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The Doll
There was once a doll in the world.
A doll that was pure to the core and not used to the world around her.
She would walk around the forest…
Staring up at the sky as the birds would pass above her.
Her eyes wide with wonder and deep inside…sorrow.
“Will I ever be good enough for the world?”
She would ask, extending out her small palm.
“Will there ever be something out there that would make some use of me?”
No one ever come for her.
No one knew she was there.
She was alone as she would wander the lands for all of her life
Till one day she stopped working.
Loneliness was her poison and it killed her so slowly
Starting from her toes till it choked out her last breath.
The only ones to hear her last cry were the trees, the wild life, and the spirits.
She was only a doll, but a doll that wanted to be something more.
Always look for those dolls.
:iconzackyadvenger:Zackyadvenger 0 0
Norway X Reader
*Norway or any other Nations mentioned do not belong to me (Saddly)
**You don't belong to to either... you= :inconyaynorwayplz:
***Any grammer or spelling errors...I'm really sorry for....I suck at that stuffz
:iconheartplz: Zacky
Leaning against the willow, I stared up at the setting sun. Smiling a little, I finished off the last of my vadka and giggled. "Been out here all day, and no such luck. Fuckin wonderful."
It's been 3 whole days since Alarik and I broke up, so I made a wish on a star that maybe I might find someone who will actually love me for me. But so's been a bust. So I spent the whole day under my willow, drinking out my pain with the Vodka that Ivan gave me not to long ago. Pff, so far it was working like a charm. I felt as free as a fuckin DAISY!!
"Ya hear that Alarik?!" I yelled throwing the bottle on the ground. "I DON'T NEED YOUR ASS ANYMORE!" Snortin
:iconzackyadvenger:Zackyadvenger 10 11
All because of a bunny ch1
All Because of A Bunny
Chapter one
*do not mind the grammar and terrible spelling
**Prussia or you does not belong to belong to him.
"HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN!!!!" You wailed, beating up your poor pillow.
Gilbert patted your head in sympathy. He understood the loss that you were feeling. Though....he hated that rabbit with a passion, it was yours and you loved it. And now, that it was gone, you were in such a hole of depression; not even his awesomeness couldn't bring a smile to your once shining face. All this unawsome crying was even making him upset.
"Come on Frau." He soothed. "You knew it was coming. The br-I mean- Snowy was an old bunny. They don't live long."
You cursed him, though it sounded like blubbers and whines. It was a weird kind of way. That bunny meant the world to you, not only did Gilbert give him to you, but he was understanding. His soft fluffy fur wiped more tears fro
:iconzackyadvenger:Zackyadvenger 5 3
Mature content
Requiem: Zombies My Ass :iconzackyadvenger:Zackyadvenger 0 0
Smile For Me FINAL!
Smile for me-Final chapter
*I would like to thank you all for reading this! And thanks to my Friend who helped me come up with all this wonderful ideas! Love you all!!
**Prussia and Norway doesn't belong to me
***You know belong to Norway.
****excuse the spelling and grammar.
"H-hold on, what?" I panicked,  my heart leaped up to my throat.
But there wasn't a response. Instead, Norway pulled my face closer to his. Our lips only inches apart, I could feel his warm, mint smelling, breath as he studied my reaction. But before they touched, I pushed back wiggling out of his hold and half away across the room.
" no no no no." I was mostly talking to myself and how much I wanted him to. "Don't play with me."
"Play with you?" Confusing coated his usual flat toned voice. "What do you mean, play?"
"I mean, don't mess with my emotions. I'm not some doll that you can kiss on and not feel any
:iconzackyadvenger:Zackyadvenger 86 41
Smile for me? prt 4
Smile For Me Chapter 4
*Please excuse the grammer and spelling errors!
**Norway and Prussia saddly doesn't belong to me
***Neither do you.
        "Hey." He said in his normal monotoned voice. "Can I come in?"
Blushing a little, I stepped back and let him in. Still confused and shocked that he was here, I followed him into the living room dazed. Snowy hopped into his lap the moment he sat down in the chair.
