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Placeing me down, the large wolf shiffted into human shape. He looked Native, why wasn't I like that then? Maybe it is diffrent for each person. The others followed his example and crowed me. Leaveing me some space to breath.
"So she's a cold one?" One asked crouching down next to me. His eyes were full of consern, like he feard me.
"No you idiot." Ephraim growled pushing him away. "She's a child who was birthed by a wolf mother and a bloodsucking father. I heard stories about her. Amazeing is it not?"
"I find it to amazeing. Everyone knows that Cold ones a stairl." The man snorted shakeing himself off.
I blinked and looked from one man to the other. Confused by what they were saying. Are they refureing to the Cullens? They were cold to the touch. I sort of liked that, made me feel at home. What were they implaying here?
Sighing Ephraim turned to me. "The docter said your name was Alena. Is that true, or did they give it to you?"
"It's true. Carlisle said my mom named me after her mother. Do you know my mom?" I asked tilting my head to the right.
"No child. I don't. There is creatures like us all around the world. Protecting the humans from the Cold ones. Come, I shall show you your new home."
And I followed him. For years I have lived with him, his wife and his son. But, when he died, his son and his family took care of me. And, then the son of his son took me in. I soon grew tired of being a burdan to people and began to live on my own. At that time, I looked like 17. Old enough to go on my own. (Sort of.)
Then, for a long peaceful while, there wasn't any wolves to run with. There wasn't a pack to joke with and play with. I was alone, I didn't want Billy to have to put up with a half vampire teen. He has 3 kids already. And I heard that his wife had died in a car wreak and everything that went down was a bad omen. I didn't want to ruin everything.
Sighing, I glided through the woods, ignoreing my surroundings. Feeling the woods and the soft cool breeze that greated me. Smelling the sweet fregrence of sea salt and woods. It made me calm and happy. I loved the woods. It makes me feel human.
In habit I sniffed the air, confused I took another sniff. it smelt of suger and flowers. But, there was also a mixture of cinnoman and sterlizer. What could it be? A hospital this close to woods? No way.  Then it hit me. DUH!! Why didn't it come to me sooner.
The Cullens. They were back, about time. But, does'nt have to be, like, a long time before they could return to a city? How long has it been? I can't remember. Must have been along time. Maybe I should go say 'WELCOME BACK!'. Nah, to cheesy. I mean, I did ditch them to join a nonexistant pack of dogs. But still, to see them agian. Hmm, I wonder what Emmetts been up to. Teaseing people?
"Why don't you ask him yourself?"Edward asked stepping outfrom behind a fallen tree. "It's been a while Ally."
I frownd and looked away. Feeling ashamed. But then sucked it up, be a woman Alena! "Hey Edward. You're looking well."
He simple smiled and stepped closer as I stepped back. The smile disappered, being replaced with a sad frown. "Are you afread of me now? Those mutts give us bad names?"
"Ephraim was not a mutt." I hissed. "And if he was, then so am I."
"You know what I mean. And where's the quite and respectful girl I raised?"
"She's gone. The pack made a new Alena, a stronger one."
His smile returned as he nodded. "Have you hunted today?" I nodded. "Then come with me. Esme will be glad to see you agian."
"You knw you don't need to talk like that anymore."
"I know. But it's fun."
AH!! Done with this chapter. I love this thing so far. I wish I had my editor though. So hard with out her.

Phases- [link]
Wolves Curse- [link]
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