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Cheers! by ZackWriter23 Cheers! :iconzackwriter23:ZackWriter23 9 2
Super Smash Bros. Infinity War
*Galeem and the Master Hands vanishes and Cloud's Buster Sword drops on the ground after one of the more powerful Master Hands snapped it's fingers. Cloud stands there as Snake approaches*
Snake: where did they go? Cloud? where did they go?
Captain Falcon: Snake?
*Snake turns around to see Captain Falcon disintegrating and collapses on the ground. both Snake and Cloud watched what happened and are horrified at what happened. meanwhile, at the battlefield where the other brawlers were fighting, Toon Link, Ice Climbers, Pac-Man, Wii Fitness Trainer, and Pikachu disintegrates as an Arwing crashes in the distance while Wario and a few others watches what happened. meanwhile, back in the forest, Lucina tries to get up off the ground and Robin arrives to help her*
Robin: Lucina! up!*grabs her hand* this is no place to die.
Lucina:*suddenly, Robin begins to disintegrate and Lucina falls back on the ground. horrified by what she just saw, she stands up off the ground and looks around* oh god.
:iconzackwriter23:ZackWriter23 6 2
Clyde Is At Soup
*in an unknown location, Sheera is fighting against a Heartless Shadow, a Nobody Dusk, and an Unversed Flood and defeats them all with her quarterstaff*
Sheera:*pants* i need backup! O.O*takes out her cell phone and calls someone. moments later, they answer the phone* hello?
Clyde: hey, what's up!^^
Sheera: can you come here?*hits an Unversed Scrapper* i need help!
Clyde: uh, i can't! i'm buying clothes.
Sheera: ugh, seriously? crap!*a Heartless Large Body attacks her with his fists and she dodges it's attack and casts a Nova Bomb at it, defeating it* ah! fine, but hurry up and come over here!
Clyde: i can't find them!
Sheera: what do you mean you can't find them?
Clyde: i can't find them! there's only soup!
Sheera: huh?*punches a Nobody Samurai in the face* what do you mean there's only soup?
Clyde: it means there's only soup, stupid. XP
Sheera: you are the last person to call me that! now get out of the soup ill and get your butt over here!*hits a few more Heartless with her quarters
:iconzackwriter23:ZackWriter23 6 10
A Plan in Motion
*Not long after receiving news about Clyde being Taken, Zack and his friends wasted no time and return to their base of operations. upon arriving, Zack called his friends to a meeting in the briefing room. in the briefing room are Zack, Sheera, Kat, Leon, Jakub Cybura, Kameilo, Drex, Tryx, Kervak, Kern, and Wyrn*
Zack: everyone here? good. i called you all here because we have bad news, Clyde has been Taken.
Kameilo: what!? O.O
Drex & Tryx:*gasps* OoO
Kervak: oh, zat's not good.
Jakub Cybura: Taken? as in the same Taken that was used in that Cabal firebase?
Zack: the very same. from what Kat told me, when they arrived in the chamber where the Shrine of Oryx is, they were ambushed by Malok and his Taken. in order to save Kat's life, he let himself be Taken.
Wyrn: that was very kind of him to do.^^
Zack: indeed. now for those who don't know what Taken is, the power itself is that of Dark origin and allows it's user to Take an individual and corrupting the person, making them a twisted re
:iconzackwriter23:ZackWriter23 8 11
A Friend Lost
*A few minutes later, after Malok Took Clyde and vanished, Zack, armed with a Khvostov 7G-0X Auto Rifle, Sheera, armed with her Scavenger Quarterstaff, and Leon, armed with his sniper rifle, arrives in the chamber where the Shrine of Oryx is and sees no one in it but Kat, who lies unconscious on the floor*
Zack:*gasps* Kat! O.O*he and the others runs towards Kat, gets on his knees, and lifts her upper body* Kat! Kat! wake up!
Leon: she's wounded. we have to get her back to camp on the surface.
Sheera:*looks around the chamber and notices Clyde isn't around* wait, where's Clyde? where the hell is he!?
Leon: what? O.O*he too notices Clyde isn't around* Clyde! Clyde!*notices Clyde's Shotgun on the floor, walks to it, and picks it up*
Sheera: that Clyde's Shotgun?
Leon:...i think something bad happened here.
Zack:*picks up Kat and carries her unconscious body in his arms* we'll worry about that later! we have to get Kat back to camp!
*Zack, Sheera, and Leon runs out of the chamber
:iconzackwriter23:ZackWriter23 4 26
Clyde's Sacrifice
*In a Hive Necropolis, Clyde and Kat intended to slay the new Taken King known as Malok, Pride of Oryx and end the Taken threat once and for all. however, upon arriving in the chamber where the Shrine of Oryx is, they were overwhelm by Taken forces. although they killed most of them, Malok himself arrived and capture Kat, who now holds her in his hand*
Malok, Pride of Oryx: let's make this more interesting, shall we?
