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Here it is, just in time for Valentine's Day, which is coming up shortly! Not really one of my best emotes, but certainly does the trick! 45 frames of pure luv right here :giggle:!
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Je-nnyHobbyist Artist
Eee, so cute!
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Hey!So beautiful.How can I use it??
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Awwww!! >.<
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That's really sweet. :aww:
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ttearzProfessional Digital Artist
do they actually work. .
:luv:. . .hmmm. .thats sooo cute!!
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very cuteness :heart:
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Plankhead Filmographer
ZORMG teh cuute! :+fav:

Sorry about the gibberish. I was disoriented by its lovableness.
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softcell72Hobbyist Digital Artist
love those wide
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LouieHitmanProfessional Interface Designer
soo lovely! good work zac! :highfive:
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the first thing I notice is that the blue emote doesn't turn his head at all to look at purple when giving her the heart. And the fact that they each have one hand looks a bit odd, it'd probably look better to have two hands to begin with, then the blue one put one hand behind him to get the heart to give it to her. The heart itself could use just a little more shading, I know you did some, but it still looks flat. When the purple one has the surprised o.O face, the mouth is too AA'd. Since you have nothing else in that style, it looks out of place. On the other hand, the animation on this is very nice, as is the shading of everything else, and the expressions are nice :]
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Thank you, I will definately fix the shading on the heart, and the mouth on the supprise look, however does AA'd mean?
n00b! :giggle:
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aa is anti aliased, when you try to make it blend rather than look pixelated. Looks nice when you do it to everything, but here it's odd since it's only on the one mouth.
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really cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!!! =3 nice work!!
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thanks zac! :heart: By sarah you meant me ay dude?
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Whimsical-DreamsProfessional Photographer
er.. i'm sarah ;)
rusty-nail's avatar
was joking. :giggle:
Whimsical-Dreams's avatar
Whimsical-DreamsProfessional Photographer
i was gonna say.. :o XD
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Oh, yes.... :paranoid:
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so do you have a valentine???
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