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:iconzack113:Zack113 posted a status
I'm wondering if I should buy a pro controller again.
I know that if a guy isn't fond of joy-cons, he should definitely get a pro controller because it feels better.
But the fact is that, I'm more than content with my joy-cons.
The first real Nintendo console I got for myself is a 3DS, and I played it a lot before the switch came out, and even now I often play sticker star on it. On to the Switch, when I first got my Switch and did my unboxing vid, I tried the Joy-cons, and the ABXY buttons feel exactly indentical to those of the 3DS,which is fine by me. And the directional buttons of the left joy-con are just as fine. In a word, I like Joy-cons as what they are, and I'm having absolutely no trouble with them.
Also some of my friends who own the pro controller pointed out that one disadvantage of it is that it's NFC compatibility isn't as good as joy-cons, but they don't care cuz they don't use amiibos as much. As for me, I'm kind of an amiibo fan, and I witnessed ZeldaMaster having trouble scanning NFC cards which is most probably caused by the pro controller. I don't wanna play with the pro controller and have to switch back to Joy-cons for better amiibo scan.
So, for a guy like me, is the Pro controller still worth it?


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