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When did this pain begin?
No, when does it end?
I don't think that pain can ever begin.
You are born with it, it lives in you.
Pain is part of what you are.
Ever since you were young, you were in pain.
Loseing a toy or a blanket brought tears to your eyes
A young child falling while takeing its first steps
You can't hide in a bubble.
Pain is in you.
Again, when does it end?
It will never go away.
Pills, drugs, other sources of mind ripping mental torture
can never cure this mind game
A mase only you can figure out
A part of you that you have to fight
There is no way of getting away
Not even death can disconfigure this puzzle
At times, I even wish I could go to a place
A place where there isn't hurt.
But, hey, I made place a living hell.
My choices caused my Pain to take form.
I live with what I done, and I can truly say that...
Life Is A Fucking Nightmare
....another poem.....I have no clue where I went with these things! Was I this bad?! :shrug:
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July 30, 2010
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