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:iconzack113:Zack113 posted a status
I had a really weird dream this morning...

It has some really bizzare things in it but it also felt weirdly real when I was dreaming it...

I was dreaming about taking an exam which contains two phases that is said to be in two entirely different places, and after the first phase the students should go to the train station and take a train to the other place where the second phase takes place...

Already weird right? But when someone is in a dream it's really hard for him/her to realize it's just a dream before he/she wakes up.

And during the first phase of the exam in the dream, I encountered a reading task in the paper, and suddenly I was in the story of the reading material! That would actually be cool if technology enables us to experience that in VR or something.

But apparently I spent too much time in the world of the story that I didn't even get to finish the tasks required by the paper, and the first phase ended, and we're just forced to leave the place and go to the train station.

After I got out of the exam room I was really sad that I didn't get to finish the first phase in time, but my father came and cheered me up, and he took me to the train station in his car. After we got there, he told me to stay there and he'll get some mandarin oranges for me. (Which is oddly close to an internet meme that's going around lately in China)

And the trains in the train station are really weird too. They have heads similar to those bullet trains but larger, while their bodies looks more like buses than trains, and the heads just drags their bodies with some thin wires. Also the trains are already filled with people before they came into this station, so it's really hard to get on any of those.

But fortunately all those trains's numbers didn't match the one on my ticket, so we just waited as all those filled trains passed by.

And at last my train finally came and it's surprisingly empty. I waved goodbye to my father and got on the train, and woke up.

What's spooky about it is that I'm actually gonna take an exam tonight, which really feels like it's the second phase of the exam in my dream, that became accesible after I got on the train and arrived at the real-life world.

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