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Things You Shouldn't Do At The Office Christmas Party: (especially when you're an elf)
:pointr: dye your boss's beard PINK
:pointr: play INSIDE your boss's beard
:pointr: play
adult games INSIDE your boss's beard
:pointr: destroy the product, which to be delivered to the public in a few weeks time
:pointr: eat the sweetened products
:pointr: wrap your workmates in metallic ribbons
:pointr: spread seasonal gossip
:pointr: ingest too much fermented sugars
:pointr: use the digestable product to re-enact medieval seiges
:pointr: redefine what's "naughty", and bring new lows to what's "nice"

Intended for the Holiday Hullabaloo contest. It's a rather late entry, but I wasn't inspired until last night.

The intention behind the layout, and image, is to optimise the puzzle format of the Prints section. From calculations, 252 pieces should give 14x18 pieces with the ratio of 1:1.29. from there I constructed a grid and drew (more or less) a face of an elf in each cluster of 2x2 pieces.

It's not one of my more finished pieces</> but this is due to the constraints of time.

Tools : PS + Tablet
Time : 15 hours
Size : 3150 x 4050 pixels

Advanced Crit Please, otherwise observe my preference for critiques and comments - [link]
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