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Love is a sin(raptor) by zachrobinson Love is a sin(raptor) :iconzachrobinson:zachrobinson 26 3 A Christmas paraceratherium by zachrobinson A Christmas paraceratherium :iconzachrobinson:zachrobinson 10 0 Thief! by zachrobinson Thief! :iconzachrobinson:zachrobinson 28 6 Iguanodon fight by zachrobinson Iguanodon fight :iconzachrobinson:zachrobinson 35 0 Megalosaurus by zachrobinson Megalosaurus :iconzachrobinson:zachrobinson 45 6 Indominus by zachrobinson Indominus :iconzachrobinson:zachrobinson 13 0 Tyrannosaurus rex by zachrobinson Tyrannosaurus rex :iconzachrobinson:zachrobinson 34 8 Brachiosaurus and friends by zachrobinson Brachiosaurus and friends :iconzachrobinson:zachrobinson 55 9 Inktober platybelodon by zachrobinson Inktober platybelodon :iconzachrobinson:zachrobinson 28 3 Inktober aurochs by zachrobinson Inktober aurochs :iconzachrobinson:zachrobinson 16 0 Inktober mother mammoth by zachrobinson Inktober mother mammoth :iconzachrobinson:zachrobinson 42 0 Inktober dimetrodon by zachrobinson Inktober dimetrodon :iconzachrobinson:zachrobinson 36 1 Inktober smilodon/phorusracid by zachrobinson Inktober smilodon/phorusracid :iconzachrobinson:zachrobinson 36 0 Inktober kutchicetus by zachrobinson Inktober kutchicetus :iconzachrobinson:zachrobinson 31 0 Inktober kelenkin by zachrobinson Inktober kelenkin :iconzachrobinson:zachrobinson 32 0 Inktober xiphactinus by zachrobinson Inktober xiphactinus :iconzachrobinson:zachrobinson 24 0


Revitalizing the Spec Challenge, so it begins!
For some time I think now about bringing back the spec challenge.
The last time we did it I wasn't really able to contribute because making videos takes a lot of time and effort, something impossible for me lately. 
However I really enjoyed the creative approaches we had to all sorts of different topics so I thought it would be best to talk about the entries and work on my ow entry on a stream, a lot less work for me because I do that anyway, and an opportunity to talk actually about the entries instead of just showcasing them.
In case you would like to be part of the Spec challenge 2.0 type Yi into the comments ;)
The first topic I have in mind is 'bird noodle'
All the best,  
Ok, we got more than 60 Yi
As stated: topic will be 'bird noodle' what you make of it is absolutely up to you, it can be something from the future the past etc. 
I want to keep it as open to influence your creative process as little as possible.
Because o
:iconhyrotrioskjan:Hyrotrioskjan 23 111
Aftermath by NordicB3rry Aftermath :iconnordicb3rry:NordicB3rry 57 12 Yutyrannus by NordicB3rry Yutyrannus :iconnordicb3rry:NordicB3rry 68 19 Beached for reasons unknown by tuomaskoivurinne Beached for reasons unknown :icontuomaskoivurinne:tuomaskoivurinne 232 17 Stegoceras  by DinoHunter000 Stegoceras :icondinohunter000:DinoHunter000 101 10 Stomp The Yard by DinoHunter000 Stomp The Yard :icondinohunter000:DinoHunter000 61 6 Resting Wendiceratops  by DinoHunter000 Resting Wendiceratops :icondinohunter000:DinoHunter000 121 8 Utahraptor ostrommaysorum by TheTerritorialTrike Utahraptor ostrommaysorum :icontheterritorialtrike:TheTerritorialTrike 27 0 Chilly by Zhombah Chilly :iconzhombah:Zhombah 70 9 Breezy trees by Zhombah Breezy trees :iconzhombah:Zhombah 74 10 Pinacosaurus is picky about who occupies his hill by Zhombah Pinacosaurus is picky about who occupies his hill :iconzhombah:Zhombah 66 19 Sastrei by Zhombah Sastrei :iconzhombah:Zhombah 106 10 Caught in the dust by Zhombah Caught in the dust :iconzhombah:Zhombah 98 20 Triceratops Line Drawing by PrehistoryByLiam Triceratops Line Drawing :iconprehistorybyliam:PrehistoryByLiam 239 62 The Indos redesigned by kingrexy The Indos redesigned :iconkingrexy:kingrexy 68 29 Bayan Shireh Formation by kingrexy Bayan Shireh Formation :iconkingrexy:kingrexy 65 17


Love is a sin(raptor)
If your one of my good friends you'll understand the title of this piece.

A pair of sinraptor dongi give eachother a little love tap on the snout.

Also happy 2019!(I know I'm very late but oh well)
A Christmas paraceratherium
I'm a little late but I hope that all of you guys enjoyed your holidays and I'm really looking forward to the new year and to see what exciting things it will have. Also, thanks for 100 watchers!!!
I ment to put this on here a long time ago and sadly I dropped my sketchbook in the snow and this was one of the painting that got ruined. It's not very noticeable but I know what did and didn't get messed up. Oh well, these things happen. One thing that did get washedaway were most of the details in the face of the baryonyx.

A young male baryonyx has just spotted a carcass floating in the water but and older male has beat him to it. Being desperate for a meal the younger baryonyx tries it's best to sneak up and get a bite. Success! As it ran by it trapped a hold of the arm and due to the decaying of the corpse it wasn't hard to rip it from the body. It runs off with it's meal as the older male hisses to scare the pest off. It is possible that this iguanodon carcass is that of the loser in my last painting?
Iguanodon fight
Two male iguanodon size eachother up in hopes of scaring the other off but when that fails they charge each other bit they both still stand their ground. Finally, after testing eachother they begin to slam their bodies into one another and jab their large th7mb claws into the flesh of the other. Who will come out of this fight the victor?
A female megalosaurus has finally reached a river. She walks out onto the Rocky shore and bends over to drink the water she desperately needed. The cold water rushes along her snout as she dips it into the river and she takes her fira t gulp.

This picture is the first of a series which on of my subscribers over on youtube suggested I do. They called this a "palaeoart world tour". I'm starting in Europe and will then move on to Asia and then Africa and so forth. I will be doing one continent a month and hopefully one painting very week or so. My plans are to do 3 paintings a month and one 3d sculpture. 8f you also want to do this than go ahead(you difineatley do t need to do one continent a month).


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Zach Robinson
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I like to draw, paint in watercolor, and sculpt. Most of my art reflects my passion for dinosaurs and other prehistoric life.


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