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:iconzack113:Zack113 posted a status
I... was still haunted by last night's dream.

It's not that “spooky” kind of stuff. What freaks me out the most is how real that felt.

In the dream, I was having a good time along with hundreds of schoolmates in a park or something. When it's getting dark we realize it's time to assemble at the scheduled spot in order to return to the school together. But the sky is turning into a brownish-red color instead of the usual deep blue. Then suddenly, bombs started raining from the sky and everything was on fire. Lots of soilders appeared out of nowhere and shoots people with their machine guns. Many people were killed. Dead bodies and burning bodies can be seen everywhere. I was absolutely terrified and was running as hard as I can, but I still got shot multiple times and fell down on the groud, forced to watch everything being destroyed and burned into ashes, with my heart filled with utmost despair.

It got me thinking... what if a real war suddenly strikes when you're just doing your own thing... what if everything around you that was so normal that they feel kinda boring suddenly got bombarded into nothingness... how will people even survive that?...

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