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Cream - Sunny Summer Day by Zack113 Cream - Sunny Summer Day :iconzack113:Zack113 54 3
Cream in the house - Part 3
Having had quite a rough night, I woke up totally exhausted, and decided to go to the washroom to wash my face.
Wait what the heck why is the washroom door locked.
Oh! I almost forgot that I’m not living alone right now. Cream is here living with me for the moment, and everyone needs to use the washroom once in a while, don’t they?
After a flushing sound, she came out.
“Oh, hello Zack! Sorry to keep you waiting.”
“No worries.”
After washing all the tiring thoughts away, it’s time for breakfast. I’m never able to cook, so I usually just order some takeout to fill up my stomach. But is Cream okay with that? I mean… Rabbits can’t eat meat, right? And what I usually order contains a LOT of meat… Maybe I’d just switch to another brand that had more vegetables and stuff for this week.
I looked at Cream. She was just sitting by the table, and she doesn’t seem very happy. Maybe she’s missing her mom’s coo
:iconzack113:Zack113 1 1
Sonamy - Caught In Metallic Madness by Zack113 Sonamy - Caught In Metallic Madness :iconzack113:Zack113 37 5
Character index - Sonic: Forces of the Maniacs
Name: Sonic (last name unknown)
Gender: Male
Species: Hedgehog
Age: 15
Height: 100cm
Weight: 35kg
Description: Sonic is a freedom-loving blue hedgehog who has the capability to run faster than the speed of sound. He was first found crash landed at the Green Hill Zone in a spaceship. After he defeated the evil scientist Dr. Eggman who tried to rule over the planet, Sonic became a star known to all around the globe.
Name: Miles “Tails” Prower
Gender: Male
Species: Fox
Age: 8
Height: 80cm
Weight: 20kg
Description: Tails is a two-tailed fox who loves science and engineering. He has the capability to fly in the air using his tails as propellers. He made aquaintance of Sonic soon after Sonic's arrival at this planet. He admires Sonic for his heroic spirits, and often sticks around him to lend a helping hand.
<3>Dr. Eggman
Name: Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: Unknown
Height: 185cm
Weight: 128kg
Description: Dr. Robotnik was once an interstell
:iconzack113:Zack113 2 0
Sonic: Forces of the Maniacs #32 by Zack113 Sonic: Forces of the Maniacs #32 :iconzack113:Zack113 9 1 Sonic: Forces of the Maniacs #31 by Zack113 Sonic: Forces of the Maniacs #31 :iconzack113:Zack113 6 3 Commission - Pets Play! by Zack113 Commission - Pets Play! :iconzack113:Zack113 4 0 Commission - Arufa by Zack113 Commission - Arufa :iconzack113:Zack113 8 0 NS Cartridge Collection 2018.6.24 by Zack113 NS Cartridge Collection 2018.6.24 :iconzack113:Zack113 1 0 She needs more love. (#CreamForTeamSonicRacing) by Zack113 She needs more love. (#CreamForTeamSonicRacing) :iconzack113:Zack113 75 37 Commission: Mathilda Jade by Zack113 Commission: Mathilda Jade :iconzack113:Zack113 13 1
Cream in the house #2
Man, what a day! Kind of an emotional roller coaster for someone as paranoid as me. But I guess Cream's not bad after all. In fact, she's probably the most well-behaved child I've ever seen. Aunt Vanilla really knows how to raise her daughter.
Speaking of Aunt Vanilla, what could she be doing? She told me she's away for business, but what kind of business? Here's the thing, she hasn't had a job ever since Cream was born, as far as I know. Until recently, of course. That's the reason why she could always be by Cream's side and teach her everything she should know about how to be a good kid. But why is she suddenly getting some work to do?
Laying on my bed, I was bothered by these thoughts and couldn't fall asleep. Man, I sure love to think way too much about everything don't I? Let me get up and get some juice to refresh myself a bit, maybe that'll help.
Cream must be asleep on both ears in the other room (no pun intended, but she does have some pretty cute long ears). So I have to be c
:iconzack113:Zack113 2 0
Silvaze - Tip of the Toe by Zack113 Silvaze - Tip of the Toe :iconzack113:Zack113 28 3
Cream in the house #1
Okay, I'm just gonna say this, I'm NOT good at dealing with kids. But what I can do? Aunt Vanilla's gonna be out of town for a week for business and she's trusting me with this task...and how can I refuse the request of such a kind and caring woman? I guess I'm gonna put up with this 6-year-old kid named Cream for the next week then.
And here she comes now. Whaddya want ya little brat?
"Um...excuse me, is this Mr. Zack's house?"
"Of course it is! It's written right there on the sign in the front yard!"
" see, my mommy..."
"Yeah yeah I know what you're talking about, just come in already."
"Thanks..." she slowly walked in and took off her shoes. "Can I put my shoes right here?" she gestured towards the mat in front of the door.
"Like I'd care. Anywhere works."
Hmm... weird, she seems pretty polite for such a small kid. She's probably not as bad as I thought. Of course, she is Aunt Vanilla's daughter. You can tell by her mannerisms that she's pretty well raised by her mom. Maybe
:iconzack113:Zack113 3 1
Commission: Genderbend Teen Tails in Cream costume by Zack113 Commission: Genderbend Teen Tails in Cream costume :iconzack113:Zack113 25 2 Garfield 40th anniversary by Zack113 Garfield 40th anniversary :iconzack113:Zack113 18 2





