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You don't have to read this
Okay this is just a really quick rant I guess
I've learned this from personal experience
If drama happens
Ask for both sides of the story rather than only listening to one
Blocking someone just because bad things are said about them isn't gonna help
Ask the other side their story
If it was public then ask possible witnesses
Don't immediately trust one side
I also think screenshots should be used to clear your name, not to make someone look bad
They should be a last resort only
If both parties did wrong then oh well (whether one was worse or not). Accept your faults and move on
:icondoggiewuv:DoggieWuv 1 7
oh look zac made a meme
Created  by: ZacKow264
Tagged By NightAtom  
Just add a single fandom that you’re a part of to the list. Tag whoever you want, if anybody at all. Nobody is obliged to do this, but let’s see how many people do.
here are my friggin tags sorry not sorry
Zac's: How To Train Your Dragon
Nova's: Gravity Falls
Kekoa's: Furry Fandom
Brodie's: Ace Attorney
Night's: Be More Chill (because it's my new obsession leave me alone kthx <33)
Mine: Wings of Fire (because the others are taken ok)
//thank god I had time//
:iconlogan-the-roleplayer:Logan-The-Roleplayer 4 4
How far can we go?
Created  by: ZacKow264 
Tagged By Kekoa-Wolf 
Just add a single fandom that you’re a part of to the list. Tag whoever you want, if anybody at all. Nobody is obliged to do this, but let’s see how many people do. 
Zac's: How To Train Your Dragon
Nova's: Gravity Falls
Kekoa's: Furry Fandom
Mine: Ace Attorney
I tag:
NightAtom sorrythatiexist Logan-The-Roleplayer Alziratt ReoFury ZephyrNightfury N-ivo-on Heart 
:iconalicornbrodie:Alicornbrodie 2 8
how friggen f a r
Created  by: ZacKow264 
Tagged By Kekoa-Wolf and ZacKow264 AND Alicornbrodie 
Just add a single fandom that you’re a part of to the list. Tag whoever you want, if anybody at all. Nobody is obliged to do this, but let’s see how many people do. 
oh i also forgot to tag people o wo
who do i wanna torture
Zac's: How To Train Your Dragon
Nova's: Gravity Falls
Kekoa's: Furry Fandom 
Brodie's: Ace Attorney
Mine: Be More Chill (because it's my new obsession leave me alone kthx <33)
//ps i felt obligated since you all tagged me
people keep dragging me out of the darkness and back to here hecc
seriously ily tho
okay bye//
:iconnightatom:NightAtom 2 5
How far
Created  by: ZacKow264 
Tagged By NovaFlurry 
Just add a single fandom that you’re a part of to the list. Tag whoever you want, if anybody at all. Nobody is obliged to do this, but let’s see how many people do. 
Zac's: How To Train Your Dragon
Nova's: Gravity Falls
Mine: Furry Fandom (HAHA im trash)
I TAG .......UM
XxDragonRiderxX12  MixThings Thunder-Note TaylorRose24 NightAtom Alicornbrodie SynnerSkulls 
Cannoteven GIF F Letter Block U Letter Block C Letter Block K Letter Block 
:iconkekoa-wolf:Kekoa-Wolf 4 25
How Far? (Meme)
Created and tagged by: ZacKow264 
Just add a single fandom that you’re a part of to the list. Tag whoever you want, if anybody at all. Nobody is obliged to do this, but let’s see how many people do.
Zac's: How To Train Your Dragon
Mine: Gravity Falls
I tag: Kekoa-Wolf, SwaggitySwanSky, SmolSpooper, sad-blu, and Iannis623
:iconnovaflurry:NovaFlurry 1 4
Miika Stop Now
1. Your first OC ever?
Toothy - Made in 2012
2. Do you have a personal favourite among your OCs?
Miika and Dale
3. Have you ever adopted a character or gotten a character from someone else?
Nope, I don't so. I like creating and designing my own characters to the way I wish.
4. Character you rarely talk about?
Spirit wave, Daggar, eyre, blossom and akara.
5. If you could make only one of your OCs popular/known, who would it be?
Either Miika or dale. I can't choose
6. Two OCs of yours that look alike despite not being related?
Akara and blossom. both have long brown hair, freckles and a scar of their face.
7. Are your OC's part of any story or stories?
Yes!!! Dale has a full finished? story with 23 chapters.
8. Do you RP as any of your OCs? If you do, introduce one of your RP OCs here!
Mostly My night fury oc's and dale 
9. Would you ever be willing to give any of your OCs to someone else?
NO WAY IN A MILLION YEARS. I love my baby's
10. Introduce an OC with a complica
:iconcrashinwaves:CrashinWaves 2 3


