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:iconzack113:Zack113 posted a status
Didn't even care about meeting Impa during this new playthrough in Chinese, cuz there's a whole lot more to do.

That's how much freedom this game has. I bet one of the reasons a lot of people love Breath of the wild is its freedom.

As fun as Mario Odyssey is, it actually has a lot of limits. In 64, when yoy reached an amount of stars, you can be granted access to a couple of new stages and can choose whichever stage you wanna play and how long you wanna play each of them in order to reach the next amount of stars needed to move on to the next set of stages. But in Odyssey, if you reached the amount of moons needed to get to the next kingdom, you're only granted access to only 1 next kingdom. Sure, you can go back and collect moons from past kingdoms, but they won't count when it comes to the moons needed to reach the next kingdom, since each kingdom has its own kind of moons. In a word, traveling from place to place seemed somewhat “linear” in a way. Not saying it's bad though, since some Mario games are totally linear but still pretty fun to play. But I still felt like Mario games hasn't “opened up” as much as some of us wanted yet.

Now look at Zelda BotW. As soon as you've beaten the Great Plateau, the rest of the world is yours to explore. How open is that? You can just forget Impa and Calamity Ganon and still reach every corner of the world and do whatever you're able to do. The only restriction before all of that is just the great plateau, which is pretty short and isn't too hard to complete. And after this little short part, here comes the true sense of freedom.

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