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People think that i like to be alone. That when i am in my room that i enjoy to sit in silence and talk to no one. But that isn't true, i hate to be alone. i hate the silence and not have that connection with people. I enjoy to sit around with people and listen to their conversations. I have this irrational fear of being alone and not having anyone to speak to...the thing is i don't like being around people....because i feel like i don't belong. I feel like there are these situations that i don't belong in and it hurts sometimes. So i would choose to be alone while everyone...does their thing.

It's not that i WANT to be alone in this room. It's that i NEED to be alone in this room.
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Ever had that day where you wish that things would out the way that YOU want it? Can't I win for once? Or is it just too hard to ask for...probably the latter of the thing. But i guess that's just how life goes, no one can win. Maybe though, maybe there are those out there that can when. There is just people like me who have to have miserable lives so that the more fortunate can be's a price.
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Hello my beautiful and most amazing DA community. My friends and I are starting up a YouTube channel for lets plays. it's just going and we haven't really gotten it going yet so bare with us. But here's the site! I look forward to all your beautiful places!…
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It sucks being the oldest in your family. Nothing really matters much. Yeah, you graduate first and it makes you feel a LITTLE special. But if you look at it, so are many of the other kids in your class. There is nothing special about it. Oh? You got accepted into a college? Good for you! Now you can get out of the house and stop wasting out money! It hurts and it sucks when you actually look at it and see that the only things that you have accomplished in your life so far...isn't all that special. That everything that you have worked so hard for in your 13 years of school...means little to some people. Especially to that person that you WANT to be at your graduation won't be.
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Ugh, my life has become so dull lately. I'm kind of looking forward to college so I can do something. Though that something is usually school work and's still something.

Anyway, my point being is...I AM BORED>
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Guess what guys, I got a brand new computer and will be spitting out stories once again to you wonderful people! :iconeweplz:
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Yup, I am soooo bored I am willing to start writing stories and other what nots for FREE. I said free, and I totally mean that. Because for spelling and grammer suck, so why would I make you lovely people pay for bad grammer? It's not my thing. Ya if you want me to do something for you or anything hit me up with a comment or note and I will totally do that. If you don't know how I write, look up my gallery and see what's up! Cuz I'm into a whole lot of stuff, Band Oc's, Hetalia, you name it! So, give me something to do and I will love you forever!!! XD
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Karkat Vantas:
[x] You have a nasty temper
[x] You tend to overreact
[x] Your friends would describe you as "Crabby"
[x] The color red appeals to you
[x] You see yourself as an outsider
[x] You try to program computers
[x] You prefer leadership roles
[x] You were born under Cancer
[x] You sometimes/often use ALL CAPS
[x] You wear Turtlenecks  
Total: 10

Aradia Megido:
[x] You love archaeology/history
[ ] You think about death a lot
[x] You believe in ghosts
[ ] Sometimes, you think you can hear ghosts
[ ] You get into moods where you feel almost dead.
[ ] You're very interested in the way time works
[] You were born under Aries
[x] You've been in one or more near-death situations
[x] Indiana Jones is AWESOME.
[ ] You prefer deep reds and scarlets over others
Total: 6

Tavros Nitram:
[x] You're quite sensitive
[ ] You can be a bit of a pushover  
[ ] You dream of flying  
[ ] You were born under Taurus
[ ] You like/liked Peter Pan
[ ] You don't really hate anything
[ ] You're generally kinder than your peers
[ ] Browns are your favorite colors
[x] You had/have an imaginary friend
[ ] You sometimes have trouble with your legs

Total: 4

Sollux Captor:
[x] You often have mood swings
[x] You can seem like two different people
[x] You mismatch your socks/shoes/etc.
[ ] Yellow is your favorite color
[x] You have a lisp (sometimes)
[ ] You have really good eyesight
[x] You're a whiz at computers
[x] No question, 3-D glasses are COOL.
[x] You love red and blue
[ ] You were born under Gemini
Total: 7

Nepeta Leijon:
[x] You really, really, REALLY like cats.
[x] You like roleplaying
[ ] You like shipping
[ ] You were born under Leo
[ ] You like hunting
[ ] Olive Green is your favorite color
[ ] Friends would describe you as cute
[ ] You usually wear an animal hat
[ ] You own furs
[x] You can be rather naive

Total: 3

Kanaya Maryam:
[ ] You are a fashionista
[x] You are a big-time MEDDLER
[ ] You love being out in the sun
[ ] You never leave home without lipstick
[ ] Vampires are SUPER cool
[x] You have a some-what motherly nature
[x] You are much more creative than your peers
[x] You love horror and romance novels
[ ] You like pale greens over others
[ ] You were born under Virgo

