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"I WILL NOT LET THOSE MONSTERS TOUCH MY BABY!!" Leana Masion growled throwing a golden glass plat to the floor. It shattered to millons of pieces before her. "SHE HASN'T DONE SHIT TO THEM!"
John sighed and looked up the stairs. He could hear Alenas heart beat slowly as she slept in peace. What his wife said was true though. What could they want with her? Looking down at the mess he began.
"There is nothing we can do about it. What the Volturi wants, they get. You know how it is."
"I don't care. I am not a vampire, so your rules don't apply to me."
Agian, she had a fine point. But, he had to abid by Aros law. Then the idea hit him. What if they said that the babies vampire side consumed the human, making her full human? No, that would never work. Because one, the kid wasn't human. She was a vampirfid werewolf. He could smell it from here.
"We, could give her to Carlisle." Lea whispered. "He can convince Aro to let her live, right?"
"He could, but the man is a busy man. He is a docter."
"Even better! He might controle her from killing herself. Please John." Takeing his arm, she did the puppy dog face. "I want our child to live. Even if it is away from us."
He couldn't say now. The woman had him bound to a tight leash. Even though she was the one who was suppose to be leashed.
"Fine. I will see what I can do." He grumble kissing her slighrtly.
It was a dark, stormy, night when the three vampires and the werewolf mother met. John stood on the roof top, keeping watch.
"Are you sure about this?" Carlisle, a blond docter, aked taking the bundle that Leana held out. "Aro promised to not harm the child."
"I want her to live a close to normal life. Not a life of ducking in and out of tunnels killing people for food. You don't drink human blood anymore, right?" She asked smiling slightly.
"No. I don. She will be safe with us."
"Thank you Carlisle sir." John said bowwing his head.
"Anytime old friend. Alena," He whispered touching the babies sleeping face. "What a wonderful name. She takes after you both."
Lea sniffled a sob and joined her husbend on the roof. Edward, the bronz hair boy, glanced down at the baby. Smiling at something unknown.
"What is she dreaming about?" The docter asked.
"Her mom and dad. She's a smart infent." He chuckled.
The docter sighed and covered the baby, shelding it from the rain. "Let's go before she catches a cold."
"A vampire baby catch a cold? That sounds almost amuseing."
"We don't know what she can get. Tell me, hav you ever cared for a child?"
"No, I'm 17."
"Well, you are going to learn. Let's go."
*26 years later*
Sneeking through the house, I sniffed the air. It smelled of meat and freashly picked veggies. What was Esme doing?
"You weren't suppose to come out of your room yet." Some one whispered behind me. Agian I smelled the air.  Edward? "Yes, how are we going to surprise you if you won't keep yourself in your room?"
"It smells good." I said softly."What is it?"
"A surprise, get up there."
Giggling I ran back upstairs. What could the surprise be? A kitten? No, that wasn't what the meat smelled like, it was cow meat. What are they doing??! My 5 year old mind raced, but, my other mind was think of the diffrent things I smelt. The gas of the stove, the carrots and rice, the meat and blood. She was cooking. Okay, she does that offten. Once a month I have to eat some solid food. Half of the time, Edward takes me hunting. What was so special about this dinner?
Then, another smell hit me. I didn't know what it was. A puppy? No, it smelt of human to. It had a heart beat. Like mine. What was it?
I hate the movies. But I love the books. Alena is a very sensitive girl, her sence smell is stronger then a vampires and wolves. She has a very intersting view of life too. She ages slowly too. Just changed that.
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