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Suddenly wanna play some PSP games
I know this would mever be a real thing, but let this guy have his daydreaming a little bit alright

Yeah I'm obsessed with Generations so what

Basically, I really want a reimagining of Generations with added features and various tweaks to make this already pretty good game even better.

<1>Various control schemes
Imagine if we can change the control schemes in the settings in order to cater to all kinds of Sonic fans.

For Modern Sonic:
Generations style: Original control scheme and physics in Generations.
Unleashed style: Using X for homing attack and air dash.
Colors style: Having a minor double jump, performed by pressing A in the air, and using X for air dash when having no boost.
Adventure style: Replacing the boost with the spin dash, and replacing the slide with the somersault.

For Classic Sonic:
Generations style: Original control schemes and physics in Generations.
Classic style: Modifying the physics so that it feels more like Classic Sonic in the true classic era, and removing the instant spin dash for the X button.
Mania style: Classic style, but with the drop dash.
(Also if a peel-out can be bought in the skill shop that would be nuts)

<2>Improved visuals
If possible, re-render all the images using the hedgehog engine 2 for better visual experiences. But keep the motion blur and all those stuff. Forces was quite a shame for not using those stuff alone.

<3>Playable Shadow
Imagine if we can play as Shadow after beating him in the rival stage. A little tweak in the abilitles would be awesome. Shadow has been a carbon copy of Sonic for way too many occasions :(

<4>New stages
Can probably be marked as DLC. When Time eater was beaten, a new bouncepad appears that takes Both Sonics to the other side of the giant wall at the end of the hub, revealing the near future for Sonic, which are Lost World and Forces.

For stage selection, maybe Frozen Factory for SLW and Mystic Jungle for SF. Frozen Factory was a pretty neat mix of the industrial theme and ice theme. And Mystic Jungle puts a pretty nice spin on the jungle theme. Also screw the city in SF. I mean it looks nice but half of Generations are already City stages. Dang.

<5>Recollectable Red star rings, or maybe more collectibles
One thing Forces did right was to spread different collectibles across the stages in order to increase replay value, but the reward for collecting them are pretty low key.

If they were to add number rings and silver moon rings into Generations, maybe give them more values. Like, if you collect every silver moon ring in every stage before Time Eater, they grant access to the near future (mentioned above in section <4>). For nunber rings, naybe remove the skill reward for collecting all 5 red star rings, but give the player those skills for collecting number rings instead.

That's it for now...  
embedded_item1534148599141 by Zack113
I think I should start drawing

(I say this every time but I never actually starts right away)
Gotta jump and slide, jump and slide


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