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Prediction:Super Luigi Odyssey by Zack113 Prediction:Super Luigi Odyssey by Zack113
I'm assuming that Luigi might be a playable character in Super Mario Odyssey,and I'm also assuming that lots of Luigi fans would want it to happen.
Redtop1995 Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2017
There is no doubt in my mind that Luigi will be in Odyssey. He was going to be in 64 when Miyomoto wanted to utilise multiplayer, but he was removed.

Throughout the 2000s, Nintendo have made a conscious effort to feature him in more video games. With regards to his absence in Sunshine, I feel that they had an excuse: Luigi had his own game in Luigi's Mansion

And then there was 2013, in which Luigi had a considerable boost in popularity with The Year of Luigi. He had three games in which he was the main star, and to coincide with the celebration, he was not only announced early on into the development of Smash 4, but he was playable from the start and often appeared in gameplay footage, screenshots and trailers. 

For Nintendo to suddenly leave him out of Odyssey after all this development would be awkward. To me, there are two ways that they could include him as a playable character: 

1. They'll do what they did in the Galaxy games and have him appear a quarter into the story, in which one of the missions would be to find him, unlocking him once you accomplish the objective. If not, he would randomly appear in a mission, giving you the opportunity to switch characters. 

2. They'll do what they did in 3D World and utilise multiplayer between the Bros. Since Odyssey is a sandbox game, Mario and Luigi will actually be able to move separately around the area without being halted if they stray too far away from each other. Nintendo could hark back to Mario Bros and let the players decide if the Bros are going to work together or compete to see who will finish first. 

Great drawing! I'm sure Luigi will be in the game in some shape or form. :)
Zack113 Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Nice analysis.I'm pretty looking forward to Luigi being playable as a multiplayer choice.Since there are two Joy-cons on a switch,two players can take one each and control the Mario Bros. at the same time to explore this new open world,at least this is what I hope it's going to be.
CartoonWatcher1234 Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2017
It would certainly fit Nintendo's M.O. if they follow the formula of the Galaxy games.
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