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Five Nights at Zack's Concept
Just something i thought while writing Elysium. lol basically, it's a concept idea of a FNaF fan game based on Elysium.^^(note: that this concept idea is non-canon to the actually story of Elysium.)
No.1 Backstory
100 years has passed since the Trasan's defeat, Elysium has been at peace. Zack and his friends are has become known heroes that saved the world and it's people. a fast food establishment has been built to commemorate the legendary heroes and calling itself "Zack and friends Fast Food", with the animatronic versions of them as it's mascots. but, there is someone from the old war who has cheated death and plans reignite the war bit by bit.
No.2: Mechanics
You play as a security guard name Nathan(based off of :iconspirogs: ). the game is similar to the first FNaF game, you got security cameras, two doors on the left and right that you can close or open or turn on the lights. one new thing added is a vent that's above the desk that you can close or open as well.
No.3: Characters
:iconzackwriter23:ZackWriter23 3 7
The Old Ways
*Zack continues to rewrite his first chapter for the hundredth time, but with very little success. suddenly, a Shadowy Figure appears behind him*
Shadowy Figure: hello.
Zack: huh?*turns around and sees the Shadowy Figure* who are you?
Shadowy Figure: it's me, your long forgotten friend. and you have also forgotten something important.
Zack: like what? picking up a game i pre-ordered?
Shadowy Figure: do you remember when you first started writing Elysium here on DA? you used other creations in your story, while mixing in a few of your own. Halo, Destiny, Sonic, Fallout, the list goes on.
Zack: oh...that. yeah, and i gave it up because i was going for originality now that i have an artist.
Shadowy Figure: back then, you had a plan for your Elysium series. a civil war, a shocking revelation, discovering ancient machines, a favorite character's sacrifice, and a King's arrival. i wonder what your plans would've been like now that Destiny 2 and it's DLCs has been released? perhaps you could'
:iconzackwriter23:ZackWriter23 5 9
Zack(elysium) by ZackWriter23 Zack(elysium) :iconzackwriter23:ZackWriter23 7 9
Clyde's Stupidity: Pilot
*At an Air Force Base, Clyde is building a WWI Airplane that's made out of cardboard boxes and held together by barbwire and duct tape. suddenly, Leon approaches Clyde*
Leon: Clyde, what are you doing?
Clyde: it's the pilot episode, Leon!^^ which means, i have to fly a plane for this episode.^^
Leon: :facepalm: Clyde, a pilot episode means it's a standalone episode of a television series that is used to sell the show to a television network. that mean you have to fly a plane! and how this gonna fly?
Clyde: i'm glad you asked.^^ see, i use the propane tanks as the engines to start the rotors. all i have to do is push a button and i'll be putting the Red Baron to shame! >:3're using propane tanks as engines? isn't that dangerous?
Clyde: everything i do is dangerous. why should this be any different?^^
Leon: of course. if you don't mind, i'll be watching you from this distance.*walks far away from Clyde*
Clyde: okay!^^ let's see...helmet...*puts on a biker's helmet* check.^^ g
:iconzackwriter23:ZackWriter23 7 9
Elysians React to Infinity War's Ending
Zack: oh no... O.O
Sheera: by Elysia...
Kat: ;_;
Clyde: oh boy... o_o
Leon: what just happened? what the hell just happened!?
Harriet: that didn't just happened...that didn't just happened...
Felix:*faints and falls on the ground* -_-
:iconzackwriter23:ZackWriter23 5 7
Elysium - Ch.3: On The Run
*Kuuma, what was once a peaceful town, isolated from the troubles of the world, has now been destroyed by the Trasan, who vanished 20 years ago, now returns with new weapons and technology. most of Kuuma's villagers now lies dead, leaving Zack and Sheera the only survivors of the massacre. but it is a dark day for the two, for Sheera's father, Phraan, was slain by a Trasan Captain name Reth before her very eyes, and Zack learns the reason for the Trasan's merciless attack on the village was to take the Strange Cube Object that is in his possession. because of this, the Trasan will hunt for Zack and Sheera, and they will keep moving to evade their pursuit. but they are lost, homeless, and confused. as of now, they have no direction to take, no destination to go, and if they hide they will be found eventually. all they can do now is either move forward. Zack, who is driving a M274 Mongoose with Sheera sitting behind him, drives through the plain fields of Muskana. Zack drives into a near
:iconzackwriter23:ZackWriter23 6 5
Easter-April Fool's Day
*In the Elysium Mansion, Zack goes to the kitchen to get a drink when he sees Sheera checking her chair by turning it upside down and examining under it*
Zack:*confused at what she's doing* Sheera, what are you doing?
Sheera: it's April Fool's Day and Clyde is home. who knows what that sneaky little devil will do. he probably rigged this chair to explode or something.
Zack:*sighs* Sheera, you're thinking of a prank. April Fool's Day is where someone tells something unexpectedly and the latter believes it to be true and the former comes back saying "April Fools." so, really, you got nothing to worry about.^^ unless Clyde yells out the apocalypse is approaching or something.
Clyde:*walks into the kitchen* hey, Zack.^^ hey, Sheera.^^
Zack:*takes out a bottle of Root Beer from the fridge* hey, Clyde.^^
Sheera:*sits at the kitchen table* hi, moron. what do you want?
Clyde: i just want to give something Zack for Easter.^^
Zack: oh? what is it?
Clyde:*gives Zack a video game copy of Kingdom H
