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Prints for sale...

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 6, 2019, 8:27 AM
Hello Everyone!
It's been a while since I actually wrote a journal entry!

I've finally got to a point where I am wanting to set up my work for prints. So please, tell me what work in my gallery you want me to set up as a print and I will do it. Old digital, traditional, and photography.
I'm setting it up on Deviantart and re-opening my Zazzle account.

For now, I am NOT ready for Patreon BUT on the other hand I would like to introduce my two new Ko-Fi accounts for other's who want to support me but not directly buy prints:

On my Zaellrin Ko-Fi I will be posting ALL my photography. (Including photos from my Pixel that are not on DA) PLUS it is also a blog to how I lost 80 pounds for those interested in my weight loss journey. You can support me here: 
Buy Me a Coffee at

On my Etchwyrm Ko-FI I will be posting my practice sketches along with old and new artwork from this gallery and from my other at Etchwyrm Feel free to let me know if you see something you would like me to post. You can support me here: 
Buy Me a Coffee at 

What is Ko-Fi? Similar to patreon but without all the tier's and complications. It is a free platform that allows supporters to support the artist they love. Consider it a tip jar that you do not have to sign up on to support someone. Plus it is purely through paypal. If it remotely takes off I will add hi-res downloads on it too.


The reason I held off for so long is that an artist barely make anything off of selling their artwork on sites like Zazzle and Deviantart. And if that artist is not popular, they may never make the threshold required to pull their earnings. (I've had this problem with zazzle for a few years now since you require $50 in earning's to pull it - and I just can't seem to get there making only a few dollars from a sale) Prior I had attempted Patreon, zazzle, and several other platform sites - but I was at the worst/darkest time of my life... and as I was fading, so was my passion for art and life. All of it failed during that time.

I do still have a Tumblr and I am trying to decide rather to close my facebook pages or not since what I have is not really a business. (Facebook keeps driving me crazy about them being business's.) I plan on using my youtube channel eventually but I'm still learning how to use OBS to record my drawings.

Anyhow, If you have any suggestions - please share!!!

Speed forward to 2019! Recently life has been great. And hopefully soon to be better once we sell this old house and move to the inspirational place we dream of living. I am doing studies with my drawings to become a better artist, and I'm on a roll with my photography. I hope this year will be fantastic for everyone!

Apocalypse. by Zaellrin 

Only a shell. by Zaellrin 

Etchwyrm by Etchwyrm

Skin Art: Zaellrin




Welcome to Zaellrin Photography!

Oh my goodness it is already December 2018... This has been a crazy year. I reached my 80 pound weight loss goal in late-October. We almost have this house ready to sell so we are hoping to move to our dream location by early-mid 2019.

I've been trying to find my Niche in my artwork and I think I am on the right track. I see the faults of how I use to draw and I am confident that my new work will show massive improvements that will be my style and not a forced one. I hope to start posting to my art page sometime in 2019 (depending on how moving goes will depend on how quick I can focus on art) - so if you like my artwork stalk my other page: Etchwyrm

I also finally have a new computer. In that package I now have Capture One to edit all my photos, and Clip Studio Paint for all my new digital. I still own my old Photoshop CS5.1 which is great for quick edits. Plus I have a new drawing tablet which so far works better than my Wacom Intuos 4 which like my old computer was way behind the times. (We are now poor... yay!)

Don't be afraid to message me! I'm still around and I will be posting more photos now that I have a proper editor.

I do not have time for commissions or trades, and I'm currently not selling any of my work. Maybe in the future, but I have no time to keep up with that right now. And no need to thank me! Thank you for all the llama's, watches, and support!!! :heart:

Talk soon!



(In Case your bored Lol)

PHOTO STYLE OF CHOICE: Macro / Nature / Bugs
ART STYLE OF CHOICE: Digital Hyper-realism
ART GENRE OF CHOICE: Other-worldly / Fantastical
CAMERA: Sony A7R ii
PHONE: Google Pixel
SOFTWARE: Adobe Photoshop CS5.1 / Clip Studio Paint
TOOLS: Pentel Graphgear 1000 .3 Pencil w/ Smooth Bristol paper / Huion H610 Pro V2

FAVORITE ACTIVITY: Backpacking in the Mountains
FAVORITE WORKOUT: Anything with Tony Horton / Running / Weight Lifting
FAVORITE MUSIC STYLE: Instrumental Dubstep
FAVORITE BEVERAGE: Stone Cold Jo: Cold brew Coffee
FAVORITE FOOD: Anything Healthy and Biblically clean. For starters: No pork or shellfish.
RELIGION: I don't follow a denomination. I follow the bible to the best of my understanding. Walk the walk.
CURRENT WORK: Production Liaison of a Glass manufacturer
RELATIONSHIP: Married since September 2005 ♥

Wanting more??? I'm rather odd yet boring, what is wrong with you Lol!!! I think that's enough for today. :iconnomglompplz:



This is a Deviantart feature for outstanding works. Anyone can receive them. :la:
Here are my personal accomplishments:

Beetle Juice. by Zaellrin Angry Bird. by Zaellrin

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Too many groups.... I'm going to be leaving some of these wonderful groups as soon as I go through them. I just need to choose who to join at my other profile. They're all decent though if you're interested... Good luck picking one though Lol.



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