"So, how have you been?"
Blinking, I slupped onto the couch and stared at him. "I've...been good? How did you know where I was?"
"A little birdy told me. Tell me (name) where did you get this darling rabbit?"
Damn, my mind went blank. Where did I get him? Oh, yeah now I remember. "Prussia gave him to me. Saying he tried to chew Gilbird to pieces. Personaly, I don't blame him, but then again I would have beat the crap out of the master fi
:iconzackyadvenger:Zackyadvenger 72 44
APH Virginia by Zackyadvenger APH Virginia :iconzackyadvenger:Zackyadvenger 2 0
Smile For Me? prt 3
*excuse spelling and grammar...I hate grammar -_-
**Norway, Denmark, Finland, and the Almighty Prussia does not belong to me.
*** PART 3! Sorry if it is horrid....forgive me....
"Come on (name)."  Prussia announced, knocking on my door. "You've been in there for 4 days."
I ignored him and watched my albino rabbit, Snowy, hop around the room. His large fuzzy feet kicked out behind him in a weird angle as he moved about the room in a frenzy, chewing on everything he could get his paws on. If I didn't love the little monster so much, I would have made him into bunny stew a long time ago.
"Leave me alone already! NO ONE LIKES YOU!" Slumping down into my pillows, I hid.
"HEY!" Great, Denmark. "Get out here! I wanna see ya!"
"Go away!" I demanded, scaring Snowy into hiding under the bed.
"God, look, what ever happened, I'm
:iconzackyadvenger:Zackyadvenger 71 47
Smile for me? prt. 2
*Please excuse the spelling and grammar mistakes.
**Tell me what you think! :heart:
Tossing a rock into the pond, I sighed. Yeah, it was cold, but I didn't really care. I was too hurt and disappointed feel anything. Who was she? And why the hell do I care so much?! It wasn't like I like him or anything! I just wanted to ask him a question. That's all....
More tears leaked their way out, causing me to sniffle a bit. I don't like I? Pulling my knees close, I hid my face from the world. "Why am I so stupid?"
"You're not stupid, dummy."
I nearly jumped out my skin as I quickly stood up and faced Norway. "I-uh-wh-where did you come from?" I asked, blushing slightly. Well, this could have went better, the one person I don't want to see, is seeing me cry. Wonderful.
"I was looking for you." He stated, handing me a tissue. I took it and turned away from him. "What
:iconzackyadvenger:Zackyadvenger 80 93
Smile for me?
By: Zackyadvenger!
*Please excuse the grammer and spelling issues.
**I don't like 2nd person point of I used first person! Don't kill me??
"Hey, Emil...have you seen your brother?" I whispered, placing the book I borrowed from him on the desk.
The child looked up and shook his head. "Haven't seen him since this morning. Sorry."
Smiling slightly, I thanked him and slipped out into the hall, quietly closing the door behind me. Damn it, where is Lukas? Maybe...maybe he's avoiding me...did I do something to piss him off? It was so frustrating, I just wanted to ask him one simple question and I can't even find the man.
Sighing, I hugged my jacket closer to me and strolled down the hall. Still...what did I do to make him mad? I know...I know I can be a bitch at times...but that's because I don't know how to act around people. The things I say...I don't even mean them sometimes.
:iconzackyadvenger:Zackyadvenger 114 49
A Journal Rant by Zackyadvenger A Journal Rant :iconzackyadvenger:Zackyadvenger 0 0 Buddies till the end Sissy by Zackyadvenger Buddies till the end Sissy :iconzackyadvenger:Zackyadvenger 1 0 YAY GAY PRIDE by Zackyadvenger YAY GAY PRIDE :iconzackyadvenger:Zackyadvenger 1 7 Dahvie Vanity Bitch by Zackyadvenger Dahvie Vanity Bitch :iconzackyadvenger:Zackyadvenger 3 0 Ao no Exorcist by Zackyadvenger Ao no Exorcist :iconzackyadvenger:Zackyadvenger 20 3
Death of my heart
If there has ever been one big mistake in my life time
It would have been loving you
The time we spent togather was like a dream
the first kiss was my heaven on earth
but was also the darkest nightmare
I'll put a gun to your head
You'll pull a knife on my heart
standing still so close
Yet so far a part
I can feel your breath
You can see my pain
Blood always leaves a stain
Could I do such a horrible deed?
