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Frank's POV
"There I said it. Now you can go back to sleep." I whispered to her. Then pushed past the stuned Gee and hurried to my room. On that little trip I almost ran into two walls and a confused Bob. Why does she make me do these kinds of things? Why do I let her boss me around like that? Why am I in love with some one who will never love me back?
Slamming my door I looked around my room. I need something to beat myself with. But Mike has my baseball bat and Mary borrowed my sluge hammer. Speaking of Mary where wa-
"Frank! I got you something!" She yelled from behind the door. Blinking I turned around and opened it. In her arms was a black cage and inside was a solid white hammy. "I've been out all day looking for one. You looked happy when you played with Gerards so I thought....ya know....that maybe you would want one too."
I stared from the hamster to her. "Th-thanks Mars. You shouldn't have done this."
"Yeah well, think of this as your only christmas present. I want to go check on Sam. Ray called and told me what happened."
"She's asleep. God, it was terrable. She just froze in mid sentence and stared to shake. It scared me." The brunet nodded. Her blue eyes half closed. Takeing the hamster cage in my arms I watched her leave. Then slinked back into my room. Placeing the cage on the ground I smiled. "Hey buddy. Wanna name?" It's nose twitched, with woddly movements it was at the side of the cage peering up at me. "Arn't you a cute. I think I'll call you......Hamu. Yeah! Hamu the hamster. Wait till Sam gets a loud of you."
Another knock at the door made me jump. I know, why would someone knocking on the door scare you? Well, have you met the people who live in this house?! One of them I really don't want to see right now. Even if he has pounds of chocolate cake. Picking up the cage I sat it on my dresser and ingnored the door. For I know that Sam is asleep, Mary and Mikey are with her. So the people who could phyic. hurt me is sort of busy. Unless, she woke up. Then she came to see how I was doing. And now she's going to burst through the door and kill me, maybe I should go and answer it.
Sighing I headed for the door. Watching were I stepped, makeing sure I didn't trip over anything. But when I opened the door, it wasn't Sam. It was who I thought it was.
"Hey, you need something?" I asked, slightly blushing.
"Talk. I want to talk to you." He whispered yanking me into my room. "HEY! Did you get a hamster too?"
I blinked at the sudden shift in mood. "Yeah, Mary just gave him to me. It's Hamu."
"That's a weird name. But it does have a catchy ring to it. Hmmm. Hamu, I like it!"
"That's nice. Sooooooooo, what do you want to talk about?" I asked sitting on my bed. He glanced up from Hamu's cage to gaze at me then back down.
"Weellll, what you said back you mean it?" He asked pokeing the cage.
My face went hot. How could he ask such a stupid qustion?! "Of course I ment it. I would never lie about something so........what would you call it?"
"I don't know. But that was sort of streight forward and to the point. Sam got to ya didn't she?" I nodded. "Hmph. She's always causeing some sort of trouble."
"It's true though. I do love you, Gee. She just got me to say it. That's what we were argueing about. Weither or not I should tell you or keep my feelings in. I chose to tell you how I felt for her sake."
"Good. Then so will I. Frankie pie! I love you too!" He smiled hugging me.
I was now confused. Is he mocking me?! No, he's not that kind of person, is he? As he nuzzled my neck I thought it through. It dosn't feel like he means it. I know what he thinks, he thinks that it's all fake.
"Gerard." I whispered. "Kiss me."
Gerards Pov
Now why would he say something like that? This is all a joke right? Right?! What if it wasn't? What if he really does like me like that?
"What do you mean, kiss you?" I asked nervisly.
He gave me a droll stare. "You love me right? Then prove it. Kiss me."
"Haven't we done that before? Yeah remember on stage that one time in LA?"
"Gerard, this isn't a joke. I'm serious. Why do you not believe me?"
"Because this is crazy! You can't love me! I'm a messy dork who lives off coffee. Nothing speicial." I pouted.
He snorted and laughed. It made me smile for real. I didn't care if it was weird or not. It was adorable. Why did I ever dout that I was in love with him too? What was the point. Then it hit me, the point is that he cared for me like I cared for him. Nothing more nothing less.
"How could you think that you dummy?"  He snikered. "No matter what y-"
I stopped him and kissed the living day lights out of him. But it also made me dizzy and out of breath. Parting, I smiled and ran my thumb over his cheek.
"You make me go crazy, Frankie." I whispered. "I think you make everyone you love go crazy."
"It's a curse." He shrugged. Even then he looked adorable. I just wanted to cuddle him.
"The only curse you have is being so damn cute. It's just not fair." Agian I kissed him.
*Sam's POV*
Standing at the door I smiled. Everything worked out just as I planed. Frank is happy, Gerard is happy, and Mikeys happy. Next I have to find Bob and Ray someone. Hmph. Finding Bob a woman will ba tough. What to do about that one?
"Has any one told you that listening in on other peoples-" Before Mike could finish I covered his mouth.
"SHHHH!" I hissed quitely. "They will hear you."
"Who?" He asked pulling my arm down.
"Frank and your brother."
"So it went well? They are togather?" I nodded with a satisfide smile curveing my lips. "Good, now you have nothing to worry about."
"Not at the momunt. Soon maybe."
Takeing my hand, he laughed. "Really. Do you always have to play match maker?"
I snorted. "If I didn't you and I would have never looked twice at each other. Am I right?" He grimenced, but nodded. "Any who, are we going to watch Star Wars or not? I have a craveing for popcorn and standing here isn't helping that crave!"
"You are so bossy!"
"You are not bossy enough! Be a man Mikey!"
"Ah, a lovers spat." Bob laughed hugging us both. "Don't you just love a great fight Ray?"
I glared up at him. But smiled, nothing like a happy ending!!
This is the finale chapter to the Ferard thingy! And man am I realived. I can't spell or make a good story! And I hate that. I want to grow up and become a writer and yet I can't write. :pissed: Why is this world so cold?!
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