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I know this would mever be a real thing, but let this guy have his daydreaming a little bit alright

Yeah I'm obsessed with Generations so what

Basically, I really want a reimagining of Generations with added features and various tweaks to make this already pretty good game even better.

<1>Various control schemes
Imagine if we can change the control schemes in the settings in order to cater to all kinds of Sonic fans.

For Modern Sonic:
Generations style: Original control scheme and physics in Generations.
Unleashed style: Using X for homing attack and air dash.
Colors style: Having a minor double jump, performed by pressing A in the air, and using X for air dash when having no boost.
Adventure style: Replacing the boost with the spin dash, and replacing the slide with the somersault.

For Classic Sonic:
Generations style: Original control schemes and physics in Generations.
Classic style: Modifying the physics so that it feels more like Classic Sonic in the true classic era, and removing the instant spin dash for the X button.
Mania style: Classic style, but with the drop dash.
(Also if a peel-out can be bought in the skill shop that would be nuts)

<2>Improved visuals
If possible, re-render all the images using the hedgehog engine 2 for better visual experiences. But keep the motion blur and all those stuff. Forces was quite a shame for not using those stuff alone.

<3>Playable Shadow
Imagine if we can play as Shadow after beating him in the rival stage. A little tweak in the abilitles would be awesome. Shadow has been a carbon copy of Sonic for way too many occasions :(

<4>New stages
Can probably be marked as DLC. When Time eater was beaten, a new bouncepad appears that takes Both Sonics to the other side of the giant wall at the end of the hub, revealing the near future for Sonic, which are Lost World and Forces.

For stage selection, maybe Frozen Factory for SLW and Mystic Jungle for SF. Frozen Factory was a pretty neat mix of the industrial theme and ice theme. And Mystic Jungle puts a pretty nice spin on the jungle theme. Also screw the city in SF. I mean it looks nice but half of Generations are already City stages. Dang.

<5>Recollectable Red star rings, or maybe more collectibles
One thing Forces did right was to spread different collectibles across the stages in order to increase replay value, but the reward for collecting them are pretty low key.

If they were to add number rings and silver moon rings into Generations, maybe give them more values. Like, if you collect every silver moon ring in every stage before Time Eater, they grant access to the near future (mentioned above in section <4>). For nunber rings, naybe remove the skill reward for collecting all 5 red star rings, but give the player those skills for collecting number rings instead.

That's it for now...  
embedded_item1534148599141 by Zack113
Now I know I'm probably gonna get some people triggered, given how diverse the Sonic community is... but hey, this is MY opinion, and mine alone. Without further ado, let's get started.

<10> Sonic the hedgehog 4: Episode 2
Yup, Sonic 4. The quote-on-quote “follow-up” to the classic series that didn't quite deliver the feeling that the classic games brought to us. But looking at the game itself, it really isn't that bad. We've seen way worse, haven't we?
Sonic 4 Episode 2 is obviously the better of the two parts. Yup, I consider the two parts of Sonic 4 two seperate games, because they're really different in a bunch of ways. Episode 2 changed Sonic's physics a little bit so it handles a bit better. Nowhere as close as the Genesis games, but still perfectly functional. The tag actions was a neat addition, making Tails play a bigger role and resulting in some pretty neat level designs IMO. The visuals are gorgerous, and a lot better than the 2D-textures-and-cel-shaded-3D-models-mashup in Episode 1. The zones were still heavily inspired by Zones found in old games, but had an extra twist to them so that they feel a little bit more refreshing. Just a little bit, though. But I still had quite a fun time in this game.

<9> Sonic Battle
Yup, a non-mainstream Sonic game. This list is probably gonna be dissed quite much isn't it.
As a fighting game, Sonic battle features quite a unique battle system (At least according to my poor gaming history it is). Every character has an arsenal of moves and plays quite differently from one another. And the plot is pretty decent too, at least it made me wanna keep seeing more. Again, this list was based on my personal experience. You're free to judge but my opinion towards this game wasn't very likely to change.

<8> Sonic Advance 2
Being another GBA title, Sonic Advance 2 was my favorite from the Advance trilogy. The actions were fluid and the sense of speed was off the chart. Advance 1 was the closest to the classic games, but Advance 2 was where this series started to take off in its own regards. Advance 3 had some pretty neat additions but the level designs are a bit clunky and the actions were not as fluid overall. Also Cream originated in this game and I really love her as a character

<7> Sonic Adventure
Spoiler: Adventure 2 wasn't on this list. Sorry people but you gotta embrace how diverse this community really is.
Sonic Adventure, the DX version to be more specific, was part of my childhood. There's obviously some nostalgia factor pandering within, but still, I prefer this over Adventure 2 by quite a long shot.
First, let's get Big the Cat outta the way. He's garbage, and shouldn't even have been in this game as a playable character at all. Screw you, Big. Most people only like you as a meme rather than an actual character.
Now onto the rest. I like how big of a cast I can select from freely (that's after I unlocked them, of course), unlike in Adventure 2 where you're forced to play with certain chacacter in order to progress on with the storyline you're playing on. In SA1, if I met some problem with Sonic, I can just went to play as Tails in his story and deal with Sonic later. In SA2 however, when you meet problems with Tails' mech suit, you have the choice to play the dark story, but you'll be greeted with Eggman's mech suit sooner or later.
Speaking of mech suits, I feel like SA1's E-102 Gamma handled the formula better than SA2. But that could be just me though.
And Knuckles. I insist on SA1's treasure hunting being better, and I won't say anything more than that.
SA2's Sonic and Shadow stages are better than SA1 in my opinion, but I think SA1 had me a lot more interested overall.