To say take the life of the person I need?
Will I one day see the light in this so darkend world?
Taking one last breath
I sat the gun on the floor
Then looked you in the eye
To see if I could once again find him
The person I so loved dearly
Yet all I see, is nothing but darkness
No warmth in the slightest
I smiled
To think that I had a a chance to do something right
I took your hands.
The very hands that would reasure me in the past
And forced you to stab me
In the one place that was already broken
A place that could hurt worse
It tore me a part that it came down to this
This death to
:iconzackyadvenger:Zackyadvenger 0 0


Dark Chocolate And Pineapples [KarkatxReader]
(Y/N) = Your name
(Y/F/N) = Your full name
(Y/S/N) = Younger Sister's Name
(Y/B/N) = Younger Brother's Name
(B/F/N) = Best Friend's Name
Dark chocolate…that’s the scent that filled his nostrils as he awoke, normally Karkat despised the Earth confectionery snack known as "chocolate" but this scent was a particularly good one, for this scent in particular was that of his Moirail, (y/n). The only thing that worried him was why exactly her trademark scent was the first thing to invade his nose upon his awakening.
His eyes peaked open, taking in his trashed living room, he blinked, that’s right, (y/n) had been over last night to watch the newest romcom with him, and if his think pan served correct then she had spent most of the night on the couch, her head resting precisely where his did now, the strong scent of her hair embedded in the fabric of the pillow he rest on.
He yawned and sat up, stretching his arms so that his shoulders popped in a few places as he looked arou
:iconbexiecain:BexieCain 236 74
Differences. (Uta x Reader One-Shot)
He should be everything you despise. His appearance, his character, his very being. He was everything that screamed 'abnormal' and yet you couldn't help but feel attracted to this strange guy. You didn't mind the fact that he was a ghoul. In fact, you interacted more with ghouls than with humans. Ever since your parents died and you were taken in by Yoshimura. You never thought a ghoul could be so caring. He taught you everything you knew and now you were working at that small cafe, Anteiku, in the back of an alley. All the non-human customers knew you were not to be touched. You met him at his shop, when Yoshimura asked you to deliver a strange package there.
Your (e/c) hues lit up as they spotted a mask shop. You were intrigued by such things. Yoshimura warned you he had a habit of scaring newcomers, but you didn't take him seriously. That is, until he actually did it, a scream escaping your lips as you put your right hand on your chest, feeling your heart pound like it was about to
:iconxkiaraangelx:xKiaraAngelx 700 94
Reindeer's Are Better (Finland x Reader)
Reindeers Are Better Than People (Finland x Reader)
The Song: :3 Hope you enjoy
~~~(Name) POV~~~
Glancing at your cloak you managed to make out the digital numbers which read 9:30AM, you sighed and slowly pulled yourself out of bed,
“Why are weekend’s so boring now days?” you mumbled to yourself changing into a baggy jumper and leggings.
You slipped through your bedroom door and made your way down stairs but stopped when you reached the bottom and the familiar laughter of your finish boyfriend reached your ears. You smiled to yourself as you listened to him giggle and you were just about to walk into the living room but stopped yet again when the sound of a lute echoed throughout the house.
You pushed the door open just enough to pop your head around the corner and had to immediately cover your mo
:iconrhythmicbeat:RhythmicBeat 253 89
    {Karkat X Reader}
    A loud, screeching beep woke (Name), literally making her jump out of her bed so fast that her mind spun. She raced out of her apartment, dressed only in a baggy t-shirt. Other people living in the apartment building were standing out on their balconies and beside their doors in attempts to locate the source of the sound.