ZacKow264's Profile Picture
Zachary Kowalczyk
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art

Hi! I'm Zac, and I like traditional drawing, writing, listening to music, playing videogames, chatting, programming, playing chess, HTTYD, anything Spyro-related, anything Ratchet and Clank-related, and my cat.

You can also find me on Spyro's Forum, the TealGMHub, the Insomniac Games Community, and lots of other random places, all with the same username! Mostly. I’m also on Facebook as Zachary Kowalczyk.

Here are some random cool people to check out:

This list will be expanded now and then as I think of more cool people who I want to advertise for. XD
They are not and never will be in any particular order.

I need to make a DA Family thing one of these days.

That's all for now,
Zackow264 out.


Get This... Thing Off Me!
Happy birthday Darkumbreon92! Sweet Sixteen!
I’ve never actually drawn anything for you before, despite how long we’ve known each other. I don’t know if you still like Pokémon, but here’s something I thought you might like anyway.
How far will it go? The meme itself will tell you!

This is a very simple idea, an experiment of sorts.

The idea is to start a list of fandoms, as a way of showing how far it can go, and how widespread this part of the internet really is.

Just add a single fandom that you’re a part of to the list. Tag whoever you want, if anybody at all. Nobody is obliged to do this, but let’s see how many people do.

How To Train Your Dragon
DoggieWuv is rich in dem memes

1. Your first OC ever?

2. Do you have a personal favorite among your OCs?
Shade. XD

3. Have you ever adopted a character or gotten a character from someone else?
No, I like to create my own. It gives me a stronger connection to them.
Although I guess I did technically getting a flying-wolf-thing from MixThings, so I suppose I have. XD
‘Tis a cute dragon-like creature.

4. Character you rarely talk about?
Uhhh...right now, all of them.

5. If you could make only one of your OCs popular/known, who would it be?
Shade. He’s like the ringleader. XD

6. Two OCs of yours that look alike despite not being related?
Uhh...well, a lot of the admittedly share similarities, but I wouldn’t say they look alike...

7. Are your OC's part of any story or stories?
Yes! It’s like an entire saga that I’ve had laid out in my head for two years but still haven’t written down. XD

8. Do you RP as any of your OCs? If you do, introduce one of your RP OCs here!
All of them, but normally just Shade.

Shade: Though it’s been like, a year.

9. Would you ever be willing to give any of your OCs to someone else?
Heck naw. I love these guys. XD
Except Shade. He can go.

Shade: Ass.


10. Introduce an OC with a complicated design?
Draw has a bloody annoying pattern on his scales and a really weird tail design but the most complicated would probably have to be Bones, just because he’s a skeleton.

12. Name an OC that isn’t yours but who you like a lot.

13. Do you have any troublemaker OCs?
Shade, Blitz, Axel, Blitz, Blitz, Blitz, Drax, Blitz.

14. Introduce an OC with a tragic backstory.
Normally I would say Shade, but I’ve been fixing him up to be less like a Mary Sue, so it’s really not so tragic anymore. Bones’s history is horrifying, though. XD Well, more horrifying than any of the others, at least.

