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On Clyde and Communication by ZackWriter23 On Clyde and Communication :iconzackwriter23:ZackWriter23 6 6
Too Literal
*after Zack and Sheera barely escaped from the Trasan's attack on Kuuma, the Primus has ordered Commander N'thal to take his troops and begin combing the land for Zack and Sheera. although, they've taken the "combing" part too literal because, on the surface, several Trasan soldiers are dragging large combs through the grass fields of Muskana while N'thal, who is looking through binoculars, and Tryrik, who is looking at a map, are on a hill supervising the search. as N'thal lowers his binoculars and takes out his microphone, Tryrik speaks to him*
Tryrik: Commander?
N'thal:*speaks through the microphone in front of his lieutenant* what?
Tryrik:*jumps a bit* O_O uh...are we being too literal?
N'thal: no, you fool. we have our orders. we were told the comb the land, so we're combing.*sighs, shakes his head, lowers his microphone, and shouts out to his troops* found anything!?
Tryrik:*looks at N'thal and thinks to himself* seriously?
Trasan Juvenile:*stops dragging the large comb with his
:iconzackwriter23:ZackWriter23 4 5
Elysium - Ch.3: On The Run
*Kuuma, once a peaceful village, now lies in ruins. destroyed by the Trasan, once thought to be a broken and defeat enemy, has now returned with a new Horde, one that seeks to finish what was started 20 years ago with new weapons and technology. even though the village's defenders fought valiantly, their courage wasn't enough and were ultimately slain, along with the villagers who were the first to fall. their leader, Phraan, also fell at the hands of a Trasan Commander name N'thal, who gave his life to save his daughter, Sheera. with the village destroyed and it's inhabitants dead, Zack and Sheera are the sole survivors and are now on the run from the Trasan who pursues them for one thing, a Strange Cube Object that is in Zack's possession. why they are after it is unknown. lost, confused, homeless, and alone, Zack and Sheera drives far and fast into the Northern parts of Muskana to evade their pursuers, until they enter a forest known as Okomore Woods, a large forest that's next to s
:iconzackwriter23:ZackWriter23 7 8
I Wanna Steal
*Inside the Nightmare Castle, home of Nightmare and Nightmare Mangle, who rules the Nightmare Realm as King and Queen, Zack and Sebastian sits in the dining room with pizza slices on their plates*
Sebastian: hey uh, Zack?
Zack:*eats his pizza slice* huh?
Sebastian: why are we pretending to be Nightmare Mangle's nephews?
Zack: we need money.'re scamming her?
Zack: i think it's flat-out stealing from her.
Sebastian: what!? no way!
Zack: what? we already stole a Crow!*points at Evraen, who is eating his pizza slice*
Evraen: hey, guys.^^
Sebastian: no, we didn't. Evraen is a sentient Crow. he can do whatever he wants!
Evraen: i wanna steal.
Sebastian: :facepalm:
Zack: hehe. :3
Evraen:*finishes eating his pizza, looks around, and quickly puts the fancy plate that was on in his bag. he then whistles innocently* >.>
:iconzackwriter23:ZackWriter23 6 9
Elysium - Ch.2: Return of the Horde
*Zack, a 20 year old Wolf-Fox hybrid, awoken with 2 months of his memories lost. the only clue he has of his past is a Strange Cube Object that is both familiar and important to him. after he wakes, he arrived in a deserted town known as Erith, where he encountered a group of Trasan Mech Drones led by a specialized Mech Drone name Cinras and met a 20 year old female Wolf name Sheera, a 23 year old male Coyote name Jaedon, and an 18 year old male Cat name Migo, who perished at the hands of Cinras. after defeating the Mech Drone Commander, the group arrives in a peaceful and isolated community known as Kuuma, the home of Sheera and Jaedon. they explain the events the transpired in Erith to Phraan, Sheera's father and leader of Kuuma, and with this information, he fears that Kuuma's end draws near and secretly prepares for the inevitable attack. but the inhabitants of Kuuma are unaware that the end has already arrived. after explaining what happened to Phraan, Zack is given a guest room w
:iconzackwriter23:ZackWriter23 4 3
Elysium - Ch.1: The Beginning
*In an unknown forest, during the night with the stars dotted in the sky, is a 20 year old Wolf-Fox hybrid name Zack, who lies unconscious on the ground. as he lies there, a single Compy walks out from behind a tree and approaches Zack. when it gets closer, it starts poking he face with it's snout to see if he's alive or dead, until he wakes up gasping loudly, scaring the Compy as it runs away. he sits up on the ground, rubs his head, and looks around in the forest he's in*
Zack: huh? wha...? where...where am i? how did i...?*suddenly, his head starts to ache* ah! my head! >.
:iconzackwriter23:ZackWriter23 15 14
Sheera Gets Alcohol Poisoning
*Zack and Sheera walks out of the Mysterious Tower after speaking to Yen Sid*
Sheera: damn that guy! he keeps talking about the Light and the Darkness for 3 hours straight! he probably wears that stupid hat to hide the hole in his brain. >:/
Zack: still, doesn't it concern you that the Heartless, Nobodies, and Unversed are joining forces?
Sheera:*falls on her knees and clings to her stomach* ahhh...crap... >_<
Zack: hmm?*looks behind and sees Sheera on her knees* Sheera? you okay? you don't look so good.
Sheera: my...stomach...feels...*about to throw up* O.o
*later, Zack and Sheera arrives in the hospital to see what the problem is with Sheera, and Harriet tells them what's wrong*
Harriet: well, it looks like a little bit of Alcohol Poisoing, that's all.^^
Zack: are you sure it isn't from drinking too much?
Sheera: grrr, shut up. >_
:iconzackwriter23:ZackWriter23 5 8
Zack(elysium) by ZackWriter23 Zack(elysium) :iconzackwriter23:ZackWriter23 14 6
Clyde's Christmas 2
*on the night before Christmas, in the Elysium Mansion, Clyde sleeps in his bed with Kat when she awakes to hear a noise downstairs in the living room*
Kat: O.O*shakes Clyde to wake him up and whispers* Clyde! Clyde!
Clyde: what...? -_-
Kat:*whispers* i think someone is living room.
Clyde: O.O a burglar!? oh...*gets out of the bed, gets under the bed to get something, and takes out a Baseball Bat* nobody robs us! >: (
Kat: uh, Clyde? i don't think it's a burglar...*realizes something* hmmm, this seems awfully familiar.*thinks*
Clyde: don't worry, Kat.^^ nobody will touch your Golden Acorn!*runs out of the bedroom and runs downstairs*
Kat: Clyde!*hears voices downstairs*
Clyde: hey you! get away from the tree!*hits the burglar a few times and gets hurt in return* ow! ah! back off you...agh!