    "Attention everyone!" Multiple bodies turned to stare at the new person. "We're very sorry for disturbing you tonight. It seems that our alarm system had a slight malfunction. Once again, we're very sorry. Please have a good night." The manager left, leaving the confused group to themselves. (Name) turned around, her eyes instantly becoming the size of dinner plates.
    An amazingly attractive man stood in front of his apartment door, dressed in only a pair of black boxers. Pale, creamy skin sparsely decorated with freckles led up to tussled locks as dark as night. Her eyes raked over his body, app
:iconcelestialspecter:CelestialSpecter 177 22
Dragon!Denmark x Reader ~The Dragonsight~ 26
~Chapter 26~
“Who are you? What are you?”
“Please, let me explain—”
“No! You—you monster! What have you done to yourself?! How much of you is a dragon, and how much of you is Mathias? Are you even any of them?”
“I…I don’t know…I’m sorry, Lukas…”
The sound of metal rattled in the darkness. The Blade of the Ruby Seas’ long-time friend was trying to break free, from both the painful truth and the fear that overtook him. He didn’t understand why things were the way they were. He only remembered Mathias being a little odd at times, but this was an entirely new fact: the Blade of the Ruby Seas was not entirely the dragon he once thought of him to be.
It should have been impossible for something like this to happen. Dragons were never supposed to fuse within a human’s heart until the time was right, until the flames that were their souls threated to extinguish out of existence. S
:icongydrozmaa:GydroZMaa 62 21
Existence [Zero Kiryu]
Existence [Zero Kiryu]
 Poor Miss (Name).
 What a terrible thing she was.
 A half-breed. No one wanted a half-breed. At least, not the night class. They rejected her from them, forced her to be with the day class, even though she had the habits of a vampire. Alone, afraid, abandoned; the girl was left to rely on a boy in her day class, Zero Kiryu. Though he was cold towards her, he showed her the basics, helped her with her vampiric instincts. How could anyone leave a poor girl like her with a class of humans. They wouldn't look at her when they passed by and they'd only push her away when she tried to talk with Kaname Kuran. She wanted to be accepted, she wanted her existence to be known to them. Yet, a half-breed could never get along with noble vampires.
 Zero Kiryu, though cold and expressionless, felt a spark of feeling towards (Name) (L.Name). It was strange for him, since he never liked vampires and she was dying to be a complete one. He would clench his fist
:iconakieri:AkiEri 195 12
Rufioh x Reader - Crash and Burn
       From the moment the sun peeks through your window to the instant moonlight illuminates the land, you feel alone. Every moment of every day, simply alone. You found yourself in Alternia a few months ago, and you only have met one troll who was nice to you. His name is Rufioh Nitram, a rustblood troll with incredible bull-like horns and breathtaking wings.
Rufioh seems to be very popular among the other trolls. That's not exactly a surprise to you... He's super funny, his confidence could be considered 'motivational', he genuinely cares about his moirails... but because he's so awesome, you can't seem to snag more than a couple minutes of his time before someone else comes along and takes him away.
The other trolls seem sullen towards you. Whenever you see one, you smile, hoping for a positive response. All you've gotten are cold shoulders, growls, glares, eye rolls, and even a flip of the middle finger. You've stopped leaving home, except to get food. That als
:iconhomestuck-slave:Homestuck-Slave 178 38
[borrowing.] student!levi ackerman {au}
    There were some friends you knew well. Others were mere acquaintances. And some would just hit you up for nothing more than to borrow a pencil- Levi being one of them.
    By then, the whole friendship structure just collapsed and practically laughed at you for having, well, a bit of a small crush on him. You barely knew each other; it was only during breaks that he would take you from whatever you were doing and asked for paper. Or a pencil. Or your two-page notes on hyperbolic equations. What it was didn’t matter.
   You noticed he always came to you- and no one else.  It made you feel, special, in a way. Especially after seeing Petra constantly offering him supplies and turning it down.
