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July 24, 2009
The simplistic approach to :jumpingonthebandwagon: by `zacthetoad really works in its favour. Faultless pixeling and shading coupled with cute and extremely smooth animation create an excellent emote version of an everyday phrase.
Featured by Synfull
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The inspiration for this emoticon comes from none other than our mighty Gallery Director ^livius. I believe it was her first emoticon submitted on deviantART over two years ago that lead me to open Adobe ImageReady and begin (and finish) this creation on this very night.

I become aware of its existence after ^livius wrote a journal about an emoticon of hers that had received much abuse. Why was this so? More than a few people had taken her emoticon :beatingadeadhorse: literally. Whilst laughing at the situation, I thought to myself, "What other sayings or expressions could be shown more literally?"

And this is where I arrived a month later when the idea came back to me. I was surprised to find it hadn't been done before but I present to you the adage "to jump on the bandwagon".

We see quite literally, someone jumping on a bandwagon. :slow:

Read more about it on Wikipedia here.
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Bandwagoning, sounds like all the people I go to school with that all of a sudden love Skyrim, even though they haven't played any of the past Elder Scrolls games. Forgive me for sounding like a hipster. But, it seems the usual CoD crowd at my school has turned into bandwagoning on the Elder Scrolls.
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That looks like fun!
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this is so great! one of the greatest work my eyes had upon!
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Wow~! I was wondering if there was a way to use this on comments?
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If they make it into a plz account you can.
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Am I the only one who thinks this is by no means worthy of a DD? The wagon is poorly drawn and shaded, and there is no band. It's a bandwagon... it needs musicians. Sure it's kind of clever, but it makes me sick seeing this next to other daily devs that took a thousand times the effort and skill of this to produce.
zacthetoad's avatar
Wow I haven't replied to a comment here in years but you seem like such a dick I couldn't resist.

No one gives a shit what you think. And stop bashing DD's, it's against the rules.
SergeantBiscuits's avatar
Sorry for voicing my opinion, but it's true.
zacthetoad's avatar
An oxymoron if I've ever seen one.
SergeantBiscuits's avatar
There are more than a few morons around here, it seems... :]
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Okay, but your opinion makes you look like a pretentious dick. It looks like every other emoticon on DeviantArt, in the sense that it is just a low resolution little emoticon that uses the same character as always but with a wagon to emphasize bandwagoning. Mister literal over here says bandwagoning means the wagon actually has to have a band in it, and what is with this "poorly drawn and shaded" bullshit. You're looking at an extremely low-resolution emoticon, not an awesome drawing done in Photoshop.
SergeantBiscuits's avatar
I apologize for my original comment. I made it 3 years ago. I wouldn't have made that comment today.

For what it's worth, though, I wasn't bashing the deviation. I was making a jab at Synfull for featuring it.
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(Also the "it needs a band on it" was more or a less a joke, if I remember my intention correctly.)
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And you're definitely the champ.
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*raises hand* I agree.
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That's a covered wagon.. isn't a bandwagon more like a stagecoach? Well they're pretty similar. XD nicely done, roffle.

When I saw it I was like "WOOO OREGON TRAIL!!"
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XDDD this is so cute!!! Congrats on the DD, I love it =u=
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