<6> Sonic Rush
It's time to Boost into the boost era. I honestly had a bit of hard time deciding whether I should put Rush or Rush Adventure on this list, and for some reason I only wanna pick one of the two. So after weighing on my opinions, I picked Rush. Rush was more straight-forward with its progression, and by that I mean you don't need to deal with traveling on sea vehicles from stage to stage, and you don't need to grind on materials to build more vehicles. Also I like Rush's Special stages a bit more. Things feel more under your control in Rush than in the other game, and I like that. Also you don't need to fight bosses over and over again to get sol emeralds, the plot just hand it to you over time. And The soundtrack was more catchy in Rush as well.
Also Cream was in this game ahhhh

<5> Sonic the hedgehog 2 (Christian Whitehead)
I feel like I don't need to explain why I like Sonic 2. Do you like Sonic 2? If so, I'd say great minds think alike. If not, I'm sorry, but please get out.

<4> Sonic Colors (NDS)
Sonic Colors on DS was essentially another Rush game but I feel like it's better than the Rush games. Color powers are a neat addition and wasn't a pace breaker by any means. The actions were fluid and this game handles homing attack a lot better. And the added moves like the stomp made it feel a lot more like a Modern Sonic entry, and to be honest I really like Modern Sonic. Modern Sonic brings the “thrill” the best IMO.

<3> Sonic Mania
I feel like I don't need to explain how good Mania was and how much I love it. Except for the blue spheres because screw the blue spheres.

<2> Sonic CD (Christian Whitehead remastered)
Gotta love the Taxman for bringing us so much joy. Sonic CD was one of its kind, it took the classic Sonic formula to the next level. It's really innovative at the time, though executed pretty badly at the time. Christian Whitehead ovbviously saw the potential it had, and worked on it to make it phenomenal. And the reason I out CD ahead of Mania was just because of how creative it was rather than how mania was kinda playing safe, sticking to the old formula and all.
Don't get me wrong, I love Mania and its added gimmicks, its smooth animation, its interesting new zones, its amazing soundtrack by Tee Lopes, its eveverything except blue spheres because screw blue spheres. But CD held such a special place in my heart.

<1> Sonic Generations (PC)
I specifically said PC because I never owned an Xbox, and the 3DS version was really meh.
Sonic Generations basically took a whole bunch of what made Sonic fun and filled them into one game. I love both Classic Sonic and Modern Sonic. Adventure Sonic was not bad but I had issues with SA2. That's just me though. Generations was an absolute blast for me. Classic Sonic wasn't a one-to-one recreation but it's, again, perfectly functional on its own part. Unlike the other modern Sonic game he was in. Modern Sonic in Generations was pretty thrilling to me, as it's my forst ever experience with Modern Sonic. The awesome motion blur, the fluid movements, the fast-paced level design, all are very fancy to me back then. The level designs aren't as challenging as Unleashed, but when it comes to the “interesting-ness” of the level, Generations definitely takes the cake. And the side missions are very neat too. They're short, for sure, but they definitely shows how much fun the Sonic series had once brought to us, and how Sonic made us happy. This is the kind of celebration we needed, and deserved.

I'll probably share my opinions on some other Sonic games that didn't quite make it onto the list in another journal. These games include:
Sonic Adventure 2
Sonic 3 & Knuckles
Sonic Unleashed
Sonic Heroes
Sonic Colors (Wii)
Sonic Lost World
Sonic Forces

And obviously, those games that I haven't played too much or didn't even know about would not go on the list, since I don't have a good understanding of how they really are, so yeah.
embedded_item1531066060785 by Zack113
After the success of Mania, I bet a lot of Classic Sonic fan would like to see a BRAND NEW Classic Sonic game coming from the creators of Mania, since Mania recycled a bit too many of the old gimmicks to be considered too new pf a game. And if they DO decide to make that, here's what I would like it to be like:

<1>All-new levels.
A lot of people, including me, were a little bit disappointed that 2/3 of Mania were old zones. Even though they added some new and fun gimmicks to make the old levels feel way more unique than their Genesis (or Mega CD) counterpart, I still think the team behind Mania had way more in store for us. C'mon, hit us with your imaginations and toss us into brand new zones! Don't have to be that many, 7 ones are enough!

<2> New bonus stages
Mania's bonus stages were blue spheres and blue spheres only, which, compared to Sonic 3&K, does feel a little bit lacking. Just hope they can add a bit more variety to the bonus stages, in order to keep things fresh.

