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May I present to you this rather deadly lime who has mastered the art of Kamakazi. He is willing to give his life to take that which belongs to you.

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Cute but deadly, that's my kind of fruit :nod:
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lol cute :) :P and nice done :)
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Smooth animation! Sweet job.
duhcoolies's avatar
lmao :lol: awesome work
g00gle's avatar

oh so cute...

yet deadly
Floofeh-Kitteh's avatar
That made me laugh, awesome! XD
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oh my....
we are all doomed.
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You know the world is nearing an end when the limes become deadly...
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its you in lime form!!!
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:) Good luck! Its kind of cute in its own way.
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Fantastic emote Zac, I hope you win the competition! :aww:
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Thanks, however its not a competition but rather a community project. =P
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Well its still an awesome emote, whether its for a competition or a community project. ;p
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