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This is a revamp of the current emoticon :love: by `liquify.

Within a few months, deviantART will be updating and sorting through the current Emoticon Legend, and this is my version of the current emoticon. I remained quite similar to this version, however the colouring has been improved, along with the black outlines and the facial expression. I don't expect this to actually replace it, but there's no harm in trying.

Read ¢eStunt's Emoticon Artists: A Call to Arms!
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It's :love : without the space. :love:
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We have featured this expressive deviation in our news feature [link] We thank you for being expressive and look forward to seeing more from you in the future :hug:
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I love all of your creations :P
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Thats so cute :D Would you mind if I used it on msn? :O
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Thank you zac :D
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I like it much more than :love:!!
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excellent, sir B-)
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I prefer the expression of the original but your colours are much better and I love the moving hearts!
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really nice, i love the grin, it's priceless :love:
i would agree with ¢eStunt about animation..
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I'd love to see the hearts appear and then pop in the air or something.

Animation is always a good thing. ;)
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And here I was thinking sticking to the original was a better idea! :XD:

I'll play around with it, but for something basic like this I think a static emoticon can be sometimes just as good or even better. Will see what I can do...
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Yeah I like some static emotes, but I think for that one the hearts appearing randomly (moving from the bottom and then vanishing) would look amazing. :)
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Aight, some animation put into it, let me know what you think.
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Getting much better. The only thing that throws me off with this version is that when 2 hearts appear...they go in the same direction. I wish it was a bit more randomized.
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