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""Ah-AH-AHCHOO!!!" I sneezed, droping the coffee cup in my hands. Wipping my nose with my leather sleeve I pouted, the began to mutter. "Perfect, damn cold."
Susien laughed and held out hers. "Everyone gets them dear. It's been going around fpr a while now."
Happily I took it. It smelled really good, my mouth watered as the steam danced around in the chilly air. Lifting it to my lips, I slowly took a drink. It was like a fucken orgasim in the mouth. God it was so good. Sighing in bliss I went to take another drink. But, some one crashed into me from behind. I cought my balance, but with the help of grabing onto the railing. My last chance to wake up went flying of the stage.
I gaped in horror as the cup went tumbling to the ground. The heavenly liquid dramaticly poured out. Dripping at the end. I felt like crying. It was only 5 minutes into day, and it was already bad. The person who crashed into me laughed at his mistake. Makeing me want to slap the hell out of him. Spining around, I finally understood why Susien was giggling like a school girl.
The man who I was suppose to be helping. Getting his coffee, and everything else he needed. Like a packmule. Yet he was always nice about it. Never did he over work me. But still, when you come between me and my morning coffee you are asking for trouble.
"Hey Jess. Look I'm really sorry." Adam smile rubbing the back of his well kept hair. "I really wasn't paying attion."
"Rockstars never pay attion." I growled, folding my arms over my chest. "They think they can get away way with any fucking thing with a simple 'I'm sorry' and a damn smile. Well, you know what?" Getting up in his face I glared. "That work. I am immune to all you glittery ass good attitude and what ever else you do to effect the people around you."
Calming alittle I stepped away and fled down the stairs. My mind was raceing and I finally began to worry. I was going to get fired. I know it. Why do I always have to open my big mouth? Ugh! I hate my short temper sometimes. saddly I picked up the empty cup, still warm and still smelling awsome, I made the walk of shame to the doors.
"Jessy!" Susie called running after me. "Wait up!"
But instead of waiting I walked faster. I had to get something in my system. I was already feeling tired. And when I get tired, I get really cranky. Example, what I just said and did to my boss, who might just replace me.  This was really madness.
I didn't really stop till I was at the entrance to I-Hop. Susie wheezed to a stop next to me. Blinking I slightly smiled. "You could have told me to stop."
She glanced up a with a glare. "You morron! Did you eveb think about what might happen?!"
"You just yelled at the guy who can toss you out. This is the best job in the world. And you got the luck to be chosen. And yet you get in his face and yell at him."
"I was pissed okay. I was raised to do, not think."
She snorted and stood. Susien Barila was my best friend in the whole wide world. She was also the sound manger of the band. When something goes wrong with an amp, she's there to fix it. She had alburn hair and glittering blue eyes. Makeing me look like an ugly bitch. Also, she made me look like an elf, 5 foot 7 meany.
"When arn't you ever pissed off?" She asked opening the door for me. "It seems that everything ticks you off."
I frownd and shrugged. "I don't really know. My mom thinks I'm bipolar. my dad thinks I'm a physco. So I really don't know or care." Heading to the frapachino machine I sniffed the air. Captureing the same bliss as before. YUMMY!! "Smell it Susie. Smell the oder of fortune and surreal."
"You stole that word." She smirked filling her limegreen cup.
I snatched a red one and stuck out my toung. "No one is here to wittness my theif of words you to tall fool."
She laughed and took a good long drink. I loved moments like this. Just her and me in a I-Hop in England. Having a coffee, and listening to the wonders of the olden country. There was a soft fog left from yesterdays storm, and it caused quiet a chill. Makeing me cringe when a person would open the door. But other then that, I loved it. Never have I been to another country and this experience was so unreal.
"We should take a picture." I gasped, rummageing through my bag. Only to notice I forgot the camara in the hotal room. Sighing I  gave up and drank my coffee. The day was getting way worse. What else could happen.
I really have nothing to say.
For one!
Adam Lambert(nor his band and dancers) is not mine and shall not be harmed in this story! ( :cry: He's not mine!!)
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