:iconzackwriter23:ZackWriter23 6 7
Elysium - Ch.2: The Nightmare's Return
*Zack, a 20 year old Wolf-Fox hybrid, awoken with 2 months of his memories gone. the only clue he has about his past is a Strange Cube Object, that is both familiar and important to him. after he wakes, he meets Sheera, a 20 year old Wolf, in Joth Woods and she leads Zack to her hometown known as Kuuma. there, Sheera introduce Zack to her father, Phraan, and Zack tells him about his lost memories. rather then answering the questions he seeks, more questions are raised instead. soon after, Phraan has given Zack a task in locating his missing adoptive son, a 24 year old Coyote name Jaedon, and bring him back to Kuuma. Zack is successful in his endeavor, returns Jaedon to Kuuma, and sleeps in the guest room of Phraan's house. as this happens, the nightmare approaches the peaceful town of Kuuma, intending to bring death and destruction to all that stands in their path to accomplish their goal. a few hours later, after Jaedon told Phraan what happened when he was in Jul Forest, Phraan himse
:iconzackwriter23:ZackWriter23 7 11
Use of a Guitar
*In Shane Wolfrik's apartment, Shane himself looks under his bed for his missing item*
Shane Wolfrik:*growls* where is it?
Chase Quicksilver:*arrives in Shane's room* hey, Shane.^^ what are you doing?
Shane Wolfrik: i'm trying to find my guitar. i had it in my room somewhere!*gets out from under his bed* i got a concert in about 4 hours, my damn is guitar is missing, and i got itch on my back that i can't scratch! >_<
Chase Quicksilver:*notices a paper note on Shane's back that's being held by a thumbtack* that's because you go a note on your back.
Shane Wolfrik: huh?*Chase removes the thumbtack on his back* ow! >.
:iconzackwriter23:ZackWriter23 6 9
Clyde's Christmas
*on the night before Christmas, in the Elysium Mansion, Clyde sleeps in his bed with Kat when she awakes to hear a noise downstairs in the living room*
Kat: O.O*shakes Clyde to wake him up and whispers* Clyde! Clyde!
Clyde: what...? -_-
Kat:*whispers* i think someone is living room.
Clyde: O.O a burglar!? oh...*gets out of the bed, gets under the bed to get something, and takes out a Baseball Bat* nobody robs us! >: (
Kat: uh, Clyde? i don't think it's a burglar...
Clyde: don't worry, Kat.^^ nobody will touch your Golden Acorn!*runs out of the bedroom and runs downstairs*
Kat: Clyde!*hears voices downstairs*
Clyde: hey you! get away from that tree!*hits the burglar a few times* hey, get your hands off of me! that's it!*cocks his shotgun*
Burglar: oh my god! O.O
Kat:*hears a shotgun shot downstairs and a thump and runs out of the bedroom and runs downstairs* Clyde! what...*sees Clyde, armed with Scout's Shotgun, standing over the dead corpse of Santa* O.O
Clyde: ha! that will teach you
:iconzackwriter23:ZackWriter23 7 19
My Dimension Hero/Kertana OC
Name: Zack
Nicknames: None
Sex: Male
Name Meaning: Nothing
Race: Wolf-Fox Hybrid
Age: 20
Title: Militia Leader, Clan Chieftain, Pack Alpha
Relations: Unnamed Father(father, unknown), Unnamed Mother(mother, unknown), Lado(adoptive father, alive), Sifa(adoptive mother, alive), Sheera(love interest, alive)
Personality: Smart, Brave, Strong, Kind, Stubborn, and Resourceful
Weapon: Anything he can find
Abilities: [spoilers]
Weakness: Losing those he cares deeply
Likes: Weapons, His Friends and Family, Helping those in need, Life in general
Dislikes: Evil, Losing his friends and family, Seeing people suffer, Getting hurt, Being betrayed, Racists, Cyrus
Theme Songs:
Theme Songs in Game: None
Inspirations: None
Based On: Myself(sort of)
:iconzackwriter23:ZackWriter23 6 8
Zack's Birthday Present by ZackWriter23 Zack's Birthday Present :iconzackwriter23:ZackWriter23 7 0 Chibi Zack's Birthday Cupcake by ZackWriter23 Chibi Zack's Birthday Cupcake :iconzackwriter23:ZackWriter23 6 6
Sheera's Treat
*Sheera arrives on the docks of a town harbor, where she sits on a box and takes out her treat, which is a Sweetroll*
Sheera: :) *about to eat her treat, she sees Clyde next to her* oh no...>_<
Clyde:*falls face first on the floor and crawls up into a ball* hey, Sheera? :3
Sheera: what do you want, Clyde? >: (
Clyde: i look like a hush puppy. :3
Sheera: ...yes. now go away.
Clyde: hey!
Sheera:*twitches her head a bit*
Clyde: hey, Sheera! you know sometimes i like to crawl up in a big ball, pretend i'm a hush puppy. X3
Sheera: i'm enjoying a treat, Clyde! piss off! >: (
Clyde: hey, Sheera? whatcha doing? :3
Sheera: Clyde!!!*sees Clyde laying on the floor like he's dead*
Clyde: X_X
Sheera: thank Elysia. -_-*takes a bite out of her Sweetroll*
Clyde: Sheera, hey!^^
Sheera: O_O Clyde! >: (
Clyde:*turns into a Hay pile* hey!
Sheera: i'm enjoying my treat, Clyde! >: (
Clyde: c-can you share?*reaches his hand out for her Sweetroll*
Sheera:*slaps his hand* no!
Clyde: you're a selfish jerk! T^T
:iconzackwriter23:ZackWriter23 4 8
Happy Birthday Kat: Under Sea Love by ZackWriter23 Happy Birthday Kat: Under Sea Love :iconzackwriter23:ZackWriter23 15 9
Ari the Monster
*at night, near a lake, Ari holds a plate of Mash Potatoes with gravy on top, Peas, and Pork Chops, and throws it all out in the lake. Zack, Kat, Clyde, holding a Baseball Bat, and a few others, witness what he did*
Zack: so, you like wasting good food, huh? well we'll show you, Ari! >: (
Clyde: let's get him!
*Zack, Kat, Clyde, Shane, a Requian Juvenile, and Pikachu charges at Ari*
Ari: O.O ahhhhhh!!! OoO
*the group beats Ari up by punching him, kicking him, biting him, hitting him with a bat, hitting him with an anvil, and electrocuting him. taking vengeance for wasting the good dinner he threw out*
:iconzackwriter23:ZackWriter23 4 11



