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Why am I such a fool?
I can't stop myself from loving you.
And countless nights I've cried for you,
Just because my feelings are true.
You're up and down,
Your feelings are all around.
Don't lie to me,
You don't love me.

I've spent so long waiting for you.
No there's nothing I can do,
I can't stop myself from loving you.
Even though I want to.
I can cry all I want,
But I can't pass it off as nonchalant.
My feelings can't just fly away,
They are here to stay.

Piss me off and make me cry.
Please just lie.
Make me hate you,
Last thing I want is to love you.
I want to move on and have a life,
I've always wanted to be your wife.
But I can't do this, not anymore,
My heart is to sore.
I can't deal with more heartbreak,
I don't have any heart left to ache.
Please, just leave me.
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Submitted on
January 10, 2011
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