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Model & dress    :……

bleu sheet 24

Clouds              :…

Cloud PNG.    Explosion 4

Planets              : 

 Stone balls        Broken Moon Stock

Ocean,stone      :    

Ocean     Cement Collapse PNG    Concrete Blocks

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this is so freaking cool! what an amazing job. dude you're vv talented!

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fantastico! The details are amazing, the vision is outstanding

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Hello my friend, can i use: Model & dress    :…… to my photo manipulation. I ask because they are outside of deviantart

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Although many of your gallery deserve a favorite I have to admit I am particularly found of this one. Light, composition, color, movement, everything is wonderfully balanced, and even if the them is chaotic, a great peacefulness is sweating from it. I don't know what the flock this dolphin is doing here, but damn I like this work.

Thank you for your art

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amazing art!!!!!
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Holy crap I love this. 
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Can you give the permission to use this image and make a gif animated with Plotagraph and upload it on my Tumblr page (crediting you of course) Thank you!
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yeah sure, thankyou! :)
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Outstanding! Love the concept.
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fantastic artwork!!!
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This one's very cool!
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you're welcome!
Can I ask you how you achieve that glow effect? I never know how to make things glow in my manips. Thanks for your help!
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I make it with a new layer>change layer mode into overlay>and paint with the color that you want using brush with 10-20% of flow and then duplicate the layer (Ctrl+J) and change the mode from overlay to color dodge. 

sorry if my english is not good enough :D
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Thank you so much. That's really helpful.
I really like your style. I wish I could come up with something like you did.
How long does it take you to finish your artworks?
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Jeez...the dimensional realities of this piece are amazing! I am awed!
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Waaooowww... O.O 
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Wow. This is amazing. I love the lighting and compositions you've achieved here.

Would you by an chance have an remommendation on lighting tutorials?
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