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The mirror of Erised

I had to draw this. Always makes me cry *sob* ^^
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wwwwhhy but seriously kind of cute
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This is so saaaad.... :cries:
Great drawing, though!! :)
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Beatiful, I love this part *o*
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Aw, Harry is so cute! I just want to hug him :aww:
MalfoyFanatic's avatar
that's veeery cute!! <3
Sarah-on-Deviantart's avatar
Little Harry is too adorable! :)

I love Mirror of Erised pictures!
Zaerteltier's avatar
Yeah me too, they are so touching!
Except for Dumbledore saying he sees himself holding a warm pair of socks xD which was - of course - a round lie. ^^
Sarah-on-Deviantart's avatar
Of course, Dumbledore was lying most of time when he opened his mouth..

Harry or Snape in front of the mirror I think are the most touching pics!

I don´t think I´ve ever seen one that does show Dumbledore´s reflection holding a pair of socks...and now that you mentioned it, I would really like to see one like that! :D
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I was thinking about drawing one ;)
Sarah-on-Deviantart's avatar
Oh, pleeeeeaaase do it!! :D
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i love the little eleven year old harry sitting there. he looks so forlorn, even though we can only see his back
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I'm so glad it's having this effect on you, that was exactly what I was going for! ^^
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