15. Do you like to talk about your OCs with other people?
I avoid it, because I don’t like people thinking I’m self-obsessed.

Shade: We talk about ourselves instead!

16. Which one of your OCs would be the best at biology (school subject)?
As opposed to the science? Ricks.
He’s a nerd.
Head-over-heels in love with science.

17. Any OC OTPs?


Oh, sorry.
No, Shade is forever alone.

18. Any OC crack ships?
Blitz and literally anyone or anything. Against its will.

19. Introduce an OC that means a lot to you (and explain why)
Not Shade.

Shade: Excuse me? You love me. I’m the reason you’re here!

Uhhh...go back to being forever alone!

20. Do any of your OCs sing? If they sing, care to share more details (headcanon voice, what kind of songs they like etc)?
Blitz does!
Of course...

21. Your most artistic OC.
Uhh...probably also Blitz. XD

22. Is there any OC of yours people tend to mischaracterize? If yes, how?
Yeah people keep thinking Shade’s a dick when really he’s merely an asshole.

Shade: ...

23. Introduce OC that has changed from your first idea concerning what the character would be like?
I couldn’t think of a design or name for Shade, so I just kind of stole the design of Mistrunner from some HTTYD fanfic and went with that until I could think of something.
I didn’t draw Mistrunner or anything though. I don’t own the design of a Black Night Fury with a pink foot. XD

24. If you could meet one OC of yours, who would it be and why?
I want to say Shade, but he might eat me. So...Skaw? He’s cool.

25. The OC that resembles you the most (same hobby, height, shared like/dislike for something etc?)
Shade, except he’s an asshole, and I am very much not.

Shade: He’s a dick, which is very different.

26. Have you ever had to change your OC’s design or something else about them against your will?
I started to really like the Mistrunner design. XD

27. Any OCs that were inspired by a certain song?

28. Your most dangerous OC?
Shade in his own Mary Sue-y way, although it should probably be Blitz.

29. Which one of your OCs would go investigate an abandoned house at night without telling anyone they’re going?
Shade for fun.
Blaze to look badass.
Blitz because he’s stupid.
Drax to impress Blaze.
Bones because he’s freaking undead.
And Axel because cats are nocturnal.

30. Which one of your OCs would most likely have a secret stuffed animal collection?
Blitz DOES have one, but it’s no secret.

31. Pick one OC of yours and explain what their Tumblr blog would be like (what they reblog, layout, anything really)
Maths equations.
Philosophical questions.
New PAC-Man highscores.

32. Which one of your OCs would be the most suitable horror game protagonist and why?
Ricks. He gets afraid way too easily. XD

33. Your shyest OC?
Katie, I think...she hasn’t shown up anywhere on this website yet.

34. Do you have any twin characters?
Blitz is convinced he does, but we’ve been trying to convince him of the physics behind that magical glass wall known as a “mirror”.

35. Any sibling characters?
Nope. Although it’s an interesting idea...

36. Do you have OC pairs where the other part belongs to someone else (siblings, lovers, friends etc)?
Also no...

37. Introduce an OC who is not quite human
Every OC I have because they’re all dragons. 👍

38. Which one of your OCs would be the best dancer?
Katie, probably. Or Blaze. Blaze needs something girly to do to keep her grounded. XD
Nah, definitely Katie. Though that’s not saying much.

39. Introduce any character you want.
Hi! Say something!

40. Any fond memories linked to your characters? Feel free to share!
Lots of them.

41. Has anyone drawn fanart of your OCs? If yes, maybe show a picture or two here (remember sources & permissions!)
There’s a folder on my page, expressing my true self-obsession but also the amazing pieces friends have done for me! 😊

42. Which one of your OCs would be the most interested in Greek gods?
Ricks. Nerd. Yeah.

43. Do you have any certain type when you create your OCs? Do you tend to favor some certain traits or looks? It’s time to confess.
There needs to be something unique about them. But not too extreme, like they’re a cross-breed, or their parents are psychopaths. Just something small, like being a nerd, coming from a bit of a poor family...and then their characters will make them interesting later on.