   After taking what he needed he just went over to his own group of friends and you would instantly turn your head in his direction, watching him stride so perfectly away from you. As creepy as it sounded, you took in almost every deta
:iconerianna3707:erianna3707 582 113
CronusxJadeblood!Reader: Simple Things
Simple things: Cronus x Jadeblood Reader
Sadstuck? Black to Red.
He was at it again. What a wimp.
The hive was completely dark. Sobs echoed throughout the wide hallways. You stood silently outside the doorway that the cries emitted from. The frame was smeared with a faint violet handprint: his blood.
You stepped into the room. Immediately the cries quieted, though they didn't quite stop. You could feel his eyes watching you. Fearful, rejected, hurt.
His miserable form was curled in the corner, knees to chest and head down, his position compromised by the weak glow he emanated. He looked so thin and frail like this. You could tell he was trembling. Badly, too.
You strode forward across the room with purposeful strides. He wasn't watching you anymore and had stopped crying. Now he curled within himself tighter, his face hidden behind his knees.
As you stood above him, arms crossed, you could make out the pool of royal blood slowly growing beside him. It was a puncture wound -- a deep one
:iconfiremaster298:firemaster298 297 93
Mituna x Reader~ Antisocial
“THE LIGHT! IT BURNSSSSSSS!” A very unamused Sollux stared down at me through 3D glasses as I writhed on the cement sidewalk in pure agony. According Mr. BumbleBee here, I wasn’t getting out of my house enough, so you know what he does? Instead of politely asking me to maybe risk a trip outside, he DRAGS me outside and lets the vicious sun burn my skin. (Which had paled considerably from staying inside for multiple weeks.)
“It’th dark outthide.” I looked around and noticed that it was indeed, dark outside. I pulled myself off the ground and straightened my sweatshirt out as if I had not just been burned up by an imaginary sun.
“So it is.” The recognizable sound of a rather hard facepalm came from my left as I turned around to walk back up my driveway.
“Welp, I went outside, I’m going back now, Ta Ta.” Before I could get any further I was grabbed by the back of my collar
:iconpsychicpineapple14:PsychicPineapple14 396 80
The Princess and the Crab. [KarkatxReader]
Previously on Un-happily Ever After;
The noises coming from the other side of the door suddenly stopped, but she saw the kitchen light flicker as though someone had just walked through the area. So, she knocked twice more.
Then, the door flew open and she was face-to-face with...
A nubby horned troll with a furious look on his face. Though, the major change the lass noticed was that he was much taller now than he had been in high school. Granted, he was most likely still the shortest of all the trolls- as they get a lot taller than humans do- but he was now taller than she was. Karkat grumbled slightly, looking down at her form- which was mostly hidden in his shadow.
"Who the fuck is knocking on my door this fucking late-"
"Karkles?" [Name] called out timidly, her frame shaking slightly. "I-It's me... Um.. [Name].."
The troll then looked a bit astonished and, without question or further dialogue, pulled her into a tight embrace. "Oh my gog... You nookwhiff..."
:iconmaybelle-maple:Maybelle-Maple 319 18
Mature content
Please Don't Go__Gamzee X Reader :iconmightyrustblood:mightyrustblood 83 14
Karkat Paperchild by YuuzenNoAoshi Karkat Paperchild :iconyuuzennoaoshi:YuuzenNoAoshi 2,005 116
Kiss It All Better [Karkat XTroll!Reader] Sadstuck
He sits in his cell,
And he lays on his bed.
Covers his head and closes his eyes.
He sees a smoking gun,
And the coward he ran.
And in his arms is the bleeding
Love of his life.

[Karkat's P.o.v]
    I am such a fucking fool.I'm the one who put her in danger and now I have to pay for it.Hiding my head in between my legs, So I could avoid eye contact.I could feel the stupid tears sliding my cheeks as I continued to think about what I had done."I'm so fucking stupid...It's all my fault.."I Told myself as the salty pinkish tears continued to trickle form my closed eyes.I am so sorry...I am So sorry [F/N].
