lilac tabby she-cat with copper eyes, has a paler undercoat and medium-length fur causing her tail to be somewhat poofy.
Apprentice: Hickorypaw
Hareflight - Cream tabby and white bicolor she-cat with bright blue eyes, fur around neck resembles a white mane. Longhaired with a rather fluffy tail.
Apprentice: Morningpaw
Lightningstripe - Cream tabby tom with gold eyes, has a white chest and rather long fur.
Apprentice: Berrypaw
Rookcry - Slender black and white tom with cop
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Corrupted Dragon Lore:
Created from the most darkest and forbidden magic, corrupted dragons are created from a direct or indirect source of dark aether. This is usually dangerous and most often drives a dragon mad or kills them however those corrupted by a purple dragon or indirect contact as an egg to dark aether.
There are two type of corrupted dragons, half-corrupted who still have their birth element but it is effected by a dark element almost like a crossbreed and pure corrupted who have their elements completely converted to a dark element.
If a corrupted is of the Poison or Fear element they will develop physical traits of the dragon type such as a stinger or frills.
Scale Color:
- Black (However the shape and color of half-corrupted dragons matches the element that they were born as while pure corrupted have the shapes and color of their markings match their new element)
Element Notes:
Certain light elements have a higher chance of developing traits or completely converting into certain dark elements
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Shadow Dragon Lore:
Shadow dragons are the rarest to spot of the 'Dark' dragons... Their builds range from average to sleek and slender like a Wind dragon. They have the second largest wing spans of all dragons. Shadow dragons have developed the ability to temporarily change the color of their scales to act as camouflage. However shadow dragons that are melanistic, leucistic, albino, and piebald lack this ability. They are also the most flexible of dragonkind being able to squeeze into rather small gaps like a feline.
If a young shadow dragon wishes to master the shadow element they must be able to perfectly understand the environment around them and how shadows develop from light sources.
- Shadow Strike is a move where shadow dragons can dive into their own shadow and move about before rising from the shadows and attacking with shadow empowered claws. This ability
can also be used to go under doors with gaps.
- Shadow Fire is the ability to send a stream of dark shadow flames to suffocate and
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Poison Dragon Lore:
Poison dragons are the most commonly seen of the 'Dark' dragons, they are also the largest and most muscular of the dark types... Poison dragons have a stinger upon their tails and either fangs or a spitter gland to send venom at their foes. They have an immunity to most toxins and thus have developed a diet of eating some poisonous flora and fauna.
If a young poison dragon wishes to master their element they must be able to anticipate their opponent's movements.
- Venom blast is a move where poison dragons spit up a boiling green glob of poison at the foe, which damages the foe overtime.
- Scorpion Strike is a move where a dragon swings their stinger at a foe, both injecting venom and slicing away at the victim.
- Poison dragons are capable of breathing out poisonous clouds of gas.
- A poison dragon if skilled enough can poison the surrounding enviroment.
- Poison dragons also can poison various objects such as blades, drinks, etc.
- Some poison dragons can send out a strea
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Fear Dragon Lore:
Fear dragons are the smallest of the 'Dark' breeds, this being due to them adapting to life in cavern systems. They have an average build, not being as somewhat muscular like the Poison dragons but also not being as sleek as the Shadow dragons. Fear dragons have rather poor eyesight and thus have adapted to use their element to use echolocation. Fear dragons also have frills that can rise and lower to make themselves appear larger than they are to try to frighten away threats aswell as 'eye spots' on their wings.
If a young fear dragon wishes to control their element they must have a strong will and a understanding of how fear affects others.
- Siren Scream is a loud piercing screech, it can freeze foes in their place but also deafen them and activate tuning forks or other sound based objects.
- Phantom Fright is an ability where a dragon can summon psychic orbs that are mentally flung at a foe. This causes the foe to be stunned and then hit from a concussive blast shortly a
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Oceanus Reference by ZaeTheFennex Oceanus Reference :iconzaethefennex:ZaeTheFennex 10 0 TLOS FanComic Cynder Reference by ZaeTheFennex TLOS FanComic Cynder Reference :iconzaethefennex:ZaeTheFennex 12 4


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