44. Something you like about your OCs in general.
They’re all dragons and they all love me because if they didn’t I could wipe them from existence.

Shade: And yet...hey why’s this all in Italics?

45. A character you no longer use?
Bones was in one RP. One.

46. Has anyone ever told you that you treat your OCs badly?
Yes, actually. XD
But it’s totally justified!

Shade: Asshole...

47. Has anyone ever (friendly) claimed any of your OCs as their child?
I don’t THINK so...?

48. OC who is a perfect cinnamon roll, too good for this world, too pure.

49. Which one of your OCs would most likely enjoy memes
Journal memes? Shade. Internet memes? Ricks, maybe?

50. Give me the good ol’ OC talk here. Talk about anything you want.
You heard the man.

Shade: But I’ve got nothing to talk about.

Talk about your love life.

Shade: ZAC!

Right, sorry. You’re forever alone~

Shade: Stop it.

A lone, lonely loner. Alone...ALONE~

Shade: STOP IT.


Shade: I’m gonna tag a bunch of people now so they’ll get mad at you.

Nah, they love reading this crap.

Shade: Ehh...Darkumbreon92

Hey stop!

Shade: NightAtom


Shade: SingingRedfox CrashinWaves nightfuryscars Toffeefee8


Shade: HA! Now they’ve all got to read this in their inbox only to find out it wasn’t important.

But wait you forgot one.
Stolen from DoggieWuv again


Star sign:

Average hours of sleep:

Lucky Number:
4! No...12! No...pi!

Last thing I googled:
What sound a Fox makes...

Favorite fictional character:
Toothless, Spyro, Cynder, Firestar, Ahsoka Tano, Simba, Moana/Vaiana, sans, Dr. Nefarious, Darth Nihilus...

What are you wearing now?:
Casual shorts and T-shirt.

When did you start this account?:
Around August 2016. Over two years ago, guys!

Amount of watchers:
79. XD Thanks Guys!

What do you post?:
Art every three years.

Do you run any more blogs?:
I would! I did a series of vlogs during a class trip which were loads of fun. I’d want to do something like that again, but there’s never anything interesting happening in my life for me to talk about.

Do you get a lot of comments?:
No, but it’s been a while since I last posted a good picture.

Why did you choose this username?:
First name + Surname + numbers
Stolen from the World’s Best Corgi, the Rainbow of the Tribe, the Slayer of Showermen... DoggieWuv

1.Are you more feminine or masculine?
I would hope more masculine, but I do occasionally ask myself this question.

2. Are you tall or short?
Tall. God I’m tall. XD
Compared to anyone that isn’t That One Classmate, at least.

3. What's your favorite colour?
Orange all the way!

4. What do you love about yourself?
I have lots of things I want to do with my life.

5. What's your greatest flaw?
I have lots of things I want to do with my life.

6. Do you see yourself differently than other people describe you?
Quite possibly...but nobody’s ever described me to myself before.
I have been called “cute” though, which confuses me.

7. What are you really, really good at?
Chatting, I think. I try to be open and supportive.
Of course, this is a subjective opinion.

8. What's something you're bad at, but love?
Heheh...heheh...being motivated.

9. What's something people have tried to force you to do?
I have been to many weird parts of the internet...I have seen many things...

10. How do you spend your free time?
Chatting with friends and occasionally something else.

11. Describe the way you dress
Hoodie. T-shirt. Jeans/shorts. Underpants. Socks. Glasses. Diabetes pump.

12. Have you ever gotten your nails professionally painted?
Heck no. XD

13. What is the most insulting thing anyone has said to you?
I hate it when people refer to me as young or as a child. XD

15. What color is your hair
Blonde. Sort of a dirty blonde.

Well crap.