Clyde:*gasps* Kat! O.O
Malok, Pride of Oryx: since my ascension to the throne, you two has cost me a great deal! for that, i will have revenge! one way...*starts squeezing Kat in his hand tightly* or another.
Kat: ahhh!!! >.<
Clyde: stop! you're hurting her!*takes out his shotgun and aims it at Malok* I SAID STOP! >: (
Malok, Pride of Oryx: i wouldn't recommend that if i were you, Wolf. wouldn't want to hurt this...delicate Squirrel, now would we?
Kat:*coughs out blood* ah...C-Clyde...
Clyde:*lowers his shotgun*...
Malok, Pride of Oryx: that's better. my mother intended to
:iconzackwriter23:ZackWriter23 5 10
Elysium - Ch.3: On The Run
*Kuuma, once an isolated and peaceful town, now lies in ruins. destroyed by the Trasan, who once disappeared since their defeat at Valhalla, has now return with new weapons and technology. the town's brave defenders and peaceful villagers dies at their hands, including their leader, Phraan. leaving Zack and Phraan's daughter, Sheera, the sole survivors, with knowledge that the brief but brutal battle was for the Trasan to search for the Strange Cube Object that is in Zack's possession. lost, confused, homeless, and alone, the two survivors make their way through Muskana to evade the Trasan that now hunts for them. as Zack drives a Track Mule, with sitting behind him, through the plains of Muskana, he searches for a place to hide and rest for the night. moments later, they enter a forest known as Okomore Woodland and drives up on a small hill that leads to an entrance into a cave, known as Hadval Den, parks near the entrance, and gets off of the motorcycle*
Zack:*looks around the cave e
:iconzackwriter23:ZackWriter23 8 8
Elysium - Ch.2: The Nightmare's Return
*Zack, a 20 year old Wolf-Fox hybrid, awoken with 2 months of his memories gone. the only clue he has about his past is a Strange Cube Object, that is both familiar and important to him. after he wakes, he meets Sheera, a 20 year old Wolf, in Joth Woods and she leads Zack to her hometown known as Kuuma. there, Sheera introduce Zack to her father, Phraan, and Zack tells him about his lost memories. rather then answering the questions he seeks, more questions are raised instead. soon after, Phraan has given Zack a task in locating his missing adoptive son, a 24 year old Coyote name Jaedon, and bring him back to Kuuma. Zack is successful in his endeavor, returns Jaedon to Kuuma, and sleeps in the guest room of Phraan's house. as this happens, the nightmare approaches the peaceful town of Kuuma, intending to bring death and destruction to all that stands in their path to accomplish their goal. after the Sun sets and the night arrives, after Jaedon told Phraan what happened when he was in J
:iconzackwriter23:ZackWriter23 5 9
Elysium - Ch.1: The Beginning
*It has been 20 years since the end of the Trasan Invasion, Elysium continues to recover even to this day. Enor, once a land contested by three of the most powerful factions, is the first to recover and has become a bastion of civilization, with it's capital city, known as Sanctuary, as a beacon of hope to those who has none. such as those in the Wild Lands, lands devastated by the might of the Trasan Horde and left them chaotic and lawless. where Bandit tribes, Slaver groups, and marauding Reptilians raids and pillages undefended towns and traveling caravans, taking whatever they want, reveling in the misery of others, and kidnapping those that survives. and where monsters of all kind roams the lands, preying on the weak, the slow, and the foolish. because of this, towns in the Wild Lands that were built or inhabited by survivors of the long nightmare were force to suffer these dangers, and formed many local Militias to protect themselves from said dangers. except for what hides in th
:iconzackwriter23:ZackWriter23 5 6
Elysium - Prologue
The Scholar: You ask who i am? Why do i come to you in these difficult times? I am but a simple scholar, who wishes to tell you the tale of our world, Elysium. You might say that our world is beautiful, resourceful, and filled with secrets. In some regards you are right. But it all depends one's perspective. However, in truth, our world is plagued with a never ending cycle of Light and Dark, Peace and War, Life and Death. It has been this way since the beginning of time, and what i tell you, is no different. But to get the heart of the story, you have to go back to beginning. A time long before any of us were born.
It began in the Ancient Era, a Great War between two ancient races, the Edoth and the Xan. The Edoth were known as the proud noble Guardians of Elysium, protecting the world and it's inhabitants from darkness and evil, in the name of Elysia, Goddess of Light, creator of Elysium and the Edoth. The Xan, however, sought to conquer Elysium and take it as their own, following the