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To those who has been commenting my story :iconkatagro::iconalexvanarsdale::icontyrannedragon::iconshanewolfrik::icondaylightwolfcross::iconsaturdaystorytellers::iconferroth::iconaliuh::iconcinusthehuskywolf02::icondoctoreye: i have...some very heartbreaking news. i guess. here's the problem, yesterday i was going to edit a chapter of my story when something weird happened. instead of the page looking how you would submit something, it was all...weird. the text in the description was a garbled mess, i couldn't write anything, and i couldn't even update it! i don't know if this is happening to other people who writes or if it's just me, but one of my friends told me it might be a glitch and i should wait a day. i did just that and today i went to check to see if it's fixed...and it's still the same as it was yesterday.

So right now, since i can no longer edit my stories, i have no choice but to delete the current chapters i have and republish the new updated ones. the hand, it means i'll show something new and get to advertise my friends patreons to support them. but on the other hand, it means i will lose the thousands of views i worked hard to get and the comments you posted, the very same comments that inspired me to keep going, that gives me hope, and that i treasure so much! losing them is very heartbreaking to be honest. because once i publish the new chapters, will any of you comment them again? i know some of you aren't interested in my story because i'm using pictures from other sources, but i don't care if i'm original or not. i'm writing my story for fun! to see what kind of craziness i can come up with!