My puffy eyes darted open as I heard her voice again.[F/N]..You're back! I removed my head from it's spot and wiped my eyes on the sleeve of my turtleneck and jumped up.My blood pumper felt as if it would jump out of my chest due to pure excitement."[F/N]!" I shouted her name as I hurried from the hallway and back into the Main room of th
:iconmercenaryblood:MercenaryBlood 231 56
Eren x Reader - Bleach, Old Spice, and Juicy Fruit
To: [First] [Last]
From : Marco Bodt

We're here (:
To: Marco Bodt
From : [First] [Last]

Alright. Be down in a minute
To: [First] [Last]
From : Marco Bodt

And so it began.
You didn't get up from the bed immediately. Your eyes blankly bore into space, your shoulders sagged as if a great weight had been placed on them, and you drew in a deep, cleansing breath through your nose. Crap, you were just so not ready for this. Not at all. You held it in for about five seconds then you let it out through your mouth, nodded once for yourself before heading out of your bedroom.
After making it down the steps without tripping over your not-q
:iconmiss-vero:miss-vero 291 59
Ways To Make Her Shut Up (Amaimon x Reader)
Amaimon never seemed to care about what you had to say. Not even when it was something important (hey, the fact that you leveled up your favorite pokemon in your pokemon game is important!).
He always seemed to shut you up in the most strangest ways though. Sometimes he would stuff a pillow into your face and walk away, or say something out of the blue, and while you stood there confused, he'd take his leave.  But the most common way the lollipop-addicted boy saved his poor ears from being brutally talked off was taking the lollipop he had been sucking on, and shoving it into your mouth while it was open.
Most people might find that pretty adorable, but not you. The fact that he rarely listened to you frustrated you beyond belief, and also.. made you feel quite dejected. Though you constantly denied it, you did happen to find the green-haired demon, dare you say, attractive?
You'd never tell him though. Oh good heavens no, you could only imagine how he'd react
:iconeatmysconesbetch:EatMySconesBetch 553 87
The most coolest I've seen yet!

Journal History





  • Listening to: One hundred reasons
People think that i like to be alone. That when i am in my room that i enjoy to sit in silence and talk to no one. But that isn't true, i hate to be alone. i hate the silence and not have that connection with people. I enjoy to sit around with people and listen to their conversations. I have this irrational fear of being alone and not having anyone to speak to...the thing is i don't like being around people....because i feel like i don't belong. I feel like there are these situations that i don't belong in and it hurts sometimes. So i would choose to be alone while everyone...does their thing.

It's not that i WANT to be alone in this room. It's that i NEED to be alone in this room.


Nikki Sixx Bitch!!!! (Jk)
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
███ 10% scattered
████ 20% trashed
█████ 30% unholy
██████ 40% blinded
███████ 50% bat
████████ 60% beast
█████████ 70% wicked
██████████ 80% lost
███████████ 90% darkness
████████████ 100% Avenged Sevenfold
I am the thing that hides under your bed!! :iconfranceplz: So I'm told, by my mommy -_-'''. I love to read,write, and draw. But I suck at drawing, so I'm told. AHHHHHH!!!! :D I love MCR!! Expeicaly frankie. :iconfrankieroplz: i was eally sad when he got rid of his peirceings. But, to tell the truth, I hate lip peirceings!. I watched to many movies! So hat is really a good thing, in some ways. OH OH OH OH!!! I also like the pairing Ferard. To all of you homophobes "or how ever you spell the word" can go to hell and kill yourselves!!!!! Alright? Don't mean to be mean but it is so true!!


x. Mikey Way counted to infinity...twice.
x. The Frank Iero once visited the Virgin Islands. They are now The Islands.
x. Mikey Way is the reason Waldo is hiding.
x. Jeeves asks Ray Toro.
x. Geico saved 15% a year by switching to Gerard Way.
x. The most effective form of suicide known to man is to type Frank Iero into Google and hit I'm Feeling Lucky!
x. When God said, Let there be light, Gerard Way said, say please

Keep Bob away from the cameras
Keep Ray away from the hair straighteners
Keep Mikey away from the toaster
Keep Gerard away from the needles

█████████████ 100% Ferard lover!!

