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Forgotten like an old teddy bear, she was laid to rest. There was no one to save her from herself. It was useless to fight. What of the god who was suppose to be her savior? Where was he and his judgment? He allowed her to be abused in such violent and horrific ways.
What of me though? I saw what went down that night. But I allowed that to happen. I seen the signs of neglect. The scares on her person, the blood that stained her skin. But, as the others, I choose to ignore. I choose the safe side, the side that closed their eyes and cover their ears. And I pretended that everything was okay. When it was not.
She came to me that day, asking if she could borrow my science book. Saying that she was behind and needed to catch up. Like the gentleman I was, I said yes. Did I not look twice, I would have not noticed the bruise on her out stretched arm. But, I did look, and I became concerned. A little to late though. The damage was done.
That very night, she called me to the scene of the crime. I stood, stunned on what she said. Her mouth was moving, but I couldn't make out the words or sounds. But, when she put the gun to her head. It all became clear, she wanted out. She wanted to be free of the world that was so cruel to her. As a fool, I didn't try to talk her out of it. I knew it wouldn't do any good though. What good is it to say, 'oh, it will be alright'? Because I knew it wouldn't, nothing would be okay.
As she pulled the trigger, I cried silent tears. Tears of sadness mixed with sweet bitter happiness. She was free now. An angel on her way to heaven. I couldn't help but be jealous of that. Her wish came true.
Before her corps could hit the ground, I caught her and held her. So tight, like I would never let her go. I wouldn't let her go. My sweet girl. The girl who stole me away, the girl who took my word on everything. The girl who I let die.
Then it hit me. I was the murder. I let her do it, I didn't help when she needed it. It was right there in plain sight that she needed help, and I didn't do anything about it. She was gone, and it was my fault. Her blood was on my hands. Not her fathers.
That realization made me angrier. Her father, the dick who did this. Who caused her pain. I was like a volcano waiting to explode. With the gun in hand, I staggered to their apartment. The only thing on my mind was revenge. It was like sugar on my tongue. I wanted him to feel her pain. To see what she went through.
He answered the door drunk. His breath smelled of vodka and mints, shirt off and pants dragging. Lifting the barrel to his forehead, I smiled wickedly. The plots of my vengeance was under way. Before he died, I gave him her last words:
Don't be sad. I tried, oh how I tried. I know, me doing this will cause you great pain. But, I'm finally free on my own will. There is nothing left for me to do here any more. Good-Bye my dear Gerard.
The fear in his dead eyes made me laugh. It was crazy, what the death of a loved one can do to you. It wasn't long for the cops to get there. The cuffed me and threw me in the back. But, I didn't care. No, I didn't care. The person that held me down was dead. There was nothing to live for now, I was going to prison. Do you know what they do to guys like me there? Maybe I'll get the death charge, maybe I'll be with her.
But, I had a trial first. The judge gave me a chance to tell my story. And here it is. I've told you everything, down to the last detail. There you have it. She's dead, he's dead. Their all dead. No one left but me and the gun. Let me finish what I started. There is nothing left for me. Nothing at all, give me a bottle of Vodka and a gun, and everything will be finished.
HAPPY EARLY HALLOWEEN!! I said Gerard, not MCR Gerard, but I ran out of names......sooo. Yeah, If you want to think Way, go ahead! I don't give a shit! Have a ball! Pretty deep, I know.
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