Total: 4

Terezi Pyrope:
[x] You have an unusually good sense of smell/taste
[ ] You're VERY giggly
[x] You love dragons
[ ] No matter what, there MUST be JUSTICE!
[x] You have pretty bad eyesight
[x] Sometimes, you can be just flat out weird.
[x] You love the color red with a burning passion
[ ] But you wear teal and blue-greens more often
[x] You smile way more than you should
[ ] You were born under Libra

Total: 6

Vriska Serket:
[ ] You love spiders, scorpions, etc.  
[x] You can be downright 8itchy
[x] You're a very manipulative person
[ ] You have a bit of an obsession with luck  
[ ] Your favorite color is a light blue
[x] You have a bad relationship with many people
[ ] You were born under Scorpio
[x] Sometimes, you think you might be psychic
[x] Pirates are cool
[x] You usually wind up bullying your crushes

Total: 6

Equius Zahhak:
[ ] You are REALLY strong (nooope)
[ ] You'd like to learn archery
[ ] You were born under Sagittarius
[ ] You sweat really easily
[ ] You're kind of awkward around... everybody  
[ ] You can be a bit racist
[ ] You're very solitary
[ ] You fancy indigo or dark blue over other colors
[ ] You break stuff very easily
[ ] You like horses

Total: 2

Gamzee Makara:
[x] You have a strange affinity for clowns and circuses  
[] You were born under Capricorn
[x] The color purple suits you best
[x] Pie is your favorite dessert  
[x] You have a tendency to "weird" people out
[x] You use swear words often, but not in an unkind way
[x] You really appreciate the miracles of life
[x] You're a funny and strange person
[x] However, you have a much darker side
[x] You like polka dots

Total: 9

Eridan Ampora:
[ ] You're very racist.
[x] You mess up your relationships easily
[x] You often feel lonely
[ ] You were born under Aquarius
[ ] You like being by the ocean
[x] You like wearing violets
[ ] You love wizards
[ ]  You believe in science, not magic
[ ] You're pretty rich
[x] You're pretty aggressive in nature

Total: 4

Feferi Peixes:
[ ] You're very wealthy
[x] You love sea creatures
[x] You are easily excited
[x] You're very optimistic
[ ] You simply love the color pink
[ ] You see yourself as a normal kid
[ ] You were born under Pisces
[x] Your family is pretty important
[ ] You live near the ocean
[x] You want everybody to get along.

Total: 5

So I don't know if that is good or it a Cancer thing? Or am I so deep in this shit that it's not even fucking funny anymore. :/
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Working on a story so if I'm going to post it or not. For one, it sucks- just some boredom drable that I do on my spare time during classes. Ha, just like right now in English. I'm already done with everything so what's the point? Two, it goes no where. So if you beautiful people want me to post or something, just comment. Or if you don't, say how much you don't want to hear it, I needs the feed back. :icondeterminedplz:

But other than that, I've been kind of depressed lately. I don't know why, I guess it's the lack of motovation or something in that field. There really isn't anything worth doing. I've always been the kind of person to just go around and find at least SOMETHING to do. But I can't anymore. My drawing come out so derpy that I have to throw half away without my parents seeing them. My stories go no where, just like that one MAYBE. I can't find the insperation to finish it, I may get another chapter out with the BS I have planned out. But there isn't really any piont to it anymore.

My music has suffered as well. There's chair tryouts next week and I still haven't been able to get the rythem down. So...I may end up last chair. Which would kill me, because I know I'm better than last chair.

There is good in my life though, I got a new puppy!! I named him IggyBoo. That cute little monster, he's a Min Pin! And that's German I hear, so I was going  to name him Fritz, but....he's to hyper and ditzy to be that awesome. So Iggy it was. It was kind of funny though, cause when we brought him home last night he peed on my moms shirt and she put him outside. Moments later we heard this horried shreiking sound and thought that he was getting mawled by raccoon or something and had to run out and check on him. He was okay, he actually just looked up to us as if to say, 'sup guys?'

Golly, this Christmas -I have to say- is the best one I have had since 3 years ago. No, there is no snow, but it really doesnt matter. This year I had tons of candy, a new laptop, THOR!, Crafting stuff, Make-up galor, more candy, and a guinea pig! Yes, a guinea pig, I named her Mrs. Piggy, she married my Percy. :3 Yes, I know, cute.

Also, I get to see all my family, it's been a LONG time.