For anyone who stuck by My Chemical Romance even when they were called emo for it. For anyone who loves Gerard no matter what colour his hair was. For anyone who loves that Pansy Frank and was worried when he got sick. For anyone who has ever fantasied about playing with Ray's hair. For anyone who got worried when Bob got burnt. For anyone who cried every single time Gerard got drunk or high. For anyone who bought MCR's new ablum the very second they could and protect it with their lives. For anyone who can't watch The Ghost Of You without crying when Mikey gets shot. For anyone who isn't okay. For anyone who loves My Chemical Romance with ALL of their black little hearts. For anyone who didn't just listen to their music, but their lyrics too. For anyone who thinks they'll die alone. For anyone who wanted to jump up on stage just to give them hugs. For anyone who wanted to meet them just to say 'Thank you' For anyone who wanted them for their advice, not their money For anyone who wants to say 'I love you' without any remorse. For anyone who is sick of having their heart broken, or getting hurt. For anyone who can honestly say that MCR saved their lives. For anyone who gets exited when someone says Gerard, Frankie, Bob, Mikey, or Ray. For anyone who gets exited when someone says My Chemical Romance or MCR. For anyone who says I am My Chemical Romance with pride, and with honesty For anyone who will repost this, and actually take the time. For anyone who has had a relative say, Please no more MCR today! For anyone who gets excited/ hyper when they see a random person wearing an MCR shirt down town. For anyone who will go across the country to see a My Chemical Romance Concert. For enyone who really listens to them. For every one who dont know where they'd be with out them, For anyone who loves them with all their black little hearts For every one whos lives changed the moment they heard one song For every one who would hold a funeral procession at school if MCR broke up THIS IS FOR YOU!!!


they told us they werent okay. they told us vampires will never hurt us. they want us to say our famous last words and join the black parade. they said the mirror wasnt big enough for the both of them. they cried for the ghost of us. they introduced us to helena. they dont love us like they did yesterday.

every word Gerard sings. every beat Bob plays. every solo Ray put his heart into. ever note Mikey hit. every rhythm that has came out of Franks guitar. saved the lives of thousands who didnt think they could make it

You say pink and I say black.
You say normal I say whacked
You say Paris Hilton I say Lyn-Z
You say bathroom I say tree
You say Zac Efron I say Frank Iero
You say I should stay I say I should go.
You say Pop I say Rock
You say I'm obsessed I say I'm not.
You say Disney Channel I say MTV
You say legal I say free
You say Jonas Brothers I say Korn
You say myspace I say porn
You say love I say sex
You say easy I say complex.
You say diamonds I say metal
You say better I say lethal
You say quiet I say loud.
You say you're disappointed
I say I'm proud.
You say you're cute I say I'm indecent
You say I'm weird I say I'm different.

You say alive
I say DEAD!
You say im fine
You say a walk in the park
You say romantic
You say hip hip hooray
You say jonas brothers
You say edward cullen
You say mcr sucks

╚═ღ╝╚═╩═╩ღ╩═╝ My Chemical Romance
♫ REAL BOTDF FANS....♫ (made by me xXEmo-Teddy-BearXx)
1. Don't believe the rumors about Dahvie and Jessi.
2. Have listened to their music at least a full 24 hours.
3. Love their music
4. Sing ' I Heart Hello Kitty' outloud and don't care who hears.
5. Know who popped Jayy's balloon.
6. Have gotten a cavity from eating to many watermelon blow pops.
8. Have more than one BOTDF accessorie. (shirts, bracelets, necklaces.)
9. Laugh at Jayy's adorable laugh.
10. Have attempted to fire hoop.
12. Was so caught up with reading these and laughing that you didn't notice there wasn't a number 11. ha you dun goofed!!!
