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...the Artist as an Old Man by ZacPensol ...the Artist as an Old Man by ZacPensol
"Portrait of the Artist as an Old Man"

This isn't my best work, but it occurred to me that I hadn't *really* drawn something in a while and I was getting rusty, so the idea popped into my head to draw myself as an old man, but still will my beloved baseball cap and sideburns :-)

It was a lot of fun trying to figure out how I'd look older... I looked at stuff like the wrinkles in my face that form when I squint, furrow my brows, wrinkle up my forehead, etc, as well as pulling on my jowl area see where the skin would hang more, and so on. I also tried to take into consideration my family history of hair color/falling out and things like that. It'll be neat in 50 years to look back at this and see how accurate it is, if at all.

I'd like to do another attempt at this, maybe with a different pose or something and recommend any of you artists try it. At the risk of sounding a bit pretentious, I found the whole process really somber and reflective. I tend to do a l...ot of thinking about aging and death and things, and so, while I worked, I found myself thinking about the people in my life now who won't be around to see me when I look like that, and how aging and death are inevitable for anyone who is able to live that long. It's kind of a sad subject matter, but like with all inevitable 'sadness', my philosophy is to just take it with a sense of humor and learn to laugh about how powerless you are to it, which is why I gave myself that silly grin and wore the hat/kept the sideburns.
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May 31, 2011
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