:iconzackwriter23:ZackWriter23 8 24
Five Nights at Zack's Concept
Just something i thought while writing Elysium. lol basically, it's a concept idea of a FNaF fan game based on Elysium.^^(note: that this concept idea is non-canon to the actually story of Elysium.)
No.1 Backstory
100 years has passed since the Trasan's defeat, Elysium has been at peace. Zack and his friends are has become known heroes that saved the world and it's people. a fast food establishment has been built to commemorate the legendary heroes and calling itself "Zack and friends Fast Food", with the animatronic versions of them as it's mascots. but, there is someone from the old war who has cheated death and plans reignite the war bit by bit.
No.2: Mechanics
You play as a security guard name Nathan(based off of :iconspirogs: ). the game is similar to the first FNaF game, you got security cameras, two doors on the left and right that you can close or open or turn on the lights. one new thing added is a vent that's above the desk that you can close or open as well.
No.3: Characters
:iconzackwriter23:ZackWriter23 3 7
The Old Ways
*Zack continues to rewrite his first chapter for the hundredth time, but with very little success. suddenly, a Shadowy Figure appears behind him*
Shadowy Figure: hello.
Zack: huh?*turns around and sees the Shadowy Figure* who are you?
Shadowy Figure: it's me, your long forgotten friend. and you have also forgotten something important.
Zack: like what? picking up a game i pre-ordered?
Shadowy Figure: do you remember when you first started writing Elysium here on DA? you used other creations in your story, while mixing in a few of your own. Halo, Destiny, Sonic, Fallout, the list goes on.
Zack: oh...that. yeah, and i gave it up because i was going for originality now that i have an artist.
Shadowy Figure: back then, you had a plan for your Elysium series. a civil war, a shocking revelation, discovering ancient machines, a favorite character's sacrifice, and a King's arrival. i wonder what your plans would've been like now that Destiny 2 and it's DLCs has been released? perhaps you could'
:iconzackwriter23:ZackWriter23 5 9
Zack(elysium) by ZackWriter23 Zack(elysium) :iconzackwriter23:ZackWriter23 10 9
Clyde's Stupidity: Pilot
*At an Air Force Base, Clyde is building a WWI Airplane that's made out of cardboard boxes and held together by barbwire and duct tape. suddenly, Leon approaches Clyde*
Leon: Clyde, what are you doing?
Clyde: it's the pilot episode, Leon!^^ which means, i have to fly a plane for this episode.^^
Leon: :facepalm: Clyde, a pilot episode means it's a standalone episode of a television series that is used to sell the show to a television network. that doesn't mean you have to fly a plane! and how this gonna fly?
Clyde: i'm glad you asked.^^ see, i use the propane tanks as the engines to start the rotors. all i have to do is push a button and i'll be putting the Red Baron to shame! >:3're using propane tanks as engines? isn't that dangerous?
Clyde: everything i do is dangerous. why should this be any different?^^
Leon: of course. if you don't mind, i'll be watching you from this distance.*walks far away from Clyde*
Clyde: okay!^^ let's see...helmet...*puts on a biker's helmet* ch
:iconzackwriter23:ZackWriter23 7 9
Elysians React to Infinity War's Ending
Zack: oh no... O.O
Sheera: by Elysia...
Kat: ;_;
Clyde: oh boy... o_o
Leon: what just happened? what the hell just happened!?
Harriet: that didn't just happened...that didn't just happened...
Felix:*faints and falls on the ground* -_-
:iconzackwriter23:ZackWriter23 5 7
Easter-April Fool's Day
*In the Elysium Mansion, Zack goes to the kitchen to get a drink when he sees Sheera checking her chair by turning it upside down and examining under it*
Zack:*confused at what she's doing* Sheera, what are you doing?
Sheera: it's April Fool's Day and Clyde is home. who knows what that sneaky little devil will do. he probably rigged this chair to explode or something.
Zack:*sighs* Sheera, you're thinking of a prank. April Fool's Day is where someone tells something unexpectedly and the latter believes it to be true and the former comes back saying "April Fools." so, really, you got nothing to worry about.^^ unless Clyde yells out the apocalypse is approaching or something.
Clyde:*walks into the kitchen* hey, Zack.^^ hey, Sheera.^^
Zack:*takes out a bottle of Root Beer from the fridge* hey, Clyde.^^
Sheera:*sits at the kitchen table* hi, moron. what do you want?
Clyde: i just want to give something Zack for Easter.^^
Zack: oh? what is it?
Clyde:*gives Zack a video game copy of Kingdom H
:iconzackwriter23:ZackWriter23 6 7