13. Laughing at yourself for missing it and blaming the strawberry's decieving wrapper.
14. When people ask who you are you say, "IMA MONSTER!"
15. When something goes wrong you yell,"DAMMIT DAHVIE!," or "DAMMIT JAYY!!!"
16. Still laugh about the turkey high five Rusty gave you. (long story)
17. Is sad that Garret left.
18. Follow them on Twitter, Myspace, and Facebook.
19. Have their songs as a ringtone.
20. Have cosplayed them or attempted their makeup.
21. Worn the "Dahvie Marks" outside of the house.
22. Thinks Dahvie's Hair is AMAZING!!!
23. Fight with non BOTDF fans
24. Watch the fan videos constantly.
25. Went to a concert.
26. Sing along with everyword.
27. Doesn't care about Jayy's sexuality.
28. Would die if they saw them kiss on stage (which I did. And it was amazing. Got it on tape alllll rittteeeee.)
29. Have screamed for Dahvie's ice cream and haven't been heard.
30. Have referred to yourself as a diamond in a rhinestone world.
31. Fell in love with Dahvie's hair.
32.Created a plan to send 20 bags of watermelon blowpops to Jayy, and 20 cases of Monster to Dahvie.
33. Gotten others addicted to BOTDF.
34. Have actually thought about kidnapping them.
35.Have been told by others that your obsessed and blame it on Dahvie's hair.
36. Know all the words to at least 6 of their songs (or all ;") )
37.Quote them in facebook status and picture edits
38.Are jealous of Dahvie and Jayy's hair
39. End up gettin psp taken away and having the teacher turn it on and have Scream For My Ice Cream full blast in Religion class.
40. Cried when Jayy and his fiance Daniel broke up.
41. Keep a Picture of them in your pocket, purse, or locker.
42. Most of the things on your Christmas list is from their site.
42. Wondered what Jayy was typing in the Believe music video.
43. Feel bad that Jayy's engagement ring almost got stolen.
44. Know their birthday's and actually celebrated it.
45. You're listening to them right now.
46. Their songs are on the Top 25 Most Played on your I-Pod
47. Made A SGTC Club Member Card.
48. Have Gotten a teacher to sing along to the lyrics.
49. Yell at people who say it sounds like their saying,"At the bus stop," in Lovestruck.
50. Say, "Ya Dun Goofed!!!" to anyone that screws up.
51. Buy a pair of contacts from the brand they use.
52. Constantly say,"There will be blood!" when something awesome will happen.
53. You find yourself humming,'It's On Like Donkey Kong,' during a test, and end up getting accused of cheating.
54. Know what 'Dayy' is. >///<"
55. End up drawing them, along with Iggy and Jiggy Boo, on your math notes next to graphing diagrams.
56. Draw BOTDF related things on the back of a test only when the test comes back graded, you not only get an 'A' but get, 'You are a great artist. Keep up the good work. :)' On the back.
57. Rub it in people's faces that Dahvie and Jayy will always be better then them.
58. Still love BOTDF even after Jeffree Star flipped out at them over twitter.
59. Fought for Dahvie on social networking sites over the alledged Jessi Slaughter issue till 4:30 in the morning for days on end, and taking shifts to battle.
60. Cover your bedroom in Hello Kitty like their place.
61. Randomly quote when talking or sing it in class by teachers for funn
62. Have named a bee 'Frederick Fuckinstein'
63. Want an oreo cake for your birthday like Dahvie.
64. Use the Hokey Smokey voice when you get bored. (ha ha go Jayy!!!)
65. Use the Dahvie smiley a lot! :")
66. Yell at the hyenas at the zoo, telling them,"Wake the fuck up!"
67. When you are about to do something awesome, you say,"Let the party begin!!!"
68. You almost never take off your BOTDF braclets.
69. Wish that Dahvie and Jayy would become a couple (or maybe that's just me XD)
70. Made a "YA DUN GOOFED!" video like they did.
71. Wished you could sing Sluts Get Guts on stage with them
72. Accidently played Innocent High in class, only to have the kid behind you get blamed for it.
73. Randomly start raving to BOTDF at a youth group.
74. Wished the song An Epic of Epicness was longer.
75. Post This on their profile like the good little fans they are.



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