So, the question I have for you is: What are your family activaties? OwO
Hmmm, nothing better to came to the conclusion to make up some random crap and post it here. I hope you lovely people will understand. Chemistry isn't really that much fun on Review days. :/

But there is christmas to look forward to then there is other things LIKE!! Christmas BREAK!!! (And my weird gay friend says hi.) pff, weirdos. Who else can't wait for that fat guy to come give us presents?~
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So for our band show this year we did zombies, and made it to state semifinals!! It is so cool!!!!!! XD wanna watch?…

Meow and Boooms!

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 6, 2012, 7:17 AM
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So I have this cat that is in heat, dear good I want to just kill her, stuff her, and sell her origins on the black market....but that would be to evil for my tastes. So I let her live, for now. It's cool though, I have 2 seasons of Vampire Diaries and 4 seasons of Big Bang Theory to keep me busy and stuffs. Ya know?

To tell the truth this journal is completely pointless, I seen that it was Premium Membership day and was all excited so I can use my sweet skin.....I really need a life or something.

Schools about to start up again, we can talk about that. I'm going into my next to last year of high school, which is scary really, cause after senior year, I'm off to college. I don't really know what I'm going to do in life anymore. So much has happened since I moved back to Italy and everything. I know I'm going to an American college though, that is for sure. But what then?

Zacky :heart:

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I had a Britain moment this morning. I was wanting scones!! Thing was, the tea shop my mom and I go to was closed for some reason, god I don't know. So I was mad, I wanted damn scones and I couldn't get any.

My aunt grunted something, which darkened my mood more. So being the talented and smart girl I was, I got on the Internet and googled recipies. Thank god for the net!

I actually cooked scones, and I'm a horrible baker. :( yes I can whip up a pizza or any type of dinner breakfast or anything that doesn't involve baking. But I didn't burn anything or measure wrong! They came out just as yummy as the ones in the tea shop. Just don't tell Anna, she will murder me.

Any ways, there is this little girl who loves to come up to the house and ask if my cousin to come out. Oh holy Rome, she is the most annoying THING in the whole world. No, I am not one for children, but even if I was, I would still want to strangle the monster. It got to the point where I was about to blow my top and kick her off the porch. But I'm not that evil. So instead I got an idea, I brought some of my cosplay outfits. Who better to yell at a kid than the bad Romano! After I got dressed and added the famous curl I waited at the door. Right on time the girl popped up.

"Can emily come out and play?"
"Emily! Can she come out!"
"don't fucking yell at me brat! Who do you think you are?!"

It was fun, she got so mad and argued with me for over 20 minutes. Till finally she said I was a big meanie and stomped off to tell her mom I said "potty words". It had to be the best day in my life cause she never came back cause she was scared of the "potty mouth meanie head". Romano is now my hero!!!!
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Yay! It's almost the 4th of July!! Americas birthday, and 13 more days from my very own!! just because I don't live in America doesn't mean I can't celebrate them becoming a country. =w= lol, just kidding, I love all you Americans! Since ip have family in America.

I can't wait to watch for fire works! I love fire works, so many lovely colors and patterns. My family is planning a huge celebration, the red neck way 0.0 I'm kind of scared to know what that means. This is really the first time I've had a "independence day blow out" most of the time we have fire works and yell "yay" and thats it. Unlike our republic day party at home. Mama likes to cook up some yummy food. :3

This all makes me think....what does Britain due on July 4? Is the a "I hate America" day there?? I would love to come see how they celebrate that!!! XD

:heart: zackyadvenger
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So I have finally done it, I had locked myself out of facebook....Go me. :(

How could I actually do it? Some person from Japan thought it would be cool to try and hack me! So I was asked to change my password to protect my profile from Hacker Boy. I have a little issue where I like to come up with cool and awesome passwords that make me COOL AND AWESOME. :iconawesomeprussiaplz: so I made up the best password EVER that NOONE would figure out....not even me. After many attempts to find out what that password was...I got locked out of facebook till further notice. My Yahoo account won't even let me in. -_-

Also, Here I am! Back in the Land of the Fast Food and Home of the Homophobes. It's WAY hotter than I remembered! DX And I thought Italy was hot :( But at least I can lay out in the yard and not worry about those Pesky Losers of my Home land bothering me. All I have to actually worry about it the threat of Horse crap and drunk rednecks. Yay me -_- I can't really complain though, I could have been put in a worse place.

Well, that's enough on me. But remember my darlings, I am taking story request and helpfull ideas for the next READER insert I'm planning on makeing, I would love the help!!!!