16. Do you believe in god? Care to tell why?
No, the concept just doesn’t fit together from what I learned growing up sand how I think today.

17. Is men's rights a thing?
Yes, though few people have ever seen it.

18. Does love really exist?
As a mental and emotional concept, it has no physical representation and so, by the definition of “existence” as far as I know, and to keep this philosophical debate interesting, no.
Although yes, I believe it does.

19. Can science explain everything, eventually?
Once we understand something, we rebrand it from “magic” to “science”, so, as long as we are capable of eventually understanding everything, yes.

20. Are we raised into what we love, or do we come to love it based on how we were raised?

21. How do you feel about the school system?’s alright. The IB course sucks, I’ll say that. 50 Physics questions a week. Now that isn’t long when you’ve also got an essay to write and a documentary to watch.

22. Do you believe in fate/destiny?
I believe that if we knew this, we could create a paradox by avoiding our fate and/or destiny, and destroy time itself.
Or something like that.

23. What is art?
An expression of whatever you want to express, be it emotions, your own artistic talent, or something funny.

24. Do we define ourselves, or does our past?
Urban Dictionary does. XD
Seriously. Look up your name in Urban Dictionary. I can almost guarantee it’ll be there.

25. What happens after we die?
Life goes on around us.

26. Do humans matter (tiny specs on a floating piece of rock in a solar system in a galaxy in an infinite universe)?
Not in comparison to a supposedly infinite universe. Not so much. But compared to the boundaries of what we can see, yes.
And, as Savy said, we’re killing everything.

27. What religion?

28. Is there good in everyone?
There was good in Hayden Christiansen’s Anakin Skywalker, so I guess there must be good in everyone.

29. Is human life only valuable because our society makes it?
Our society makes human life valuable? Oh...right.

30. How do you feel about society, the vague "they" blamed for everything- ?
It’s a little...vague...

Oh crap. This is not what I signed up for.

31. What gender sex do you prefer?
In a relationship sort of way, females. But I have nothing against males as humans. I’m just straight. XD

32. What's the first thing you notice about someone?
Whether or not they are wearing a huge hat with a half-donkey-half-bird creature on top of it with the donkey’s legs hanging in their face.

33. Could you love someone you found ugly?
Yes? Why not?

34. Favorite hair colour?
Uhh...probably blonde/black/brunette/ginger.

35. Favorite eye colour?
Brown? Blue? I dunno!

36. Ideal height?

37. Describe, personality-wise, what your ideal boy/girlfriend would be like?
Friendly, nice, loving, caring, fun? The standard kinda criteria.

38. Describe, appearance-wise, what your ideal boy/girlfriend would be like?
Pretty normal? Average?

39. What do you look for: brains or looks?
Only one brain normally.

40. Could you fall in love online?

41. How much of an age gap can you handle?
I’d rather they weren’t younger than my brother. Or older than my parents. I dunno. Haven’t been faced with the extremes of these cases yet.

42. How would you introduce yourself on a blind date?
“Hi, I’m that guy. How are you?”
*Forgets to actually introduce himself*

43. Could you forgive a cheater?
Only if I don’t think they’ll do it again.

44. Is lying about something serious as bad as cheating?
It depends on why you lied, I suppose.

45. Right now, you could call the person you like/love (if you aren't dating/engaged/married already), or show up at their front door, and just confess or kiss them or whatever. What's stopping you?
There isn’t such a person in my life right now. But if there was, it would PROBABLY be the cost of a flight to whatever country they’re in.

...What’s this?

1. Are looks important in a relationship?
If you’re missing an eye, have tattoos all over your face, and piercings everywhere, I wouldn’t feel very comfortable around you, no.

2. Are relationships ever worth it?
Just need to find the right person. Then it is. I’m sure.
Otherwise, you can at least learn from your mistakes.

