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It was a rather dull day as pro heroes Mirko (Rumi Usagiyama), Midnight (Nemuri Kayama) and Mt. Lady (Yu Takeyama) were relaxed, cuddled up and watched tv in their shared lovely house. “This is wonderful. I love when we can just spend some nice peaceful quality time with each other” said Mt. Lady as she rested her head on Midnight’s breasts, while Midnight’s right arm held the blonde. “Yes, it is,” said Midnight. With a smile but also a scoff, Mirko said “It is I guess, but it doesn’t help with the fact that we’re slacking in being heroes”. Sadly, Mirko was correct as the threesome were falling in the rankings and were finding themselves somehow unable to keep up with other heroes. Hell, some bad guys were even proving a bit difficult for the ladies to fight, which really pissed of Mirko. After a bit, a commercial popped up of Fat Gum helping to promote some new food brand and then suddenly a lightbulb popped up in Mirko’s head as she sat up and said “Wait I have an idea! Yu! Call up our top heroines!”

The next day, Momo ‘Creati’ Yaoyorozu, Kyoka ‘Earphone Jack’ Jiro and Mina ‘Pinky’ Ashido were headed into the agency they worked in, eager to see what their pros wanted to talk about. See, these recently made full time heroes had recently been brought on board a new agency put together by the newly declared threesome of Midnight, Mirko and Mt. Lady. When Midnight had found out that much like the trio themselves, Momo, Kyoka and Mina were also in a lesbian threesome, it made perfect sense to have their first official recruits be like minded, and plus all three were talented and skillful. “What do you think Triple M have in store for us?” Mina asked as she had her arms linked with her girlfriends’. “I am not sure Mina dear, all I can tell is that it’s possibly a way to help post morale and popularity for our agency” replied Momo. “As long as it’s nothing weird and kinky” said Kyoka with a sweat drop as she remembered some of Midnight’s crazy antics. Lightly spanking Jiro’s ass, Mina said “Aw come on baby. I think we’d look good dressing kinky” which caused the punk girl to blush. The trio bantered a bit until they were in ‘Triple M’s office, where the pros were eagerly waiting. “Glad to see you three are here. I see you three are being as lively. It’s so romantic and sweet, it reminds me of a younger version of us” Midnight said holding herself and acting pervy. With a light punch to her arm, Mirko said “Babe, calm down and try not to make us sound old”. They went at it for a bit, until finally Midnight said “Okay enough! Let’s get to the matter at hand. *Shows image of Pro Hero Fat Gum* Currently, our colleague Fat Gum is one of the top heroes and his method of fighting might prove helpful to us in becoming better heroes and be able to handle ourselves better than before”.

“How are we going to do that?” Momo asked. Being her blunt self, Mirko said “We’re gonna get big and fat like Fat Gum!” which shocked the younger girls. After a bit more time, the young threesome was convinced to go along with this unique plan. As luck would have it, Momo’s wealth made it easy to locate a special kind of Quirk enhanced food which is supposed to have double or even triple the calories and should lead to weight gain at a faster rate. “Well ladies. Let’s dig in” said Midnight as the 6 were seated around a massive buffet table stocked to the brim with food of the very fattening variety. Not wasting any time, the 6 lovely beauties began stuffing their faces, almost instantly mewing over how amazingly delicious it all tasted. They happy tore through as much food as they could, which soon began to fill up their bellies making them look like balloons filling up, getting bigger and larger. But then, their bellies started to gurgle and rumble furiously, then the 6 almost simultaneously released un-lady like burps which surprised them all but not as much as seeing Momo, Midnight and Mt. Lady’s breasts suddenly swell up until they had grown a few cup sizes. This was followed by Mina’s belly looking less bloated and more pure fat with the beginning of love handles. Lastly, Kyoka and Mirko’s asses blew up, which slightly made them look taller while sitting.

“A good start ladies, but we must eat more” said Midnight, thus the 6 resumed feasting. As they continued onwards, they started filling out some more as fat was starting to build on more parts of their bodies though not all in the same way. For starters, the older threesome were looking to be getting fatter at a faster rate with Midnight and Mt. Lady’s breasts were looking like large melons except jigglier and bouncier, meanwhile Mirko’s muscular bubble butt was looking doughier and fatter by the second followed closely by her hips and thighs. Not to be out done, the younger heroes were filling up quite a bit as well with Momo’s breasts looking as big as cantaloupes, Mina’s gut looking possibly 7 months pregnant except fat and with love handles, and Kyoka had a fat bubble butt. Further along this went, each of the women growing chubby and getting fatter. Midnight, Mt. Lady and Momo were taking apple shapes, Mina was taking an orange shape thanks to her gut dominating her growth, Mirko and Kyoka were taking distinct pear shapes.

