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*Frank Pov*
"Frank!" Gerard yelled following him to my room. "HEY!! I didn't have my coffee yet!! So get back here or I will get you some way or another!!"
I blushed and walked faster. Why was he following me? I don't want him to see me pout. The guy has enough probs trying to keep Spidy in his cage. Before I could close my door he cought the knob and pulled the other way.
"Let go will ya!" I cried.
"Not till you tell me what's eating you!" He shouted back.
"Go drink your coffee and leave me be!"
"Will you two shut up for 5 minutes! Some people are trying to drink their coffee!" Mikey mocked from the kitchen.
I wanted that coffee too. But I couldn't bing myself to explain to Gee why I'm upset. AH-HA!!! Flinging open the door I stepped out and met him face to face.
"You wanna know why I'm mad?!" I asked in the meanest tone I could make. "Because you left the hamster cage unlocked and Spidy got out. The poor thing could have got eaten by Rays cat! Do you want that to happen?"
He stepped backed shocked. Like I just slapped him in the face really hard, which pained me. But I kept up the act. "I-I didn't? I thought I did. I'm sorry Frank."
Biteing my lower lip, which tasted funky because of my lip ring, I pushed him away and headed back to the kitchen. Ray was in my set, hissing I kicked it over. But then froze. Why eas I acting like this? What was the one possable reason I was running aroung kicking people out of chairs?
"HEY GUYS!!" An all to familer voice rang. Half turning I saw Sam sip into the room. Mary and Lyn-Z following close behind. Great, his girlfriend has arrived. Blushing Sam smiled and screach the back her head. "Sorry to burst in early. Mikey, I thought you said that everyone was up and already in a good mood."
Mike laughed slightly and hugged her. "You are so adorable when you're mad! And they are in a good mood. See, all sun shines and daisys!"
"Yeah," she snorted. "Let me see. Gerards the gloomy gardener and Frank is the hell dog who pisses on the plants and burns them to the ground. Man, I like this gardian!!"
I watched her with fasination. How can anyone be that perkey in the morning? Mikey is after his coffee, hate to see them move in togather. But back to my qustion. Mary and Lyn-Z was like zombies to the world. The chick I hated leaned agianst Gerard for support to keep herself up. And this seemed tp please the angel. Turning I went back to my room.

*Sams POV*
"What the fuck is going on?" I asked glareing at Bob.
He shrinked back and looked away. "What ever do you mean? He's like this all the time."
I didn't believe him. Saddly I pulled away from Mikey, made two thing of coffee then followed the devil to his den. Well, not followed. Kicking at the door I waited. When he didn't answer I frowned.
"Frankie." I sighed. "Open up. Please."
He did. Smiling to myself I entered the room. When was the last time I was in here? The walls were covered with posters and song lyrics, you couldn't even tell it was colored gray. The black curtain let no light in so he had the lamp on that mad the room a slight bit brighter then pich black. At least it was cleaner then Mikes, which wasn't that bad after I got through with it.
Placeing the cups down I gazed up at him. I could see he was in pain. "What's wrong?"
"Him." Was all he said.
"Him?" Confused I place my hand on his cheek. "Him w-oh. Frank dear."
"I think I'm in love with him. But..why? Why?"
I couldn't answer that qustion. No matter how much I wanted to, I couldn't find the answer. So instead I tried from a diffrent veiw point. "Well. You can't choose who you love. I didn't choose the dork. Well, I did, but that's not the point. The thing is the heart wants what the heart wants. And time and time agian it is something unfamiler. Get what I'm saying?"
He just stared at me with understanding eyes then shook his head. "No. I have no idea what you just said."
"SHH! Jeez!!! Do you have to be so loud?! Don't yell!!"
"Your the one yelling! I was just talking loud ther is a diffrence you know!!"
"See you're yelling. Stop it or he will here you."

*Gerards POV*
Mike stood there listening in on the yelling. His featers screamed worried. "I have a feeling your Sammy is going to make his day." I grinned.
"Yeah." He smiled softly. "But if he lays on hand on her I will squeez his brains out."
"You do that Mikey." Lyn-Z laughed rubbing my arm. "What was up with you?"
I glaced down at her then looked away. How can you tell your girlfriend that your feelings were hurt by a boy? That'd make you And I know for a fact that I'm not.
"It's nothing." I sighed. Then added "really" when she gave the the 'I know you are lieing do tell me now' look. You know that one your wife would use to scare to crap out of you when she knew, just knew, that you ate the last of her favrite yogert. The ones where you can eat all you want and lose weight? Yeah, they know it was you because you were the only one who was in the house at that time. Yeah, they also know what time you ate it. That's how ninja women are, we men don't know what the hell is going on till they tell you.  Which sometimes got on my nerves. But everytime I told her that she would kick me for it. Women.
"Are you sure? You look.....I don't know...diffrent." She whispered.
Confused I looked into the mirror acrossed from where we stood. "Diffrent? How?"
"Just not the same as yesterday. You paler and more distant. Gee, is this really want you want?" Oh god, here we go agian. The whole 'is it really me you want?' sherades. What sort of sick joke is she trying to make here? "It feels like you arn't meeting me half way any more."
"Let me think it over okay? Give me three days."
Before she could eaither argue or agree Sam came running out and hit Mikey. Frank was after her looking worried. Like he had done something bad. Pushing Lyn-Z away I ran up and took alook. The woman was shivering all over and was a pale as a ghost.
"What happened?" I asked.
"I guess she's haveing another attack. Don't worry, I'll take her to my room and calm her down. Frank get some water and a towel."
Frank nodded and ran to the kitchen as my brother lifted his beloved and went the other way. Conserned I went after Frank. The poor guy. He seemed so down lately. This panic attack probably shoved him off the sane train. I watched him move about like a house wife. Getting a lage bowel of water and a glass of ice water. Then the fluffest towel he could find. I smiled to myself and chuckled.
"You will make a good house wife someday." I said aloud.
Jerking around he sighed. "Yeah, she tells me that alot. Then complains about me being to clean or mean."
The second part to the what ever thing I'm saddly working on. I'm just doing this because I am bord and tired.

Chapter 3 may never come but I will try my hardest. These are for my buddy who may or may not care that I am writing these.
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