*sighs* look...i get that some of you aren't interested in my story, or just don't have the time to read it, or none of you owe me anything, but...i would be very grateful if you could just comment on the new chapters that i'll publish. even if you commented on one chapter, it would be enough. commenting on all of them would be even better! so please, i beg you, just comment on the new chapters i'll be publishing(hopefully soon).

That is all. have a good day. because my day is turning lousy. XC
Okay, guys, i know i say stuff that doesn't mean anything and i know you guys don't like replying, but i am in big trouble here! i don't know if this is temporary or not...okay, here's what happened. i was going to edit some things in the first chapter, i clicked on edit took me to the place where i can edit it, but it looks weird. it didn't look like the page where you submit something. and i couldn't do anything! i couldn't edit my story, i couldn't update it, i can't do anything! i'm scared because if this isn't fixed...i'll have to delete the current chapters i have just to publish the updated ones! and i can't do that! you know how many views i got on the first chapter? how many comments i got? you think the people who commented my first chapter are gonna comment again? they won't even comment on the second and third chapter! sorry, sorry...*sighs* it's just...all that work i did...just thinking about losing it all...T^T
Be honest with me, people. am i going a little too crazy with my story, Elysium? because recently i just got more ideas for my story. ideas that probably involves Dinosaurs, half of Borderlands, and whatnot. so if i am going crazy with it, let me know if it's a good crazy or bad crazy.
Hey fellow viewers and watchers.^^ sorry i didn't announce this sooner, i've been busy lately. but i am happy to announce that :iconlycan-metal: has agreed to be my...i guess stuff artist? it's where i ask him to draw me stuff like objects, or food, or drink, or whatever i need for my story.^^ and thank god for that. XP

Character Artist: :iconbleedingwings12:, happy to have her on board.^^

Weapon Artist: unfortunately, :iconchigiri16: hasn't replied to any of my messages and disappeared. something tells me he isn't coming back. so the position is still open if anyone is interested.^^

Vehicle Artist: still looking

Creature Artist: haven't found one yet

Stuff Artist: :iconlycan-metal: welcome aboard!^^
So i was just browsing around YouTube, looking at videos involving Marvel, when i noticed something interesting. apparently there's this big controversy about Captain America being a Hydra agent or something. there's even this meme about him saying "hail Hydra."

Okay, i don't know much about Hydra, except that they're a terrorist organization and arch enemies in Captain America's story(i think), but i don't get what's all the fuss about Cap being with Hydra. i mean it's not like it's part of the main comic series. unlike some.

So i don't get why everyone is upset about that.
Well, i finally got rid of the Spider.^^ i killed it. :) it's not gonna pay rent, it ain't staying!
ahhhhh!!! i can't seem to write for crap! i have an idea for the 3rd chapter of Elysium and i have no idea what to do with it! i can't think of anything. i'm dumb. T^T


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