End of a Great Day by Ferroth End of a Great Day :iconferroth:Ferroth 14 26 Sniper Phox by AlexVanArsdale Sniper Phox :iconalexvanarsdale:AlexVanArsdale 7 2 Priced Glass by FreddleFrooby Priced Glass :iconfreddlefrooby:FreddleFrooby 35 3 Huntress and minks by sandara Huntress and minks :iconsandara:sandara 1,894 58 What Have I Done? by creepypastajack What Have I Done? :iconcreepypastajack:creepypastajack 4 20 retreat by landobaldur retreat :iconlandobaldur:landobaldur 142 15 Don't Give Up by Nightrizer Don't Give Up :iconnightrizer:Nightrizer 2,386 60 Grumpy Bunner by Skeleion Grumpy Bunner :iconskeleion:Skeleion 472 15 Polly Goes to War by MasterDoodleJoe80062 Polly Goes to War :iconmasterdoodlejoe80062:MasterDoodleJoe80062 30 20 Custom hero: Scar The Wolf by Nibroc-Rock Custom hero: Scar The Wolf :iconnibroc-rock:Nibroc-Rock 163 7
So, I uh... May have had a ''FNaF7'' dream.
Let me tell you a story, my guys. 
So, as the title says, I had a dream about "FNaF7". In it, I was heading over to browse the Freddit as usual, to find the site filled up with posts about this "FNaF7", that had a trailer out?
Here's what I can remember: 
The "game" could have taken place in a school, but I'm not sure. All I got to see in that dream was Reddit thumbnails, so I dunno. The most interesting part is that it featured some sorta withered Toys. A Toy Chica and a Toy Bonnie. They were shown in like a chalkboard with the name below. But the weirdest thing was their names. I think the Toy Chica was called "Priced Glass"? Toy Bonnie had some variation of that name. I didn't get to see the trailer, I fell asleep when I went to the youtube app to search the FNaF7 trailer. 
So, that's a thing that happened. I have theories: 
I peered into an alternate timeline where FNaF7 is already a thing. Scott's begun teasing his subliminally, th
:iconfreddlefrooby:FreddleFrooby 13 19
FNAFNG_She's so beautiful!!! by NamyGaga FNAFNG_She's so beautiful!!! :iconnamygaga:NamyGaga 559 64 Strange dreams by Sandwich-Anomaly Strange dreams :iconsandwich-anomaly:Sandwich-Anomaly 325 39 Edenbaerrow Map by AugustinasRaginskis Edenbaerrow Map :iconaugustinasraginskis:AugustinasRaginskis 200 12 Shy Tyriq by Ferroth Shy Tyriq :iconferroth:Ferroth 26 60 Bendy and Boris in: Turkey Tomfoolery by Negaduck9 Bendy and Boris in: Turkey Tomfoolery :iconnegaduck9:Negaduck9 311 54