Kat:*hears loud a thump and runs out of the bedroom and runs downstairs* Clyde! what...*sees Clyde on the floor, with stars spinning around his head, at the feet of Santa Claus, who is for some reaso
:iconzackwriter23:ZackWriter23 6 8
Clyde's Stupidity: Ditto
*In the Elysium Mansion, Clyde is sitting in the living room with Kat, who is a Ditto in disguised. Clyde talks to Ditto-Kat about what he's done this morning* Blue and i went to the forest and met Ben the Beaver with the huge teeth, who offered us these magic beans. then i ate one of the beans and met a talking Owl name Cedric poured some Pixie dust on me and i flew like Peter Pan and went to Germany to shoot the Evil Frogs with a laser from a satellite station in space. and that's where i met SuperBat.^^ and after that i...
Sheera: Clyde, what are you doing?
Clyde: i'm talking to my girlfriend what i did this morning.^^ i have to say, she's quite the listener. :)
Sheera:*looks at Ditto-Kat and knows it isn't the real Kat* uhhh, Clyde? isn't there something different about her?
Clyde: what do you mean?
Sheera: well, look at her. does she look different to you?
Clyde: hmmm...*starts thinking*
*hours later, Clyde continues to think until it is night out. during this thinking
:iconzackwriter23:ZackWriter23 5 9
Cheers! by ZackWriter23 Cheers! :iconzackwriter23:ZackWriter23 17 4
Super Smash Bros. Infinity War
*Galeem and the Master Hands vanishes and Cloud's Buster Sword drops on the ground after one of the more powerful Master Hands snapped it's fingers. Cloud stands there as Snake approaches*
Snake: where did they go? Cloud? where did they go?
Captain Falcon: Snake?
*Snake turns around to see Captain Falcon disintegrating and collapses on the ground. both Snake and Cloud watched what happened and are horrified at what happened. meanwhile, at the battlefield where the other brawlers were fighting, Toon Link, Ice Climbers, Pac-Man, Wii Fitness Trainer, and Pikachu disintegrates as an Arwing crashes in the distance while Wario and a few others watches what happened. meanwhile, back in the forest, Lucina tries to get up off the ground and Robin arrives to help her*
Robin: Lucina! up!*grabs her hand* this is no place to die.
Lucina:*suddenly, Robin begins to disintegrate and Lucina falls back on the ground. horrified by what she just saw, she stands up off the ground and looks around* oh god.
:iconzackwriter23:ZackWriter23 10 2
Clyde Is At Soup
*in an unknown location, Sheera is fighting against a Heartless Shadow, a Nobody Dusk, and an Unversed Flood and defeats them all with her quarterstaff*
Sheera:*pants* i need backup! O.O*takes out her cell phone and calls someone. moments later, they answer the phone* hello?
Clyde: hey, what's up!^^
Sheera: can you come here?*hits an Unversed Scrapper* i need help!
Clyde: uh, i can't! i'm buying clothes.
Sheera: ugh, seriously? crap!*a Heartless Large Body attacks her with his fists and she dodges it's attack and casts a Nova Bomb at it, defeating it* ah! fine, but hurry up and come over here!
Clyde: i can't find them!
Sheera: what do you mean you can't find them?
Clyde: i can't find them! there's only soup!
Sheera: huh?*punches a Nobody Samurai in the face* what do you mean there's only soup?
Clyde: it means there's only soup, stupid. XP
Sheera: you are the last person to call me that! now get out of the soup ill and get your butt over here!*hits a few more Heartless with her quarters
:iconzackwriter23:ZackWriter23 7 10
A Plan in Motion
*Not long after receiving news about Clyde being Taken, Zack and his friends wasted no time and return to their base of operations. upon arriving, Zack called his friends to a meeting in the briefing room. in the briefing room are Zack, Sheera, Kat, Leon, Jakub Cybura, Kameilo, Drex, Tryx, Kervak, Kern, and Wyrn*
Zack: everyone here? good. i called you all here because we have bad news, Clyde has been Taken.
Kameilo: what!? O.O
Drex & Tryx:*gasps* OoO
Kervak: oh, zat's not good.
Jakub Cybura: Taken? as in the same Taken that was used in that Cabal firebase?
Zack: the very same. from what Kat told me, when they arrived in the chamber where the Shrine of Oryx is, they were ambushed by Malok and his Taken. in order to save Kat's life, he let himself be Taken.
Wyrn: that was very kind of him to do.^^
Zack: indeed. now for those who don't know what Taken is, the power itself is that of Dark origin and allows it's user to Take an individual and corrupting the person, making them a twisted re
:iconzackwriter23:ZackWriter23 9 11
A Friend Lost
*A few minutes later, after Malok Took Clyde and vanished, Zack, armed with a Khvostov 7G-0X Auto Rifle, Sheera, armed with her Scavenger Quarterstaff, and Leon, armed with his sniper rifle, arrives in the chamber where the Shrine of Oryx is and sees no one in it but Kat, who lies unconscious on the floor*
Zack:*gasps* Kat! O.O*he and the others runs towards Kat, gets on his knees, and lifts her upper body* Kat! Kat! wake up!
Leon: she's wounded. we have to get her back to camp on the surface.
Sheera:*looks around the chamber and notices Clyde isn't around* wait, where's Clyde? where the hell is he!?
Leon: what? O.O*he too notices Clyde isn't around* Clyde! Clyde!*notices Clyde's Shotgun on the floor, walks to it, and picks it up*
Sheera: that Clyde's Shotgun?
Leon:...i think something bad happened here.
Zack:*picks up Kat and carries her unconscious body in his arms* we'll worry about that later! we have to get Kat back to camp!
*Zack, Sheera, and Leon runs out of the chamber
:iconzackwriter23:ZackWriter23 5 26
Clyde's Sacrifice
*In a Hive Necropolis, Clyde and Kat intended to slay the new Taken King known as Malok, Pride of Oryx and end the Taken threat once and for all. however, upon arriving in the chamber where the Shrine of Oryx is, they were overwhelm by Taken forces. although they killed most of them, Malok himself arrived and capture Kat, who now holds her in his hand*
Malok, Pride of Oryx: let's make this more interesting, shall we?
Clyde:*gasps* Kat! O.O
Malok, Pride of Oryx: since my ascension to the throne, you two has cost me a great deal! for that, i will have revenge! one way...*starts squeezing Kat in his hand tightly* or another.
Kat: ahhh!!! >.<
Clyde: stop! you're hurting her!*takes out his shotgun and aims it at Malok* I SAID STOP! >: (
Malok, Pride of Oryx: i wouldn't recommend that if i were you, Wolf. wouldn't want to hurt this...delicate Squirrel, now would we?
Kat:*coughs out blood* ah...C-Clyde...
Clyde:*lowers his shotgun*...
Malok, Pride of Oryx: that's better. my mother intended to
:iconzackwriter23:ZackWriter23 5 10


