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Cream in the house - Part 3
Having had quite a rough night, I woke up totally exhausted, and decided to go to the washroom to wash my face.
Wait what the heck why is the washroom door locked.
Oh! I almost forgot that I’m not living alone right now. Cream is here living with me for the moment, and everyone needs to use the washroom once in a while, don’t they?
After a flushing sound, she came out.
“Oh, hello Zack! Sorry to keep you waiting.”
“No worries.”
After washing all the tiring thoughts away, it’s time for breakfast. I’m never able to cook, so I usually just order some takeout to fill up my stomach. But is Cream okay with that? I mean… Rabbits can’t eat meat, right? And what I usually order contains a LOT of meat… Maybe I’d just switch to another brand that had more vegetables and stuff for this week.
I looked at Cream. She was just sitting by the table, and she doesn’t seem very happy. Maybe she’s missing her mom’s coo
:iconzack113:Zack113 1 1
Sonamy - Caught In Metallic Madness by Zack113 Sonamy - Caught In Metallic Madness :iconzack113:Zack113 44 6
Character index - Sonic: Forces of the Maniacs
Name: Sonic (last name unknown)
Gender: Male
Species: Hedgehog
Age: 15
Height: 100cm
Weight: 35kg
Description: Sonic is a freedom-loving blue hedgehog who has the capability to run faster than the speed of sound. He was first found crash landed at the Green Hill Zone in a spaceship. After he defeated the evil scientist Dr. Eggman who tried to rule over the planet, Sonic became a star known to all around the globe.
Name: Miles “Tails” Prower
Gender: Male
Species: Fox
Age: 8
Height: 80cm
Weight: 20kg
Description: Tails is a two-tailed fox who loves science and engineering. He has the capability to fly in the air using his tails as propellers. He made aquaintance of Sonic soon after Sonic's arrival at this planet. He admires Sonic for his heroic spirits, and often sticks around him to lend a helping hand.
<3>Dr. Eggman
Name: Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: Unknown
Height: 185cm
Weight: 128kg
Description: Dr. Robotnik was once an interstell
:iconzack113:Zack113 2 0
Sonic: Forces of the Maniacs #32 by Zack113 Sonic: Forces of the Maniacs #32 :iconzack113:Zack113 9 1 Sonic: Forces of the Maniacs #31 by Zack113 Sonic: Forces of the Maniacs #31 :iconzack113:Zack113 6 3





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For sure there are a lot of ridiculous or even bullcrap stuff throughout the Ace Attorney games but I'd say the ridiculousness adds to the charm
It sure took me a while to realize that this is Tostarena...

embedded_item1539846230695 by Zack113
I just found it weird that while a “trivia” can be a pretty important part in an article, the word “trivial” basically means “not important”.

The English language is weird.
Finished Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney on the GBA. What an experience!


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