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:iconzackyadvenger:Zackyadvenger posted a status
What is reality but a picture that can be so distorted and manipulated by the people around you to think and do things a certain way. It is a dark force that could bring down a prideful person or to destroy the mind of a poor helpless child. It makes the most bright spirited person and chews them up to spit em out and take their light. Reality is the enemy and a thing that should be feared above all else.
I'm not afraid of the dark, i'm afraid of what's in it.
I'm not afraid of people, i'm afraid of being rejected and left alone when i get to close.
What i am most afraid of in this world is waking up everyday and having to step out into the world and live through the harsh reality that is life itself. Everyday brings new fears that i have to swallow and live with. And sometimes i wonder why i get out of bed at all. I wish that life could be like a fairytail, but then again...reality destroys that too.

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Ceylon-Morphe286 Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Love it
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