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The Planet Eater by captain-amazing The Planet Eater :iconcaptain-amazing:captain-amazing 865 463
Deviant of the Year Awards: Nominations Pt 1
An Apology
This article was supposed to be posted about a day ago, but due to circumstances beyond my control we were forced to postpone until now.
Deviant of the Year Awards
For those of you first reading about us, the Deviant of the Year Awards are designed to recognise people in different areas around the site, and of course, the overall Deviant of the Year. The difference between this, and say the once a month Deviousness Award, is that the recipients are chosen by the wider community, not just staff.
Nominations! :#1:
Nominations for the category of "Deviant of the Year" are now officially open, and will run until the 14th of October at midnight PST. Other nominations will open later on.
How to Nominate :faq:
To nominate:
Send us a note with the subject "Nomination", and explain who you think should be named Deviant of the Year
:icondeviantoftheyear:deviantoftheyear 98 65
Unknown Artists: September Feature
The Unknown Artists Project is to expose talented, yet underrated, artists on deviantArt.  In spirit of that goal, we will present to the community a monthly feature showcasing unknown artists in photography, traditional art, digital art and literature.   
:pointr:  selected by :iconimogene:

:pointr: selected by :iconequivoque:
Bottle Study1 by matildamonroe infinity the mystery by geometry
:thumb54915992: Sabattier Skull by dosxx :thumb59215470: Volupte by Loucos
:pointr:  selected by :iconthomfaust:
helplessness by RaMiBru :thumb50535273: :thumb61232352: cigarette by TheRedWater
spain 29. by akipo :thumb37437526: ----- by Lhil 76453 by CompleteSilence
Traditional Art
:pointr:  selected by :icontwosilverstars:
KOLCZYKI 'SEFIROTY' by bizuteria-bizu4u:thumb63057829
:iconimogene:imogene 481 884
Unburied Treasures 70, Contest Updates
As we reach the number of 70 features ran, I'd like to start with a quick overview of what is going on and what it's all about, in case you missed the previous articles.
To begin with, this news article was all about finding digital art that had ten or less favorites on each image.  Posted once a week, it was a mix of the digital galleries from artists who had yet to be discovered by a large group of people, or those that have been here a while and gotten overshadowed for one reason or another.  
As my role here at DA changed, the focus of this article diminished in an expanding way.  No longer bound to keep it all digital, I decided to push the limits and include the main galleries of Traditional and Photography.  Still not satisfied that the diversity was broad enough, the last major tweak was to include the Grab Bag section.  It's an assortment from the other big galleries, but not as refined as Digital, Traditional,
:iconaeires:Aeires 28 20
Bolt Award Fan Art Contest Winners Announced
In honor of the new Bolt Award and it's awesome namesake, I held a contest.
The objective was to create chris fan art, dedication art, anything to honor the man behind the machine.
I passed the submissions on to chris himself who then selected the winners:
First Place
- devWEAR tshirt and 1 year Subscription

Second Place
- dA sticker pack, buttons and a 6 month Subscription

The Remaining Entries

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to everyone who entered and helped me to honor someone I respect greatly!
:iconmoonbeam13:Moonbeam13 37 24
:wtf: revamp by Mrcrapinson :wtf: revamp :iconmrcrapinson:Mrcrapinson 902 130
Wallpaper Gallery : Volume 82
Wallpaper Gallery : Volume 82
Here are a selection of the most interesting and unique wallpapers submitted to the Wallpaper Gallery over the past week. The Gallery is filled with absolute gems and these are but a small selection!
Want to get yourself featured here? That's easy! Just keep submitting great wallpapers! to be eligable for the feature the wallpaper must be a minimum of 1024x768 and be original work.
zilla774 & KariAnnLax
Gallery Directors

medicine kit by 00Velvet00Dreams00Crazy Love by abacusmage
Broken Heart by abacusmage:thumb64601367::thumb64242117:
:iconzilla774:zilla774 49 24
CEA Update for September 12, 2007
UPDATES FROM realitysquared : "Credit" & "Disclaimers".
This week I'd like to take the time to dispel a little ignorance of our rules and try to once again shake loose a popular myth which has become something of a blanket excuse for many people.
Among many websites and subgroups there is a general "rule" that if you provide proper crediting to the original artist this somehow allows you to then do whatever you wish with the work without fear or restriction. A mutation of this 'rule" is that if you properly state that the images are copyrighted to [proper owner] this will also serve as a free pass to do whatever you wish.
Another very similar belief states that if you write a large disclaimer somewhere and swear on a stack of bibles that the artwork isn't yours, wasn't drawn by you, photographed by you or associated with you in any way shape or form this somehow entitles you to submit it wherever you want.
It is my task today to publically state here that as far as your dev
:iconrealitysquared:realitysquared 83 37
Artist Relations Newsletter - September 11, 2007
:pointr: Director of Artist Relations

