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Steampunk Oil Rig

I'm pretty happy with how this turned out. Most of my pictures look a bit unintelligable when shrunk down to thumbnail, but this one preserves the more important features.
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I love that of these days I'd like to do a scratch build of it!
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Reminds me of Mist.
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So... diesel punk?
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Living in a house like that is great... Until a tsunami wipes it out
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A Tsunami is actually little danger to a house on open ocean. The destructive force of a tsunami comes from the massive momentum of billions of gallons of water combined with the continental shelf forcing it upward. Along with narrowing the water and thus increasing pressure, the continental shelf is water turns a gigantic oceanic ripple into a deadly wave. A ship in deep water is unlikely to even notice that a tsunami has passed.

I don't care that this comment is a year and a half old. :P
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You never cared D:<

You just reply D:<

You show pride D:<
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This is friggin' awesome! It totally looks like something that would be on one of the Professor Layton games! :huggle: Awesome work!
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Even their oil rigs have class!
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It's just so beautiful!

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Thank you very much!
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This reminds me of an MC Escher drawing but as an Art Nouveau painting. Nice work!
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I love this building and started a 3D model of it. I will be submitting it to DA, linked back to you of course.
Though it is a WIP in progress, I will submit it again when I am done. I am working on texturing at the moment.
Thanks for the concept
ZackF's avatar
Hey, very cool! I'm definitely looking forward to seeing the finished version. :)
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Well looks like I am done with it for now.
Thanks again for the inspiration and concept.
and of course I linked back to you.
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Nice work, good job finishing it!
Dzemobeg's avatar
I just got done looking through your gallery. Excellent work. I really enjoy what you come up with. You are now on my watch list
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Thank you, I'm glad you like my work. :)
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I thought I better tell you I found this image via [link]
I don't know if you gave him permission or not but thought I should notify you.
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Hey, thanks for the heads-up! I didn't grant any specific permission, but he links back to this image as credit and that's totally fine with me. :)
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great deviation :) cool idea :)
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