<3>New Sonic ability
Mania had the option to grant Sonic with movesets from CD, 3&K, or Mania itself. I certainly hope the new classic Sonic game will have a brand new move for Sonic, but still have the option to change his moveset to what we've seen in past games, just like what Mania did.
Also, can we talk about how Mania gave Sonic his peel-out in the CD moveset but didn't make his spin dash the CD version too? I know the CD spin dash was not as good but come on... as a big fan of Sonic CD I feel like I really need that.

<4>Homing Attack
I know homing attack is kinda considered overkill in Sonic 4, Sonic Generations 3DS and such. But... I think if you just add it as an option when choosing the moveset, it won't be that bad of an idea.
OR, maybe they can bring back the golden shield from 3D Blast, which gives Sonic an extra layer of protection while also giving him the ability to home in to a nearby enemy when pressing the jump button again after a jump. That'd be a cool reference and a cool power-up at the same time!

<5>...HD graphics? Maybe?
Do you like the fan project called Sonic 2 HD? I certainly do. Sonic 2 is my Second favorite classic Sonic Title before Mania was out (The top one beinv Sonic CD), and the updated visuals just made it a hundred times better. I really hope there can be an official HD classic Sonic game, similar to S2HD (Sonic 4 doesn't count because they still used a bunch of 3D assets which makes it harder to emulate Classic Sonic physics and that's a big reason why some people don't like Sonic 4). I think HD 2D sprites is te way to go when you wanna make a REAL NEW Classic Sonic game. Granted, it would take a lot more time than using pixelated 2D sprites or just a 3D model, but if they do that, fans would be more than grateful.

<6> Amy
Please, fans were begging. Classic Amy should've been part of the cast for so long. Her modern counterpart had been in 2D platformer games too so I don't see any problem putting classic Amy into an 2D platformer classic Sonic game. There might be no hope for her in Mania Plus, but please at least add her the next new game. Some people really need her.

embedded_item1530431239894 by Zack113
Played the Sonic Utopia demo again just now. The controls somehow doesn't feel as good as I remembered it to be. But one thing we can't deny: it has great potential to be developed into a fantastic full game.

But if they're really doing that, I think they need some things to make it a more enjoyable experience.

1. Add more moves to Sonic's moveset.
Since it's a 3D game, and quite an open one too, there should be quite a few moves in Sonic's arsenal in order to move in the 3D space more freely. But the game already had a lot, like the peel out, homing attack and such. But I think adding just a few more can make it better.

For example, the bounce move from Sonic Adventure 2 / Sonic Lost World. This is for reaching a little bit more height than a regular jump, since some part of the stage would be a dead corner due to Sonic being unable to jump up to the higher ledge.

I was thinking about drop dash, nut it could be unnesesaary in this game, since the peel-out can instantly be used when you're running, it can easily make up for the drop dash. Plus, pressing the A button in the air already had a function, and it can be used in increasing speed a little bit as well. So no drop dash will be okay.

2. Physics tweak
The physics in Utopia was already pretty great fot a 3D Sonic game. The sense of speed is fantastic when you pull out the right moves at the right places. However there's still some problem. When I'm playing with a controller, there need to be more input to the right than I thought in order to make Sonic turn to the right a little bit. The creator probably did this deliberately in order to make it easier for Sonic to run in a straight line, but I think it should be more smooth since it's a huge 3D space to explore rather than just some linear straight line to run in. We need more of that smoothness.

3. Level design tweak
As I said above, there are a bunch of dead end corners to run into, which I don't consider okay considering how this is a open-world Sonic game. Since it's a Sonic game, and this is the beginnibg stage, it should be more forgiving than that. Put some slopes to enable Sonic to run up those dead end's walls, and the problem can be solved. Also, the Green hill looked a bit flat overall. If you're not going in the narrow curving paths (which are pretty easy to fall off ny the way), you'll be running on large flat grounds, which would be quite a bummer.

4. Camera tweaks
Sometimes the camera just won't work to the player's favor, and turning it with the right stick doesn't feel smooth enough. Like I said, we need more of that “smoothness”. It'll definitely help us control Sonic better and not fall off of those narrow running paths.

Also, they can make the camera automatically turn when Sonic enters a new portion of the stage, to kinda hint the player where Sonic needs to go. The stage is large and some players can het a bit lost when playing it for the first time.

5. Gimmicks and more
It's a fan project, so it's understandable that the developers might not be able to put in as much gimmick as they wanted to in this early demo. However we do wanna see some more gimmicks, like the S-shaped tubes, unstable grounds that can crash upon standing on it, Ziplines, grinding rails, and more. The stage looks kinda empty without all those gimmicks, man.

Also, there should be some rewards for explorarion. Maybe some collectibles, like red rings and stuff. It's such an open space, and some people will definitely go exploring rather than merely go through the stage and find the goal post. There need to be actual stuff to collect rather than just different scenery to see. That would make the exploration more satisfying.

Anyway, I really hope to see more news about this fan project, and I'm really looking forward to it being developed into a full game with tons of new stuff in each level and the game itself.
embedded_item1530013083502 by Zack113