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Well, my birthday is coming to an end. and...i've had a great birthday today.^^ went out to get something to eat(although i think i'm gonna have to eat somewhere else on my next birthday, it's too expensive. and too filling. XP), got myself a game called Bendy and the Ink Machine(haven't played it yet, but i will.^^), got a new Xbox 360 controller(because the last one i had is broken. shame. and it was a Halo 4 controller. T^T), had some cake(and it wasn't a four-layer cake this time. for those who don't know, last year i had a four-layer. it was the dumbest thing i have ever thought up. i don't know what i was thinking! >_<), and lastly, i got birthday wishes from my friends here on DA and my cousins on Facebook.^^ and the only gift i got today, on DA, is a handful of points from :iconaliuh:. thanks, man. :)

Haven't heard from :icontyrannedragon::iconferroth::iconkatagro:. guess they either forgot or are too busy to say Happy Birthday. oh well.

Anyway, thank you :iconcreepsome::iconfenris0604::iconschorpioen007::iconbluemario1016::icontheempatheticcat::iconalexvanarsdale::icondriftfall: for all the Happy Birthdays!^^ and too end this a nice song.^^

A gift from my good friend :iconkatagro: from last year.^^ here we're getting drunk on Birthday Water. i think it's actually water mixed in with some alcohol from Sheera's booze supply. lol but anyway, cheers!*raises a glass of Birthday Water*
Instead of the traditional Happy Birthday song...'s an idea i just had. what if i gave the Elysians energy weapons instead of the usually weapons with bullets and such? it will be primitive compared to what the Trasan has, or what Edoth machines has, but still effective to do some damage to both sides.^^ when i say energy weapons, i mean energy as in lasers, pulse, sometimes plasma(reverse-engineer Trasan tech, but that's another story), and so on. so what do you guys think of that idea?^^
Have you ever had a dream about something that kind of predicted the future? :iconfreddlefrooby: posted a status about a dream he had about FNaF 7, saying that the game was taking place in a school and a withered Toy Chica and Toy Bonnie were in it under different names. one of his theories was that it was a dream predicting the future. then it got me thinking, i've had dreams that kind of predicted the future, but in a different way.

For example, before Gears of War 4 came out, i had this dream where Marcus Fenix, Dom, Baird, and Cole, in their GoW 1 and 2 looks, fighting creatures that looked like Locusts but different. back then, i thought it was predicting Gears of War 4. the Locust-like creatures were no doubt the Swarm and the characters were gonna be in it, of course. but here was something that didn't make sense to me at the time, Dom couldn't be in the game because he's dead. so when the game came out, Dom was in the game, but he was in a flashback segment. dream sort of came true.

So...who knows, maybe Freddle's dream might come true. maybe Into The Madness ties into the FNaF series somehow. won't be the first time Scott released a game that was a FNaF sequel/prequel.*coughs* Freddy Fazbear Pizza Simulator.*coughs* anyway, thought i just let you guys know.^^
*Galeem and the Master Hands vanishes and Cloud's Buster Sword drops on the ground after one of the more powerful Master Hands snapped it's fingers. Cloud stands there as Snake approaches*

Snake: where did they go? Cloud? where did they go?

Captain Falcon: Snake?

*Snake turns around to see Captain Falcon disintegrating and collapses on the ground. both Snake and Cloud watched what happened and are horrified at what happened. meanwhile, at the battlefield where the other brawlers were fighting, Toon Link, Ice Climbers, Pac-Man, Wii Fitness Trainer, and Pikachu disintegrates as an Arwing crashes in the distance while Wario and a few others watches what happened. meanwhile, back in the forest, Lucina tries to get up off the ground and Robin arrives to help her*

Robin: Lucina! up!*grabs her hand* this is no place to die.