The purpose of Artist Relations is to strengthen the community spirit as well as network with fellow artists so that we may bring outside opportunities to you, and help you to hone your skills. The Gallery Directors are the first people you should go to regarding your galleries. They are the people you need to make gallery suggestions to, and ask questions about your specific genre, or seek knowledge from. They also act as your lifeline to the administration. They are here to support and listen, and I can tell you we've got incredibly talented, devoted and passionate people on this team, so get to know them!
:bulletgreen: Please join us in welcoming UnicornReality and IreneLangholm to the Artist Relations team.  UnicornReality will be joining LawrenceDeDark in Stock Photography and IreneLangholm will be joining Photomanipulation with kuschelirmel
:iconmoonbeam13:Moonbeam13 214 396
Artists: How not to get ripped off!
Ok, so you are an artist right? you can do stuff many other people cant.
there are many people who would try to take advantage of that.
so I put together a tutorial that lets you spot the con-artists from the real deal so you wont be caught out :)
Ok, so you are browsing a forum, and you spot something intersting. someone is looking for an artist with your skills, for a really cool project and they may even be offering money.
but hold on a second, do not just jump in and say you're the one for the job. this person may take what you do, not credit you, and not pay you. or perhaps this person is just making the request on a whim and has no idea just how to do what they want or what they are asking for, and all your work will go to waste.
here is how to tell if the person is reliable or not:
1) check the persons post count/sign up date.
if they are active on the community there is a good chance they dont want to make a fool of themselves by ripping off people at the place they hang ou
:iconsophiehoulden:SophieHoulden 50 44
5000+ Resources To Do Just About Anything Online
One mega-list of all of's resources for to do just about anything online.
:iconipholio:ipholio 29 9
What Legends Are Made Of VII
Recently deviantART banned the deviant camelhijackation. Whilst his time here was controversial and many deviants believe his behaviour was beyond devious, there is no denying his invaluable contribution to the Emoticon Gallery and the Emoticon Legend. As a result of his ban, three of camelhijackation's official emoticons have been replaced on the Emoticon Legend and these are as follows::yawnstretch: :yawnstretch: by Bad-Blood
:slyfart: :slyfart: by arrioch
:noes: :noes: by darkmoon3636That is what legends are made of.
:iconzacthetoad:zacthetoad 27 90
Homer and Bender - Drinking by sircle Homer and Bender - Drinking :iconsircle:sircle 669 71
Isometric PixelArt Simply Defined
Isometric PixelArt Simply Defined
Isometric PixelArt has been defined by many people in many different ways to explain what it is and how it is created. This is my attempt and I intend to keep it as simple and concise as possible.
What it is not.
Isometric PixelArt is not just something that looks like 3D or a perspective drawing.
What it is.
It is a way to create a scene, an object or a character by following one very basic and simple rule…..start with two pixels across and one pixel up to build your picture. That is Isometric PixelArt in essence.

When you look at a genuine piece of Isometric Pixelart it appears as though you are looking at it from above, from one side and the front at an angle. Here is a really wonderful example of why this view is the way it is.

Buildings tend to make up a large part of  Isometric PixelArt because they are right angle objects and lend
:iconshonegold:ShoneGold 79 23


Draw Me The World by stickersticker Draw Me The World :iconstickersticker:stickersticker 5,323 1,452 Alpha and Omega 3 by shirosynth Alpha and Omega 3 :iconshirosynth:shirosynth 6,797 1,739 Eiffel_Tower by phyzer Eiffel_Tower :iconphyzer:phyzer 3,109 400 Tower Bridge. by phyzer Tower Bridge. :iconphyzer:phyzer 4,024 546 Thinker v2 by evilhomer145 Thinker v2 :iconevilhomer145:evilhomer145 528 85 Go Away by kerembeyit Go Away :iconkerembeyit:kerembeyit 6,524 540 Evolution by alyn Evolution :iconalyn:alyn 14,444 1,218 Apollyon Impact by cosmicbound Apollyon Impact :iconcosmicbound:cosmicbound 1,133 583




Zac Martin
Current Residence: + Melbourne, Australia
It's time for my yearly journal entry and I had two things I wanted to share.

The first was this deviation that I very randomly stumbled across recently.

:dalove: by MyntKat

It's a complete mindfuck that someone, somewhere made this six years after I created the emoticon. Awesome.

:ilovedevart: by zacthetoad

And the second thing I wanted to share was a crowd funding campaign I just launched. If you've enjoyed my work over the years, perhaps you'll consider making a pledge. Or sharing this with your friends. Especially if you like beer. Which you should because it's delicious.

Please, check out the campaign and make a pledge.


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