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A strange feeling of being watched made her stop.
The arrogant child had no idea what awaited in the shadows.
Waiting for the right moment to pounce.
The sick and twisted images played in his negitive mind.
Her screams. The feeling of her soft blond hair agianst his blooded hand.
he could just tast her. Feel her fear and agony.

She agian began to walk. Faster this time.
Her father had told her to becareful
And at home her father waited.
To see his childs face made him happy.
The pony he had bought her was in the back yard
Grazeing on the yummy green grass
He could picture her happyness.

She was unaware of the man that was closeing in
For her thoughts were on her boyfriend
She would wait for his return
To see his smile would make her day better.

The killer stalked forwar.
Place a hand on her shoulder
She turned
He shoved her into the dark park
She screamed. Which aroused him.
He covered her mouth and did away with her

His wait was over.
He tasted the pleasure of kill
Felt the pleasure of the blood on his hands.

The girls father.
Wept in silence.
her boyfriend sat quietly on her bed.
They both waited for nothing.
That's what they thought life was now.
Which is true in some ways.

That man is nothing.
That man is now in jail.
He shall now wait to be free once agian.
Ah, nothing really to say. Just got bored and want to write something creepy.
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June 10, 2010
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