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One love forms
Another shatters
Broken hearts always hurt the most
Take the time to wipe the tears away
Only to find more in their place
Break the path that hurts the most
To find that it may hurt less
Find the truths in the lies
Watch the play unfold through anothers eyes
For I can go one day without missing you
For a shattered life makes my days go by faster
Through the depths of dispparer
I can find true happynes
For one song that runs through my head
You and I collide through it all
Head to head
Heart to heart
Face to face
They say that is is better to have lost a love
than to never have loved at all
Do you belive that?
Blah blah blah! That is all what this box is good for! Ugh, it ticks me off so much! Okay, this poem ticks me off really. You see, I really don't get it, and I'm the one who wrote it!!! God I am do useless!!!

ME: Where in this damned world is a transforming dog!!!!!!!!!!
MAYDAY: This box can transform into a dog.
ME: Really?! That is so cool! PUPPY!!
MAY: You are such an idiot. *palm to for head*
ME: Get a life you ass fucken Loser.

Pay no mind to that last line. Its a conversation one of my friends and I had on TinierMe. Fun sight. but he is so mean! I love it!
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June 21, 2010
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