Sketch dump by Cryophase Sketch dump :iconcryophase:Cryophase 9 1 Commission: Blair950 (Beach Day) by Temiree Commission: Blair950 (Beach Day) :icontemiree:Temiree 207 15 Sneak Peak by Spirogs Sneak Peak :iconspirogs:Spirogs 5 2 Fairy Tales: Little Mermaid by Axsens Fairy Tales: Little Mermaid :iconaxsens:Axsens 6,125 176 Degrading Outfits by GShepherd17 Degrading Outfits :icongshepherd17:GShepherd17 5 10 Werebears by Mikedeangelo Werebears :iconmikedeangelo:Mikedeangelo 8 0 I'm missing a sock by zarla I'm missing a sock :iconzarla:zarla 1,702 102 The Eternal Stage - Puppet by TheGoldenAquarius The Eternal Stage - Puppet :iconthegoldenaquarius:TheGoldenAquarius 14 3 Battle Rifle Re-design 2017 Final by PrinzEugn Battle Rifle Re-design 2017 Final :iconprinzeugn:PrinzEugn 77 6 How'd you two get out by zarla How'd you two get out :iconzarla:zarla 1,809 131 CM - Primed by saishan CM - Primed :iconsaishan:saishan 37 6 The Adviser by Sandwich-Anomaly The Adviser :iconsandwich-anomaly:Sandwich-Anomaly 116 7 Nessa [Dive Ball Ver.] by imDRUNKonTEA Nessa [Dive Ball Ver.] :iconimdrunkontea:imDRUNKonTEA 741 14 Tryx makes like a music video diva by Ferroth Tryx makes like a music video diva :iconferroth:Ferroth 37 64 The Crew Chief by Rookie425 The Crew Chief :iconrookie425:Rookie425 185 6