:heart: Zacky
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Lol, I had the best Friday ever. ONE! I seen the new BOTDF music video, Unforgiven. It's a must watch for everyone, if you are into that kind of thing.....if not, you have NO fucking clue what you are missing. But if you love BOTDF like I do, which you just might, then here is a link to tho awesomeness!!…

TWO!!! I got new stuff!!! My lovely mother has preordered the upcoming Evolution album and I get all kinds of cool stuff. LIKE STICKERS!! Who doesnt love stickers, I know this crazy Italian does!!

Three, I am heading to America to see my bitchy- I mean lovely, Aunts and Uncles. Its insain, but at least I don't have to smell like garlic all the time. (my grandma loves to cook garlicy food...she is the reason we are called garlic lovers -_-) It would be nice to see my American friends again, but I wonder if I will be welcomed back. For the while I lived in America I was made fun of, the Mario of hicksville. Not the nicest of all places I must say. But oh well, it'll give me the chance to be a tourist myself. Give us Italians a good name again. And if anyone calls me a Mario again, I can hit them with my hammer! XD

Well, I'm also taking some story ideas. I'm all out!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!

:heart: Zacky
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Ha! Todays already to a shitty start. I dropped my bowl of pasta, dog ate it before I could even think about cleaning it up. My grandma threw a soda at my head, bitch got aim and arm, and now I found out my cat ran away. Fuck my life.....just....noooooooooooooo.

So this is all about how my summer is going already. Out of school, peaceful, not a care in the worl. That's how it should be right? Pff, try telling that to my parents.they think that since school is over, that it means that I'm free to do what ever they want me to do!
"oh, schools out? Let's make Zacky clean the car out! It's not like she doesn't have a life of her own!"
Fuck off mom!!! I have to much other stuff to worry about! Like SAMs run off and we cant find her. I'm worried to death because she is my baby. Every time I write something, she is in my lap. Every time I draw, she is there with me, without her....idk what to do. I raised her since she was very young, she use to be able to fit in my shirt pocket. And now...she's gone and I'm lost.

That's how my summer is going, how about all of yours?

:heart: Zacky
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I'm being a sneak theif, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Nah, not really, read the rules below yo!

For each of the 20 first people answering this journal, I will put their avatar and the three deviations I like most from their gallery on the list!

If you answer, you have to do the same in your journal, putting the tagger on the first place. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone.

1.) :iconforever-n: (I love her Icon!! N~~~~)
Scones Make Me Happy by Forever-N LittleReaderxNordics- Crush~14 Years Old~
(Name) sighed sadly as she sat on the couch, lost in her thoughts. She was the only one home at the moment, besides Berwald and Mathias. Berwald sat in the chair beside the couch, reading a large book. She flipped through the channels of the television before tossing the remote to Mathias who had been bugging her about it. He immediately flipped to a football (soccer as the American's call it) game, happy that she hadn't found anything to her liking and that the television was now under his control.
"Hey Mathias?" she groaned, nibbling at her nails as she watched the game halfheartedly, her thoughts elsewhere.
"Yea," he mumbled, staring intensely at the screen.
"There is this guy my friend likes," she began, "but he doesn't seem to like her back. He instead prefers other girls that are somewhat," (Name) sighed, looking for the least offensive term, "promiscuous." Mathias turned his attention to her as she spoke, "Why is that?"
"Well, well, my dear (Name). Your friend obv
The Subway 1
I wondered why the two men had asked me to their small condo next to the Battle Subway but I'd decided that if they tried to rape me, I'd just send out my pokemon and own their butts. I guess I didn't really have a sense of danger. There wasn't really that much I was afraid of, except a certain man with vomit color hair.
You guessed who it was; Ghetsis.
I don't really think of him that much but I can't help but think that he was never arrested. But only do I think of that occasionally.
I was sitting at their small table. Emmet sat across from me, studying my face. It was kind of creepy. Ingo pulled up a chair to the table and sat in it, sipping his coffee. They had taken off their hats and coats. Ingo had thrown his on the couch before Emmet scolded him for being so sloppy.
The two brother's were as different as Black and I. I smiled at the thought of my friend. I hadn't seen him in six months since he went to Kanto. He was determined to beat the Champion over there. I think he just ho

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Just found out that I'm going back to Italy for the summer to see my nonna. I'M SO EXCITED!!! Meaning i will get more insperation to write! Maybe. But I will take pictures and post so you all can see the beauty of my home country, if you don't already live there yourselfs....and it's more like my mothers home country...but hey, I claim it as my own for it runs in my blood.

And for those who read SMILE FOR ME? I am currently working on the next chapter. Sorry it's taking so long, but school it taking up all my time. First is was the ACT now it's our IA's...damn school. But don't worry, It's going down, and I swear on Dahvie that I will post it as soon as I can.