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"Alena, you can come out now." Carlisle called, which was completly uncalled for, I could hear him from the other side of the house.
But, instead of correcting his error, I opened the door and skipped down the stairs. My black curls bounceing here and there. Makeing me look like a normal kid. Which I knew I wasn't. Smiling I stopped and glanced up at Esme, she looked sad. The smell of sweet flowers and spicy cinnomen eloped her. Making my nose twitch. She always smelled good. But, what was she sad about?
Stepping forward I agian froze, the heart beats were getting closer. The smell of earth made me want to smile. It was familer, like I have smelt it befor. Glanceing toward the door I looked back at Esme. There was something going on here, and I didn't know what. But there was something.
"It isn't anything you need to worry about." Edward sighed, picking me up. "Right Esme?"
She went to say something, but quickly covered her mouth and nodded. Carlisle came in through the door and nodded at Edward. I frowned and forced the man holding me to look at me.
"I'm not a baby anymore." I stated. "What's going on?"
"You are a 5 year old," Emmett laughed joining us. "But he is right, it isn't anything you need to worry about."
"Tell me, the smell of food is gone. Where did it go?"
"Ally, just calm down. Your making them nervise." Edward muttered.
"Come Alena," Carlisle took me from him and began to head for the door. I then began to panic. But Jasper made me calm. I sometimes was happy he was here. But why was he doing this now? What were they hiding from me?
Standing on the porch he placed me down and stood stiffly behind me. I frowned and glanced out into the lawn. Nothing, but the heart beats were there. But, where were they. Who were they? Leaveing the porch, I wondered into the darkness, which was a tad bit clearer to me. So I followed my nose and ears. looking for the mysteries vistors.
Leaping up on a tree branch I scaned the area, looking for any movement. But saw nothing, but I could tell they were close. They smelled like me. But diffrent. Could they be my parents? Slideing off I stood there waiting. Waiting for I don't know what, it seemed like i was suppose to let them find me. And they did.
Out from the woods, large puppies appered. I heard Esme gasp. Looking back at her I smiled alittle, but then returned to the puppies. One big black one aprouched me sniffing the air. Then it nuddged my cheek. Like he was comforting me. But I didn't need it. Who was this doggy and why was he so big? I looked so small compared to him.
"Alena, this is Ephraim Black. The alpha of Quileute pack. They want you to join them." Carlisle explained. "We give you the choice?"
"But, why would they want me?" I asked majorly confused. "And what are they?"
"Can you not tell, they are werewolves." Edward sighed. "They are like you, but.....bigger. And smellier. They just don't have the same diet like you do."
"Werewolves, I though that they were a myth?"
"You're a vamp-well-half vampire and you think a human wolf is a myth? Such a child."
"I'm 26 years old. I'm not a child. Ephraim? Werewolf? I'm a werewolf?"
The wolf nodded and licked my cheek. It tickled making me smile and laugh. Something in his brown eyes made me feel warm inside.
"Me? Really?" Agian he nodded. "But, why?"
"He says because you don't belong with us."
"But, this is my family. How could I not belong?"
"You're alive. You have a heart beat."
I frowned and turned to them. Noticeing that every was in the yard. I had a choice, either stay with the Cullens or become a pack member. Which do I want? Which do I need? I loved my family so much. Esme was like my real mother, and Carlisle was like my father. I couldn't leave them. But, the wolves made me feel at ease, and there was so much I needed to learn about my other side. They could teach me. Why was it so hard to choose!
"I....uh....I want to go with Ephraim. Because there are things I want to know about werewolves. I'm sorry." I whispered patting the wolfs' snout.
"Ally," Esme sobbed, quickly hurrying over to me. But Carlisle stopped her. The wolf protectivly stepped infront of me. "Please, you don't have to. You have the choice."
"I know Esme. But, I need to go."
"Don't make this harder on her then it is."  He muttered in her ear.
I frownd then crowled onto the wolfs back. His fur was so soft and furry. I gave them one last look. Captureing each yellow eye. Shareing a silent good bye. Tears threatend to expose themself, but I kept them in check.
Will I see you agian? I asked Edward through my thoughts.
"Maybe. If we do, I hope you tell me about your adventures." He smiled.
I nodded and hugged the puppies neck. Holding on as he leapt off into the dark woods.
I love this story so far! It is so fun and smotty! Something about this makes me smile. The song that goes to this is Lullabye for a stormy night! [link] My favorite song this week. It's so sad!
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