Lucina:*suddenly, Robin begins to disintegrate and Lucina falls back on the ground. horrified by what she just saw, she stands up off the ground and looks around* oh god. O.O

*in another part of the forest, Diddy Kong approaches his wounded best friend, Donkey Kong, as he slowly disintegrate while he reaches his hand out to Diddy*

Donkey Kong: Diddy...

Diddy Kong: no. no, no, no, no. DK, no.*Donkey Kong disintegrates completely and is sadden by the lost of his best friend*

*in another part of the forest, Zelda, who is with Link as he lie dead on the ground, disintegrates as well until she vanishes completely. in another part, Pit tries to get up off the ground but disintegrates until he is no more as Falco walks around*

Falco: Pit! Pit, where are you at!?

*meanwhile, in another location, where Mario, Luigi, Shulk, Ganondorf, Rosalina, Sonic, and Lucario are. as Luigi helps his brother up off the ground, Sonic helps Rosalina walk until she senses something*

Rosalina: something is happening.*Mario and the others watches her disintegrate completely, leaving the others horrified and wonders if they're next. Sonic and the others turns their attention to Ganondorf and sees him disintegrating as well*

Ganondorf: Sonic...*vanishes completely. after that, Sonic turns his attention to Mario*

Mario: steady Sonic! O.O

Sonic: oh man...*disintegrates completely*

Shulk: Mario...*Mario turns around to face Shulk* there was no other way.*moments later, he disintegrate completely*

Luigi: Mario...?*Mario turns his attention to his brother* i don't feel so good...

Mario: y-you're alright, Luigi!^^;

Luigi: i...i don't know what's happening...*hugs his brother close and Mario holds him close* i don't want to go! i don't want to go! please, Mario! i don't want to go! i don't want to go... T^T*both he and Mario falls on the ground* i'm sorry...*disintegrate completely before his brother's eyes*

Lucario:...he did it.

*Mario sits on the ground with his hands to his mouth as Cappy opens his eyes, sadden but his partner's brother's departure. meanwhile, back in the forest, Samus rejoins Snake, Cloud, Diddy Kong, Falco, and Bowser at where Link's dead body is to*

Falco: what is this? what the heck is happening?

*no one was answering. half of the people they knew are gone and probably goes the same to their respective universes. sadden, shocked, distraught, and confused. they know what has happened. although they don't want to accept this, it is unfortunately true: Galeem has won*

Snake:*sits on the ground* oh god...

*meanwhile, in Hollow Bastion, Leon and Yuffie walks together to discuss Cloud's disappearance*

Leon: still no word from Cloud?

Yuffie: none. he and Sephiroth just vanished.

Leon: is it possible they went back to their world?

Yuffie: i called Barret and Vincent and they said they haven't seen either of them.

Leon: hmmm, perhaps i can...*suddenly, a Gummi Ship crashes nearby* ah! what the!? O.O*he and Yuffie runs towards the crashed Gummi Ship and recognizes whose ship it belongs to* wait, that's...Sora! O.O

Yuffie:*gets on the Gummi Ship and opens the hatch* Sora! Donald! Goofy! are you...*looks inside the cockpit and sees nobody inside*

Leon: are they okay?

Yuffie: there's no one in here. O.O

Leon: what?*suddenly, 3 Heartless Neoshadows appears behind him and he draws his Gunblade at them. as they're about to attack him, they both disintegrates* O.O

Yuffie: Leon?

Leon:*looks behind and sees Yuffie disintegrate completely* Yuffie!*realizes what's going, he quickly runs to the Hollow Bastion Restoration Committee HQ and bursts the door open* Sid! Merlin!*looks around and sees neither of them inside. he runs to the table and picks up a small device, pushes a button on it, and notices he himself is disintegrating* oh...son of a...*vanishes completely and drops the device*

*the small device shows a text message saying "sending" a couple of times and then shows a picture of Kirby's Star*
Super Smash Bros. Infinity War
Warning: have tissues ready! i saw the trailer for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's story mode, and seeing all the brawlers except for Kirby getting wiped away like that reminds me of Infinity War's ending. so...thought i do a parody of it. lol enjoy and please leave a comment. or i'll snap my fingers. >: )

All the characters here belongs to Nintendo, SquareEnix, and Disney


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