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Enemies Don't Love
Zim placed down the sparking tool back in his pak, attaching the newly replaced part, the gauge inside showing no change. "Grr! No no no. NO! " He clenched his head in frustration, "why isn't it working!?"
The alien slammed his hand on the table, "It always does! I even replaced the major parts that deal with that, TWICE."
Zim let out an even louder growl as he hit his head on the table, "There has to be something I can do!"
"Intruder detected."
Zim's lekku perked as he heard "dammit, that had to set off Zim's alarm-
The invader's head jerked to stare at the screen the computer brought over, showing the well known human dusting himself off. "No not now. I don't have time for this!" The Irken screeched, "He could cause too many issues."
He stood straight, "Computer, activate defense system 67B5." But then his eyes turned to panic, "No wait! 14B6- no wait what am I saying?!" Zim shook his head, "Go with the original and-no wait. The-GRUAH!!!" Zim threw himself backwards.
"Um. Which proto
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IZ: The Beast Within Symbol by HEISMEANDIAMYOU IZ: The Beast Within Symbol :iconheismeandiamyou:HEISMEANDIAMYOU 16 16 Round Robin Fanart by IrkenFundip Round Robin Fanart :iconirkenfundip:IrkenFundip 8 11
Flying in the stars Ch-1
Flying in the Stars
Dib awoke to the sound of his alarm, and sleepily rubbed his eyes. "Dang it," he mumbled, "Why do I have to go to high school?" He slowly went down stairs and got a soda. He gulped it down as he began to get ready.
"That better not be the last soda," interrupted the lump on the couch, which was Gaz. Dib just kept getting ready. Once Dib was done he threw the can over his shoulder, and went out the door.
Meanwhile at Zim's house
Zim was searching for a new disguise. "The humans will notice my hair and cloths haven't changed." He was tossing wig after wig over his shoulder. He finally found a wig. It was a little bigger, but looked the same. Zim had been on Earth for seven years now, and he finally got the concept of their cloths. He picked out a pair of jeans and a red t-shirt with a black irken symbol on it, but had the same boots and gloves. Gir came down the elevator screaming, and eating waffles with plastic and soap in them.
"Master you look so pretty!" Zim gave
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A group dedicated to the management of deviantART-wide ZADR fanfiction. ZADR is Zim and Dib Romance and is related to the Invader Zim Fandom.
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Hey guys, so I've been away for like a little while...and I've decided to have the folders be automatic submissions, because I felt it was better...also noticed a few of the folders had been set to not allowed submissions so fixed that as well. So please, if I hadn't accepted your work please resubmit.
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