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Godzilla x Goku: Atomic Kamehameha

I had a blast making this one.  It's a crossover I would love to see.  Goku fighting side by side with Godzilla.  I am going to be making a companion piece to this one when I can get the time.
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The King and The Saiyan working together to defend thier home! Godzilla is smart he knows Goku wouldnt be a threat and would respect the man for his power.

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This is a whole other level of awesome.

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Yo! can you make one of Shin Godzilla Purple Atomic Breath 50x50 Shin Godzilla and Vegeta firing his Galick Gun?

and maybe Destoroyah with SSJ Rose Goku Black's Rose Kamehameha?
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Holy crap!!! thats awesome!!!
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This is awesome!!!
Goku the only person that could make friends with Godzilla.
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True! This guys made Vegeta even Buu become good!

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I gotta be honest. I HATE DBZ...but man...THIS is AWESOME!!
very awesome!!
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I feel sorry for the poor fool at the receiving end of that.
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... ... I hate Dragon Ball... I hate it so much...
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two of y favorite characters! Bad Ass :)
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This is EPIC!!!!!!!!! I love Godzilla and Goku's Atomic Kamehameha
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