Almost 2 hours had passed and all 6 ladies had gained an immense amount of weight, with Midnight, Mt. Lady and Mirko were taking the lead when it comes to getting bigger and fatter as they each quickly reached 350 pounds each while Momo, Jiro and Mina were relatively close at rough 250 pounds each. Though as this went on, the younger fatties were slowly catching up with their pros soon making the weight difference only 50 pounds. Interesting enough, their hero outfits remained intact and adjusted to their swelling bodies, getting tighter against their growing flab. The 6 looked like fleshy balloons as they grew all over, including their hands, feet, fingers, toes and faces which also were swelling up.

Another two hours and the feast was finally demolished, which had a very strong effect on the pair of threesomes. *6 UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!* Went off as the 6 burped like beasts, which caused their fat to jiggle furiously for what felt like minutes. Just like that, possibly almost 5 hours of feasting later and all 6 fit, skinny and curvy ladies had become 6 obese fat girls. Though Midnight, Mirko and Mt. Lady looked to be slightly fatter, all 6 were each 600 pounds. First was Midnight Mt. Lady who had filled out quite a bit (Powerful appetite by MX-FA on DeviantArt) which thus gave them the largest breasts similar to large juicy watermelons on top of fat guts, with fat arms and faces, which gave them apple figures. Mirko [Doodle] Merciful by JayKuma on DeviantArt) had gotten very dummy thicc and fat looking like she had three boulders made of flesh for a belly and ass, giving her fleshy pear shape. That left Momo and Jiro, apple and pear shaped respectively, only one size smaller than their elders. Lastly leaving Mina, (Melony's Heavy Cream Filling by Metalforever on DeviantArt) looking to be the fatter of the younger girls at least belly wise as her gut looked like it could hold at least 2 or 3 people.

Slowly and steadily, the somehow still clothed 600-pound heroines got off their benches and lumbered onto their fat feet, already breaking out it a sweat and breathing heavy. “*UUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!* Wehll ghrls, *huff* Weh hhaveh dohne it” said Midnight as she patted her gut. “Yheah, thinkh weh *URRPP* dih ith tooh whell” said Mirko who was wabbling a bit as she tried to remain balanced thanks to her titanic fat ass. “Sho, *UUUUURRRRPPPPPP!!!!!* whath doh weh doh nowh?” asked Mt. Lady. Suddenly, a monitor was beeping thus Kyoka waddled over and inserted her ear jacks into available ports, and then focused on what was going on. While she did that, Mina got naughty and spanked her girlfriend’s girthy fat ass, causing the punk rock whale to *EEP!* and look back at her pink girlfriend with a big blush and a glare. “Shorry babhy. I couldh help it *UURRPP*” Mina said teasingly. “Minah, *huff* thish is hardlyh the timeh *UUUURRRRRPPPP* forh that *huff* kindh of behaviorh” said Momo with a big sister tone. Gently pressing herself against her huge breasted butterball, Mina said “Youh knhow. Youh’re prettyh bigh and thickh tooh babyh” as she lightly bumped Momo with her gut, causing both of their fat to jiggle like crazy. “Hey! *UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!* We’reh neededh!” Kyoka interrupted. Shortly thereafter, the 6 fatty heroines had arrived on the scene, panting heavily and sweating quite a bit. There was a Nomu running amok that was proving difficult for other heroes to deal with. After catching their breath, the 6 prepared for battle. When the Nomu got close to Midnight, she tore her sleeve and used her hand fans to send her aroma towards the Nomu, which caused the beast to stagger and slow down a bit. It tried to launch a projectile, but Mina retaliated with a wave of acid that destroyed the projectile and scalded the Nomu. Mirko showed surprising speed despite her obese body and delivered a powerful kick that sent the beast flying, which led to a double team move as Mt. Lady turned giant and sent the Nomu upwards (her giant self looking chubby). When the beast crashed back down and tried to recover, Kyoka used Counter-Balance (her size great increasing the power of her sound and bass). Lastly, Momo dropped a pair of anvils which knocked out the Nomu and placed on it incredibly thick and strong hand and ankle cuffs that fit very tightly. It seemed that this could be a new beginning for these ‘Sumo Fatty Heroines’. But what could the future hold?

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