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On Clyde and Communication
*In a bar, Sheera is having a bottle or two to dull the pain of a day having to deal with Clyde's annoyance. unfortunately, Clyde has found her hidden sanctuary and has been speaking to her. for 5 hours*

Clyde:...and then Leon said "there's no way you can pick up chicks in a tank." but i sure proved him wrong when i drove the tank to the farm.^^

Sheera: you know, the whole reason i came here was to get the hell away from you. and you being HERE is the complete opposite.

Clyde: really? i thought you came here for those spinning arcade machines.

Sheera: they're called Slot Machines, idiot.*sighs* don't you have anything to do then bother me?

Clyde: not until Monday.

Sheera:*groans* just go away...

Clyde: go away where?


Clyde: but where's anywhere?

Sheera:*slams her face on the table, groans loudly, and muffles* barkeep! more drinks!

Clyde: you okay, Sheera? you tired?

Sheera:*muffles* yes! tired of your stupidity!

Grilby:*places a tray of a burger, fries, a large soda* here's your meal, sir.*walks away*

Clyde: uh, i'm suppose a toy with this.*Grilby throws a Candy the Cat toy at him, it hits him, and lands on the tray* thanks!^^

Clyde & Sheera - Mine

Art - :iconferroth:

Sorry i'm a little late. it appears our old friends from Destiny 1 & 2 has come back to haunt us. ...i am so boned.
44 deviations
Hey, everyone.^^ i hope you're all doing good. i got some big important news regarding my Elysium story. remember when i said i was putting Elysium on hold? there's a reason for that, besides the obvious. a couple months ago, i have decided to use original content for my Elysium story instead of content from other stuff. one of these days, my story is gonna get known by a lot of people, either here on DA or outside, and i want my story to go further. maybe become a video game adaptation.^^ and if that ever happens...i'd rather not get into trouble with the various companies the content that belongs to them. that's a nightmare i'd rather not face, thank you. anyway, point is, i'm gonna be adding original content for Elysium, with the help of my good friend :iconferroth:.^^

Not only that, but he's also helping me with my story.^^ adding the details in the plot and all that. this is something i would do myself, but there are some things i can't do alone. which is why i need his help with this. what's going on is that my story is inspired by a lot of things like video games, movies, TV shows, comics(both here in DA and outside), etc. so, i take a plot from let's say Halo: Combat Evolved and i show it to Ferroth, i tell him to adapt it by Elysium standards(along with some extra things), in a few days he shows me the adapted plot, i take it, and i figure out what should stay in Elysium and what should go. and any leftovers i have i can use for future sequels or spin-offs. or even a comic. lol just recently, he sent me an adapt plot idea for Chapter 4, which is quite helpful for something i have in mind.^^ however, i forgot to mention that he's suppose to pretend that we're going for a clean slate for Elysium(which will never happen, trust me) and any plot adaptations he has i will use for something my characters will encounter in their journey. so...sorry, Ferroth. my bad.^^;

Speaking of which, that leads to my other topic for Elysium. i'm gonna be rewriting Elysium. AGAIN! i know i said it was gonna be the last time, but admit it, the first chapter was a cluster muck and it needs work done on it badly. >_< the second chapter is fine, just need to fix a few words here and there. and the 3rd chapter...well, i got something planned for that. ^_- so...yeah, more rewrites and i pray to god that this will be the last rewrite i ever do! i'll have it started soon after i speak to Ferroth about a few things regarding Elysium.

So...yeah, that's the news. i'll be adding original content, Ferroth is helping me out, and i'm gonna be rewriting again until i'm probably old and grey. XC

Have a nice day!^^
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