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*Franks pov*
Should I tell him now? No, Mikey needs me to take these to him. But if I do then Sam will kill me if I don't now. What do I do?! Mikey or Sam. Hmm. Eaither one can make mylife a living hell. But who will make it worse?
"Frankie!" Gerard shouted to get my attion. "Are you listening?"
"No." I said surprised. "What were you saying?
He let out a long sigh. "I was saying that you need to pay more attition to what you are doing. You almost ran into the wall."
I glanced in front of me and gasped at how he was right. I do need to pay more attition to what I'm doing. "Sorry wall. Didn't see ay there. Um, Gerard. I have a qustion for you."
"Well, I want to know what you would think about a person who is bi." Silence gave me the answer. "Because Joe called last night and said he was. What would you do?"
"That would depend. Does he like you?"
"Well.....yeah. He does, if you were in my shoes what would you do?"
*Gerars POV*
What would I do? I don't know. All I know is that Joes a dead man for hitting on my Frankie. Wait, oh my god!! Did I just think that?! What is going on with me today? Turning away from Frank I bit my lip and curesed at myself. What was these emothinos that I'm getting? Fuck, I probably look like those stupid bitchy school girls who have their first crush.
"I see you're not going to help me out. I'll go give Mikey these things. Mind helping me out?" Frank asked, his voice heavey with what sounded like disappointment. I tagian turned to ask him what was wrong then froze. It was like I've never seen him before, Did he always look can't explain it. I just couldn't explain it! My god. What is happening to me? "Are you helping or not?"
"Y-yeah. I'll help." Takeing the large bowel I followed him to Mikeys room in a daze. The new feelings made me confused.
As we entered the room I noticed Sam was asleep, her head laid on Mikes lap. He glaced up at us and motioned for us to set the things on the floor next to the bed.
"Was it a bad one?" Frank asked sitting beside him and played with her hair.
Mikey sighed. "No, she was up a minute ago asking about what happened then passed out from exaustion."
"Sounds like her. Hmm, I guess she couldn't take yelling at me anymore. Poor girl, I did this to her."
"No." I frowned. "She wouldn't want you to blame yourself for this."
"That's......right...." She whispered takeing Franks hand. "Tell you...feel. Hurry so.. I can get back t..o....sleep."
"What are you talking about sweet heart?" Mikey asked.
I was confused also. Did she lose her mind? It wasn't till Frank stood did I notice what was going on.
"Uh, Gerard. I-I....Sam really now?" She nodded. "Fine. Gerard I love you."
                The room went into a dead silence. No one moved or made a noise, well, Sam said yeah. But that's all. I was to stuned to even think streight.
The third chapter. Man I love the Sam and Mikey pairing. But Frank will be with Sam when ever he is done playing with Gee. ;)
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homicide-effect Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2010  Student Digital Artist
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what about mikey?
homicide-effect Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2010  Student Digital Artist
...mikey... (I entered the contest on their website!)
Zackyadvenger Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
What about Mikey?? And what is this contest you entered?
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