3. Are you a virgin?
Haha my sex life is as devoid of fun as my pancreas is devoid of insulin.

4. Are you in a relationship?
Not a “lovey-dovey” girlfriend-boyfriend relationship.

5. Are you in love?
Also not.

6. Are you single this year?
...In general? I wasn’t when the year started.

7. Can you commit to one person?
Yes. I managed it before. 👍

8. Describe your crush. (or partner)
An Inuit, ten feet tall, three arms and a bazooka sling over the shoulder.
I dunno.
I’m getting creative.

9. Describe your perfect mate.
I’m pretty sure I already answered something like this...

10. Do you believe in love at first sight?
Yes, but it mostly doesn’t work out and you tend to be called a “whore” for it.

11. Do you ever want to get married?
I don’t know...maybe?

12. Do you forgive betrayal?
My pancreas betrayed me and I had it replaced by a pump.
Betray me and you too shall be replaced by another insulin-secretion device. 👀

13. Do you get jealous easily?
Preeeeeetty sure I do.

14. Do you have a crush on anyone?
Yes. That imaginary Inuit.

15. Do you have any piercings?
Heck no.

16. Do you have any tattoos?
Hecker no.

17. Do you like kissing in public?
Heckest no.

20. Do you shower every day?
No. Every two days, sometimes more if I get particularly sweaty.

21. Do you think someone has feelings for you?
It’s always a possibility. 👀
Note me if you do and I will fix the problem.

22. Do you think someone is thinking about you right now?
Kylecope are you thinking about me right now?


Oh well.

23. Do you think you can last in a relationship for 6 months and not cheat?

24. Do you think you'll be married in 5 years?
Aha...nope. I’ll be 21. Only the Ross Gellers of society get married that early.

25. Do you want to be in a relationship this year?
Uhh...not counting earlier this year, I don’t really want to find myself in another one right now.

26. Has anyone told you they don't want to ever lose you?
I think so? But it would’ve been a while ago.

27. Has someone ever written a song or poem for you?
Haha I don’t think I know anyone that writes songs or poems.

28. Have you ever been cheated on?
Well I wouldn’t know, would I? 🤔

29. Have you ever cheated on someone?

30. Have you ever considered plastic surgery? If so, what would you change about your body?
My pancreas?

31. Have you ever cried over a guy/girl?
Haha...guys always cry. We’re too sensitive, but we try not to let it show.

32. Have you ever experienced unrequited love?
Does crush count?

33. Have you ever had sex with a man?
I have not, and do not really plan to.

34. Have you ever had sex with a woman?
Very strange events that may or may not have once transpired do not count.

35. Have you ever kissed someone older than you?

36. Have you ever liked one of your best friends?
That would be why they’re my best friend, wouldn’t it? What sort of “like” are we talking about here?

37. Have you ever liked someone who your friends hated?
Yes, actually. But that’s because she’s a bitch. Not anyone you guys know.

38. Have you ever liked someone you didn't expect to?
I don’t think I ever expect it.

39. Have you ever wanted someone you couldn't have?
Preeeeeetty sure...

40. Have you ever written a song or poem for someone?
I doubt it.

41. Have you had sex so far this year?
Let me see...
January - no
February - no
March - no
April - no
May - no
June - no
July - no
August - no
50% of September - no

42. How long can you just kiss until your hands start to wander?
Heheheh...please stop these questions...

43. How long was your longest relationship?
Oh...around 50 days...? I think?

44. How many boyfriends/girlfriends have you had?

45. How many people did you kiss in 2011?
2011? Let’s see...I was many? My memory is a little hazy, but I’m PRETTY SURE I did not kiss anyone in my third year of primary...

46. How many times did you have sex last year?
Bloody hell.

47. How old are you?
This question came a lot later than it should have. I’m 16.

48. If the person you like says they like someone what would you do?
Try to be rational about it while internally kicking myself for being rational about it.

