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:iconzack113:Zack113 posted a status
My Sonic games status (July 22th, 2017)
Sonic 1: I once made it to Scrap Brain then failed, and barely came to it again.
Sonic 2: I once beat the whole game, but I've forgotten what the final boss is like.
Sonic 3/Sonic & Knuckles: I got stuck at some point and never managed to pass it. But my friends thought that it weren't that hard. Weird.
Sonic CD: I once beat the whole game, but didn't get all good futures and time stones. Still trying.
Sonic Adventure 1/DX : I've played the DX version on PC for countless times. I've beaten it a couple of times too. But Big's levels always annoyed me SO FREAKIN' MUCH.
Sonic Adventure 2/2-battle: Started playing it on Steam a couple of months ago. I've beaten the Hero storyline and Dark storyline, but I'm kinda stuck at the Last storyline.
Sonic Heroes: Another childhood memory, which was once 100%'d by me. And by that I mean I got pass the “Super Hard” mode.
Sonic 06: never played it since I don't have a XBOX360.
Sonic Unleashed/World Adventure: Never played the PS3/X360 version. I once played the wii version, but the conrtols felt VERY weird, and the level designs are bad. I gave it up, without any remorse.
Sonic Colors: I beat the Wii version once, and I've beaten the DS version too. Personally I prefer the DS version's gameplay, since I love the Rush series. But don't get me wrong, I like the Wii version too.
Sonic Advance: I once barely managed to beat it.
Sonic Advance 2: I've beaten it once, but I've played the game for countless times. One of my favourite 2D Sonic games.
Sonic Advance 3: I've beaten it a few times. Honestly I don't know whether Advance 2 or Advance 3 is better in my heart, but whatever, I like both games. Advance 1? Not so much...
Sonic Rush: I've beaten tge Sonic and Blaze storylines for a couple'o times. But something seems to always pull me off when fighting the last boss with Super Sonic 'n Burning blaze.
Sonic Rush Adventure: I've beaten the game except for the boss with Super forms, and that's because I didn't made it to collect all the Chaos and Sol emeralds...
Sonic 4 Ep.1: Beaten it a couple of times. I once collected all chaos emeralds before I got it on Steam. But now.. I'm still dealing with Special Stage 7.
Sonic Generations: Another game that I've beaten for countless times because it's a pretty easy game overall. Of course I've 100%'d it, and still olaying it up to now. My favourite Sonic game up to now. And by that, I meant the Console/PC version. The 3DS version is merely decent. Its level designs are much worse than the console version.
Sonic 4 Episode 2: Beaten it a couple'o times. I got 6 emeralds by myself, but I only got pass the 7th special stage with one of my friends' help. Trust me, the 7th stage is a lot easier in co-op mode.
Sonic Lost World PC/console ver.: I've beaten it twice, and I've collected all the Red Star Rings. To be honest, collecting Red Star Rings makes the game a lot more fun and challenging. That's what I like about some Sonic games: You can get pass the levels even as a newbie in the Sonic field, but it takes a lot more to accomplish something in the game.
Sonic Lost World 3DS version: I've beaten the normal mode. To be honest this game is a lot harder than the PC/console version... mostly because its controls feels poor-programmed. But actually I think it's got pretty good level designs, at least better than Generations on 3DS.
Sonic Boom RoL: Never had a WiiU so yeah
Sonic Boom Shattered Crystal: Beaten it once on my 3DS.
Sonic Boom fire and ice: Beaten it once on my 3DS. Tried to 100% it but it's still 93% till now. Though now I barely play it.
Sonic Mania: Waiting for it to come out. Hyped.
Sonic Forces: Waiting for it to come out. Hyped.

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