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I had to say, my parents were annoying now. I was happy when we were safly in his house. Dropping to the couch that sat infornt of a large window I watched her hummer leave. It was disturbing, I liked it the way it was before. Feeling someone waching me I slightly turned. Frank leaned agianst the far wall, smiling at me.
"What?" I asked irratated.
He shrugged and began to come closer. "What are you going to do now?"
"Huh? W-what do you mean?" Now I was starting to feel very uncomfortable, nervise. Something was up, and what ever it was, i didn't like it.
"You are now a prisoner in my house. So what are you going to do to get out?"
I shrinked back into the couch. Not liking what I got myself into. "Your not going to do anything to me."
He smiled and stopped his advances. "You're right. Come on, let's get some lunch." Skipping off he headed for the what might be the kitchen. When he disappered I sat shocked. He was jokeing? That dark look was fake?! WHAT THE HELL?!! "Sam! Are you comeing?" He asked appearing around the corner.
I blinked and nodded. Standing I joined him in the kitchen. Already he had all kinds of goodies on the counter. "What is all this?" I asked.
"Well, I don't know what you like so I laied out a buffet." He answered nonchalantly.
"That's nice of you." I muttered picking up a candy bar.
"You like sweets."
"Sweets. Candy, surger. Your aways eaing something sweet."
I nodded. He had a piont. my coffee was always full of surger. I hated vegies, but you wouldn't notice due to all the running I do. No joke. I'm surprised he noticed.
"So.....what did you need to do?" I asked.
"Well, get my tooth brush for one. And maybe unpack some. You can stay down here and watch TV if you like." I shook my head. "Then come one."
Grabing another candy bar for the road I followed him up stairs. His room was the last one on the left. I was really spacey. Not bigger then mine though. Like me he had a queen size bed, but instead of being in the middle it was in a corner and he also had a large book shelf near a large window. In the middle of the room was tons of boxes.
"You gotta lot of things to unpack." I said bitting into my candybar.
"I know. So....What to do, what to do." Running his hand through his hair he grabed a box and began to look through it. I peeked over his shoulder and smiled. "The qustion has been answered."
He looked over at me, raising an eyebrow curiosily. I giggled and turned away.
"You wear boxers. That's all I needed to know. Now I can read you like a book."
"Like hell. And quit peeking in my personal things. You don't want me going in your room going through your things."
"I wear boxers too. See, no need to hide anything from me. Or.. ya know? Maybe you should. I might use this to my advantage."
He frownd, but then smiled. "What ever. Let me get my bag and grab somethings. You head down stairs before you get into trouble."
I shrugged and hurried out of his room and sown the stairs. I wonder were his mom was. Maybe at work. I know one thing. His pain in the ass father wasn't watching us. I wonder what he would do if he knew I was in his house. Maybe he would have a heartattcke!
That was terrable of me. Sorry Mr. Iero.
Hearing Frankie makeing his way down the stairs I turned. "Are ya ready?"
"Yep! Let's go kill some zombies!!" He smiled.
"Hell yeah!!!"
And that was what we did. Untill, knocked on the door. Pauseing the game I hurried over to open it. The stupid cop stood smiling with two other officers behind him.
"Samantha. You are now underarrest for theift." He smirked.
I froze. Oh no.
OH NO!!!!! The kitty attacks! What are we going to do?!! I know! Sam will take them on! :evillaugh: No that's mean. Well, think you for waiting! Here is stolen chater 6! :D Now I must take a nap. :yawn:
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