49. If you have a boyfriend/girlfriend, what is your favorite thing about him/her?
Well I tell you, those thunder-thighs needed to carry the bazookas really do get me going—
There is nobody in my life. I lied. The ten-foot-tall Inuit isn’t real.

50. If your first true love knocked on your door with apology and presents, would you accept?
It wouldn’t happen, but...maybe? Maybe not? I don’t was a while ago.

51. Is there a boy/girl who you would do absolutely everything for?
I don’t know...

52. Is there anyone you've given up on? Why?
Almost. Bionicle, come back to me!

53. Is there someone mad because you're dating/talking to the person you are?
Uhh...I don’t think so.
Who am I talking to?

54. Is there someone you will never forget?
A lot of people. I hold special places in my heart for the people I befriend. Reception open from after-breakfast to before-sleep.

55. Share a relationship story.
No thank you. I like my privacy in life.

56. State 8 facts about your body:
Oh this should be interesting.
1) My pancreas secretes no insulin anymore.
2) My nasal cavities do absolutely nothing.
3) My eyesight is not great, so I wear glasses.
4) Despite having decent teeth, I wear braces at night to keep them straight.
5) My wisdom teeth were removed.
6) My joints are very weak and flexible.
7) I still beat all my friends in arm-wrestling.
8) I poop rainbows because I’m a magical unicorn.

57. Things you want to say to an ex:
I’m sorry, I hope you’re doing well.

58. What are five ways to win your heart?
1) Win my heart.
2) Perform Step 1
3) Perform Step 2
4) Perform Step 1
5) Perform Step 6

59. What do you look like? (Post a picture!)
I was having a stressful day. A guy with a wrench just whacked me in the stomach.

60. What is the biggest age difference between you and any of your partners?
Why do you ask this? What do you gain from this information? Having asked myself these questions, I feel a lot less safe here.

61. What is the first thing you notice in someone?
Wether or not they...the hat thing.

62. What is the sexiest thing someone could ever do for/to you?
Something sexy.

63. What is your definition of "having sex"
Anything that involves a pair or more of reproductive organs doing things to each other in the same room.

64. What is your definition of cheating?
Getting on with another reproductive organ that isn’t your partner’s.

65. What is your favourite foreplay routine?
“I’m a diabetic.”

66. What is your favourite roleplay?
Human X Human in bed.
Very original. 👍
Add origami to the mix and you’re all set.

67. What is your idea of the perfect date?
Hugging for a solid hour.

68. What is your sexual orientation?
Straight as my Qtip.

69. What turns you on?
See Question 62.

70. What turns you off?
See Question {x : x > 0 =/ 62}

71. What was your kinkiest wet dream?
See Questions 62.

72. What words do you like to hear during sex?
See Question 56 Part 8.

73. What's something sweet you'd like someone to do for you?
See Question 75.

74. What's the most superficial characteristic you look for?
See Question 32.

75. What's the sweetest thing anyone's ever done for you?
See Question 67.

76. What's the sweetest thing you've ever done for someone?
See Question 73.

77. What's your opinion on age differences in relationships?
The Inuit is 45 years old.

78. What's your dirtiest secret?
It wouldn’t be a secret if I shared it, would it?

79. When was the last time you felt jealous? Why?
Long story. Can’t recall. XD

80. When was the last time you told someone you loved them?
Umm...probably February...

81. Who are five people you find attractive?
The Inuit, that handsome picture of me, my cat, my piano, and the Death Star.

82. Who is the last person you hugged?
Oh...a friend.

83. Who was your first kiss with?
Haven’t ever had a proper kiss...

84. Why did your last relationship fail?’s complicated.

85. Would you ever date someone off of the Internet?
*innocent whistling*

I tag SingingRedfox because you’ve been dying for another meme to do.
Darkumbreon92 because you’re my good friend and I want you to suffer.
Kylecope because it’s fun to fill his inbox.
valeforXD as a punishment/thanks for friending me on PSN.


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